Overview of Rapids

  • Rapids is located at 43°6′5″N 78°38′28″W / 43.10139°N 78.64111°W / 43.10139; -78.64111 (43.101324, -78.641134).[1] The community is on the north side of the Tonawanda Creek, which forms the boundary between Niagara and Erie County.
  • Rapids is a massive community project with hundreds of ambassadors and other community members, volunteering their time and energy to translate text to native language, including help with development.
  • RAPIDS’s GPU accelerated data science tools can be deployed on all of the major clouds, allowing anyone to take advantage of the speed increases and TCO reductions that RAPIDS enables.
  • RAPIDS is actively contributing to Dask, and it integrates with both RAPIDS cuDF, XGBoost, and RAPIDS cuML for GPU-accelerated data analytics and machine learning.
  • RAPIDS also includes support for multi-node, multi-GPU deployments, enabling vastly accelerated processing and training on much larger dataset sizes.
  • RAPIDS is open source licensed under Apache 2.0, spanning multiple projects that range from GPU dataframes to GPU accelerated ML algorithms.
  • Rapids are sections of a river where the river bed has a relatively steep gradient, causing an increase in water velocity and turbulence.
  • RAPIDS Memory Manager (RMM) is a central place for all device memory allocations in cuDF (C++ and Python) and other RAPIDS libraries.
  • Rapids are categorized in classes, generally running from I to VI.[1] A Class 5 rapid may be categorized as Class 5.1-5.9.
  • Rapids is a hamlet (also a census-designated place) located in the Town of Lockport in Niagara County, New York, United States.
  • Network

    cuGraph is a GPU accelerated graph analytics library, with functionality like NetworkX, which is seamlessly integrated into the RAPIDS data science platform.


    Our goal is to combine new technologies and the comfort of life with respect for nature and the planet.

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    How Does It Work?

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    History of Rapids

  • In 1899 the power production became more ecological when a hydro electric power unit was installed at the Ume River rapids at Baggböle.[4] A hydro plant was built at the rapids in 1916 that supplied electricity at 40,000 volts to be used over 20 miles away.
  • In 1955 the city decided to consolidate the neighboring incorporated city of South Sioux Falls.
  • In 1982, Capital City acquired the Berkeley, California-based Common Ground Distributors, which had been started by Robert Beerbohm in the late 1970s (and had been initially supplied by Big Rapids).
  • in 2019.
  • In the 1970s, Milton Griepp and John Davis were running a small Madison-based distributor called Wisconsin Independent News Distributors (WIND).