Overview of RocketGame

  •, the first decentralized gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain, you can mine rocket token by playing games, staking and get profit dividends, participate in the platform’s profit distribution and governance.
  • RocketGame may sounds like a game where players say “To the moon” all the day, but actually from June to now, during the 2 months, RocketGame keeps patience.
  • completely reimagines what an iGaming venue should feel and look like in the 21st century, especially one where $TRX is the currency of choice.
  • RocketGame also offers users a cashback paid twice a week for their lost bets with the ratio ranging from 3% to 30%, as can be seen in the image below.
  • is an ambitious project that puts a fresh twist on a familiar concept – iGaming, and specifically the TRON casino experience.
  • wants you to always have a way of letting you enjoy your game while retaining a level of transparency.
  • is an online casino site that exists along the TRON blockchain, that accepts TRX tokens from players.
  • RocketGame is a TRON-based gambling dapp with a great variety of games, dividends and a low-house edge.
  • RocketGame runs multiple fantastic categories, including Player versus Player and regular games.
  • RocketGame will also exseem various AirDrops to you, so don’t miss out.
  • Blockchain

    Players looking to make a big entry into the world of blockchain casinos have picked well coming to RocketGame.


    More importantly, though, RocketGame has encryption technology in place that allows the casino to protect players and offer the necessary level of safety.


    As a TRON-based decentralized application, RocketGame supports TronLink, a TRON wallet available as a browser extension on Chrome and on Android and iOS.

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    How to play on RocketGame?

    Playing on RocketGame is very simple.You first need to log in to your TronLink wallet on your browser.

    Ready to scoop up some awards? is still dancing around the concept of bonuses.As a fully-transparent gaming website, that resembles a community more so than anything else, RocketGame puts great care in explaining every little detail.

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    What is a KerbalController?

    A KerbalController, also referred to as a Control Panel, Simpit (simulated cockpit), DSKY (display keyboard) or custom joystick, is a customized input device for controlling the popular rocket-building-and-flying-and-hopefully-not-exploding game Kerbal Space Program combined with optional output from the game, such as status lights, telemetry displays and/or fuel gauges.

    What is RocketGame?

    RocketGame is a TRON-based gambling dapp with a great variety of games, dividends and a low-house edge.

    Why build a KerbalController?

    Well, because pushing buttons and throwing physical switches feels so much more substantial than clicking your mouse.Especially when it’s a big red safety switch, where you have to open the cover first, flick the switch to arm your rocket, start the countdown and 3 ..2 ..1 ..

    History of RocketGame