Overview of Renrenbit

  • RenrenBit and the Company shall not be liable for registering or purchasing RRB violating the above restrictions or selling to other persons who do not comply with the above restrictions or selling RRB against laws and regulations in alternative regions.
  • Renrenbit’s a China-based startup that deals with loans and peer-to-peer wallets and has just raised $3 million from major VCs which include Dragonfly Capital and Zhao’s own DFund, as well as from Bitfinex, of which Zhao is a shareholder.
  • RenrenBit has built a comprehensive product framework centered on four core modules of the deposit, trading, lending and automatic investment in the field of cryptocurrencies, which has gained popularity in the market.
  • RenrenBit, a China-based crypto peer-to-peer lending and wallet startup founded by well-known over-the-counter (OTC) trader Dong Zhao, has lined up commitments worth $21 million for its own token sale.
  • RenrenBit, the top Chinese crypto over-the-counter (OTC) trading firm, has officially said that its co-founder Dong Zhao is “not arrested” by police, quashing rumors and reports from last week.
  • RenrenBit released a statement to the media in which it said that Zhao returned from a trip to Tokyo in June and offered to cooperate with the investigation after learning about the incident.
  • RenrenBit and the Company do not waive any applicable rights not covered in this document to limit, waive or offset their liability for damages to the fullest extent applicable to the law.
  • RenrenBit price Index provides the latest RRB price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • RenrenBit (also referred to below as “we” or the “platform”) was established in August 2018 and launched beta version on 13 November.
  • RenrenBit has always followed this philosophy of being a crystal clear creek rather than hurrily becoming a ocean.
  • Blockchain

    Established in August 2018, RenrenBit has successfully developed a product centered around four core pillars – deposit, trading, lending and automated investment.In addition to this, RenrenBit will commence a token buyback program, buying up all RRB tokens using platform revenues.RenrenBit is a secure and transparent digital bank built on blockchain.The circulating supply is 23,100,000 with the total supply set at 42,000,000.The initial price of RRB was 1 USDt.The RRB token is a digital token playing an essential role in the growth of the RenrenBit ecosystem through the provision of platform discounts, acting as lending collateral and much more.


    It may also be used as collateral for cryptocurrency lending services provided by the company.RRB is an ERC-20 token that can be used to pay fees on transactions within the Renrenbit platform, which allows crypto-to-crypto and OTC trading.

    A legitimate token sale?

    Being a Chinese company, RenrenBit is also facing questions around the legality of its token sale as the Chinese government banned all initial coin offerings (ICOs) within the country in late-2017.

    How is RenrenBit changing Chinese token sales?

    The Chinese government has been hostile towards the cryptocurrency industry and has cracked down very heavily on both crypto miners as well as crypto-related companies.Their tough stance led to many Chinese companies looking for greener pastures elsewhere in Asia and Europe.One such example was Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world which moved base to Malta.

    Is Zhao involved in illegal crypto trading transactions?

    Chainnews alleges that the head of RenrenBit has been cooperating with the Chinese authorities related to suspicions of alleged fraud transactions performed by the company.

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    History of Renrenbit