Overview of QuiverX

  • QuiverX is designing a fresh and distinct wave in the world of decentralized finance via the use of liquidity pools as well as smart contracts, thus ushering in an innovative crowdfunding model during the blockchain revolution.
  • QuiverX aims to open up access to this capital for companies that need it and provide investment opportunities for people who like to get in early, who don’t usually qualify as investors.
  • QuiverX is currently awaiting SEC compliance to become a registered financial portal that supports your investments in legitimate companies that have been vetted and registered by their team.
  • QuiverX Capital, better known as just QuiverX, is a company that offers a platform by the same name, which allows users to raise money for their token in a quick and reliable way.
  • QuiverX will use Chainlink’s tech to obtain info regarding the quarterly business revenue of SMEs listed on its platform, thus storing it permanently on top of the blockchain.
  • QuiverX has already launched the beta version of its platform in the first quarter of 2021, followed by its public listing on a number of crypto exchanges.
  • QuiverX, a revolutionary crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology, did it as well, by partnering with DeFiBoost only a number of short days ago.
  • QuiverX price Index provides the latest QRX price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • QuiverX, therefore, establishes a transparent bookkeeping model where anyone can easily verify a token’s value based on its historical revenue.
  • QuiverX’s market cap currently sits at $ USD, holding up for a market cap rank at #3015.
  • Blockchain

    As written in the whitepaper, “The QuiverX team is applying Blockchain technology as a Crowdfunding hedge against inflation, completely remodelling traditionally inaccessible markets and offering high-value investment opportunities at a lower barrier of entry — thereby granting investors a percentage of high-value assets proportionate to their investment.” 


    QuiverX is a utility token to pay for services on the website, promotions, advertisements, listings, and transaction fees.Users are incentivized to hold the utility token in order to get early access to investment opportunities, reduced network fees, and monthly rewards for being QuiverX holders, which are generated from a portion of advertisement and promotion fees.


    At the same time, this provides businesses the capital they need to grow, which may be inaccessible to them through traditional means of lending.Businesses thus far have not been able to access the potentially enormous amount of funds that could be available through Cryptocurrency.The QuiverX Platform is being built to allow holders of Cryptocurrency to invest in and support SMEs, meaning that the value of their investments no longer relies on the crypto market – but is rather based in the individual investor’s ability to choose a successful project to invest in.


    The QuiverX Capital platform is uniquely remodelling crowdfunding to provide cryptocurrency investors a dynamic and simple way to access the untapped potential of traditional markets.To sum up, if you are an investor who is searching for an advanced platform for conducting secure, safe, and high-value digital transactions while functioning anonymously, then QuiverX Capital is the right platform for you.With minimal fees, QuiverX makes the entire process of investment management both convenient and simple!

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    What is QuiverX Capital?

    QuiverX Capital is a new decentralized crowdfunding platform that enables enterprises to raise capital through digital assets.The team offers dynamic growth through fractional ownership and open booking, clearing entry barriers to pre-IPO opportunities.In the long run, the QuiverX Capital business model presents an opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional markets.It aims to offer a dynamic and secure option for individuals seeking a decentralized finance option.

    What is Crowdfunding?

    As the name suggests, crowdfunding is a process of raising funds by presenting your idea to the crowd.People often have a bit of extra money that they are willing to put aside for supporting innovation and technological and other developments.Crowdfunding platforms like QuiverX provide those with ideas who lack the funds to obtain them by exposing their ideas to the masses.


    Currently, the overall market capitalization for digital currencies is around $350 Billion in terms of investment capital.This money is held in individual wallets or exchanges.At present, there are limited use cases in the crypto market for these digital assets, meaning that holders of Cryptocurrency typically earn money through frequent trading.


    QuiverX is assisting in the adoption of the blockchain Revolution but also takes investing to a higher level.With blockchain, investors can now own a fraction of high-yielding rewards, provided directly from company to investor.It offers investors a sustainable and effective way to earn a passive income.

    How does it Work?

    QuiverX’s focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises that aim to raise money.It offers them a safe platform that they can use to present investors with tokenized equity.It does this in order to help independent investors make good profitable decisions regarding early-stage funding.

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    QuiverX capital is sparking a revolution in technology, crypto, and finance.Their platform aims to bring crowdfunding power to the masses, allowing anyone to invest in companies pre-IPO through liquidity pools and tokenized equity.


    QuiverX Capital is using the blockchain revolution to enter secondary markets that have previously been inaccessible, thus offering opportunities for high-value investments at a lower barrier of entry.

    What does QuiverX Offer?

    When it comes to QuiverX itself, the platform prides itself in taking investing to the next level by utilizing blockchain technology.This gives investors the opportunity to own fractional shares of high-yielding investments.

    What is QuiverX?

    QuiverX is a cryptocurrency with a price of 0.068440 and marketcap of 5,630,012.QuiverX’s market price has increased 5.03% in the last 24 hours.It ranks 1284 amongst all cryptocurrencies with daily volume of 354,840.


    QuiverX is designing a fresh and distinct wave in the world of decentralized finance via the use of liquidity pools as well as smart contracts, thus ushering in an innovative crowdfunding model during the blockchain revolution.The model will connect the SMEs and investors directly, offering transparency as well as full control of the investment capital involved.The QuiverX platform is being developed to make crypto funds accessible to SMEs – and allow cryptocurrency holders to have a broader reach to access a range of investment opportunities.

    History of QuiverX