Overview of Revain

  • Revain will have two tokens, including an R token (a crowdfunding instrument made on the Ethereum blockchain) and the RVN token (a stable, inner currency that can be used for all operations inside the platform, helping to provide fixed service costs).
  • Revain says this blockchain is immutable, so once a review is posted, it’s there forever, just like Bitcoin’s record of those shrooms you swear you didn’t buy on Silk Road in 2011.
  • Revain’s ultimate goal is to create a legitimate and genuine feedback structure for all global products and services that utilize emerging technologies, which include machine learning and blockchain.
  • Revain points out that just within the first half of 2017, ICOs raised over $1.3 billion in revenue, with no way of knowing which companies will deliver quality technologies and innovations.
  • Revain – It's a new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it!
  • Revain will help provide the world with an authentic base of human opinions for computers, which the team feels will be necessary as more machine-to-machine relationships develop.
  • Revain has been coming along leaps and bounds releasing the first version of the product in November, followed by v0.2 in mid-December then just two weeks later v0.3 was released.
  • Revain announced today the release of version0.2 of the platform in less than a month after the release of its first test version on November 15th, 2017.
  • Revain price Index provides the latest REV price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • Revain’s protocol consists of seven major blockchain divisions: projects, casinos, exchanges, mining pools, wallets, cards, and games.
  • Blockchain

    Revain is a token that allows reviews on the blockchain, this basically mean that every review made has a transaction id and can only be made from real people with real wallets.They claim to use advanced AI and filtration systems that stops spam or fake reviews.


     And users are incentivized to review each other – alongside an artificial intelligence-powered neural network – to determine who earns RVN, the ERC-20 cryptocurrency token of the Revain network. 


    The Revain network uses the R and RVN tokens, along with
    mathematical formulas to render the submission of fake reviews a costly and
    unprofitable undertaking.The reasoning behind two tokens is that it reduces
    the volatility of the RVN token so that it can be an effective mechanism in
    helping the platform accomplish its goals.


    Can Reviews Be Disputed?

    It is possible for reviews to be disputed, just like a company could respond to a review on a website and address customer concerns.The difference is that the entire conversation is displayed publicly and forever, so there is no way for the company to hide poor customer service.Similarly, everyone will know if someone lies about the quality of their product in hopes that the seller will send them a replacement for free and let them keep the old one.Neither the reviewer or the company in question can hide anything with the blockchain storing the conversation.

    How Do Users Benefit from Revain?

    The most obvious benefit of Revain is that those who visit the platform will get reliable reviews about the products or services they are interested in.In this way, they can make an educated decision without having to worry about fake reviews.Additionally, every time a user posts a review, they are rewarded.They receive RVN tokens if their review passes the filtration stage, which any authentic one should do with ease.

    How Does Revain Prevent Companies from Posting Fake Reviews?

    Even if a review cannot be changed or deleted, there is still the potential for posting fake reviews.To combat this, every user has a limit of posting five reviews every day.There is also a Know Your Customer system that prevents mass registrations so a company cannot simply hire someone to make 20 different accounts and post 100 reviews of its products.Know Your Customer also protects you from overspending.With smart contracts and DAO, users do not need to trust the platform to do anything except exist.

    How Does Revain Work with the Rest of the Blockchain?

    In addition to providing reviews for services and products, Revain can include reviews for ICOs and more.Given the large scope of the industry and its current growth, this can be very important.Revain points out that just within the first half of 2017, ICOs raised over $1.3 billion in revenue, with no way of knowing which companies will deliver quality technologies and innovations.In the future, Revain can be a way for users to share insights like this.

    How Does Revain Work?

    Revain describes its platform as “a new generation feedback platform” that’s “mostly based on the blockchain technology”.The main benefit of using blockchain technology is that Revain reviews cannot be changed or deleted.And, reviewers receive a reward for creating a review (they receive tokens).

    How Does Revain Work?

    Revain ecosystem consists of several key components, rules, and processes.They ensure credibility of the reviews posted on the platform.

    How Many Revain Coins Are There?

    There are currently 85,061,485,690 Revain coins circulating out of a max supply of 85,061,485,690.

    How Many Revain Tokens (REV) Are There in Circulation?

    Initially, the platform started out with the R and RVN tokens.However, on March 26, 2020, the company swapped R for REV tokens due to the difficulty of integrating the former into other blockchains.The tokens currently used on the platform are the REV and RVN.

    How Much Did Revain Raise?

    The Revain ICO (initial coin offering) raised $12,513,346 USD at a price of $0.05 USD.The Revain ICO began on August 08, 2017 and ended on September 06, 2017.Key team members during the Revain ICO included Rinat Arslanov, Sergey Omilyanchuk, and Vlad Bocharov.

    How Will Companies Benefit from Revain?

    Businesses will also benefit from Revain by getting real feedback from their customers.They can hear what their clients really think about their products without wondering which reviews are lies in their favor because the reviewer was paid.Instead, they can actually learn what customers think.When a company produces a quality product, Revain can improve its sales as more customers post favorable reviews.

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    Revain – Trustless Reliable Feedback R & RVN Token ICO Blockchain?

    Revain, found online at, is aiming to launch the world’s first unbiased review platform.Find out how it works today in our Revain review.

    What Are Some Key Components of Revain?

    Revain has two tokens.RVN provides the motivation for users to continue to be active.The second token, R, works with a nonlinear conversion mechanism to create an internal token that is absolutely stable.Additionally, Revain’s use of the Ethereum platform allows the system to be transparent to guarantee incorruptibility and immutability.

    What Does the Revain Roadmap Look Like?

    In Q1 of 2018, Revain will be adding more projects to the dashboard and translating the platform into additional languages.In Q2, the team will start saving reviews to the blockchain, create the mobile application, and build the AI review analysis system.Q3 will see the launch of their RVN token and the addition of their review incentive system.Finally, Q4 will include the release of Revain Gaming reviews and cooperation with gaming industry giants.

    What Is Revain (R)?

    Revain is a blockchain-based feedback platform which rewards its users for valuable reviews.Its slogan reflects its mission – “reinventing reviews.” The project competes with the likes of Trustpilot, Yelp or Angie’s List.

    What Is Revain (REV)?

    Revain is an online platform for Ethereum blockchain-based tokens reviews, designed to allow developers to receive constructive feedback about their projects.The protocol also incentivizes authors to provide high-quality reviews.

    What is Revain and How to Buy Revain?

    Revain is a blockchain platform that aims to incentivize the generation of feedback for various projects which have completed the ICO or crowdfunding stages of existence.

    What Is Revain R Token?

    Revain (R) is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum network.484,450,000 R tokens are issued in total.The peak price of the token has reached $3.40 on February 13, 2018.

    What Is Revain's Price Today?

    Revain (REV) is trading at $0.0129 USD, decreasing by -0.08% since yesterday.Revain has traded $6,352,508 USD in the last 24 hours.

    What Is Revain?

    Revain is an unbiased review platform built on blockchain technology.The company’s crowdsale is scheduled for August 21.

    What is Revain?

    Revain – or R token – is an Ethereum-based token that interfaces with the Revain online business review platform.Revain utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to permanently record reviews approved by both the system and the business owner.There are two Revain tokens: R and RVN.While R is bought and sold in the crypto markets, RVN token remains solely on the Revain system.Users who want to write reviews and businesses that want to reward review writers pay for access using RVN tokens, which can be exchanged within the system for R tokens at a ratio of 1 to 10.Much of Revain’s functionalities are autonomized, meaning artificial intelligence is used to govern many of its processes.

    What Is Revain?

    Revain is a blockchain-based business review and feedback platform similar to Yelp or Angie’s List.Businesses incentivize users to leave public feedback that’s posted to Revain’s digital ledger on the Ethereum blockchain. And users are incentivized to review each other – alongside an artificial intelligence-powered neural network – to determine who earns RVN, the ERC-20 cryptocurrency token of the Revain network.

    What is Revain?

    Revain is blockchain-based review platform for crypto community.REV is Revain’s main token which was issued in September 2017.

    What Makes Revain Unique?

    Since its inception in 2018, the platform claims to have achieved the largest number of user reviews in the industry.Revain’s protocol consists of seven major blockchain divisions: projects, casinos, exchanges, mining pools, wallets, cards, and games.

    What Problem Does Revain Solve?

    Online reviews market is the Wild West where users, businesses, and marketers fight to boost their image and diminish competitors.

    Where To Store Revain (R) Cryptocurrency?

    Revain can be stored in any Ethereum wallet which supports ERC-20 standard.The most popular options include MyEtherWallet, Mist, Trezor, or Ledger wallets.

    Who Are the Founders of Revain?

    Revain was established in 2018 by a group of technology experts from Moscow, Russia.

    Who’s Behind Revain?

    Revain is led by Rinat Arslanov (CEO), an entrepreneur with 10+ years in business, venture capital, and blockchain experience.Other key members of the team include Sergey Potekhin (CTO and Tech Lead), who leads the development and blockchain design of Revain.Full details about the team can be viewed online at

    Why Buy Revain?

    RVN is the token that is used strictly on the Revain network
    and is needed in order to be able to get reviews.Users who leave feedback are
    rewarded through the RVN token which acts as an incentive to keep reviews
    honest and genuine, provided those reviews meet the vigorous checks of the
    Revain system — both its human and AI analysis.

    Will Revain Help the Market?

    The team at Revain also feels that the platform will help the market via reliable reviews.Those with poor reviews and bad ratings will have fewer clients unless they improve their products.At the same time, those companies who produce good products will receive positive reviews and gain customers.The result should be fewer bad products as demand for those particular brands decreases.

    History of Revain