Overview of Roxe

  • Roxe uses blockchain technology to unify fragmented global payment systems so that payment and remittance companies, digital asset exchanges, stablecoin issuers, banks, and consumers can make the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable payments anywhere in the world.
  • Roxe’s full stack solution knits together issuance, management, distribution, and interoperation of alternative CBDCs with banks, central banks, cross-border money transfer companies, and peer-to-peer payment providers in a single network.
  • Roxe will save financial institutions significant time and costs by using blockchain technology to provide highly reliable, secure and real-time clearing and cross-border settlement across the world.
  • Roxe Chain applies closed-loop smart contracts and provides clearing & settlement protocols and middleware components to nodes, which increase the access efficiency for nodes.
  • Roxe, a next-generation global payment network, today announced that Zero2First and Future Capital Tech have made strategic investments in Roxe to help accelerate Roxe’s growth.
  • Roxe is currently designed to support USD and several major digital currencies, with a goal of supporting all G20 fiat currencies and all top 50 digital currencies.
  • Roxe Chain has been under development by the Roxe development team since early
    2019, as of December 2020, we have completed more than 300 code upgrades.
  • Roxe
    Chain inseems to bridge the divide between technology and value to achieve an open
    connection to existing value systems at a low cost.
  • Roxe Anne’s second cookbook, Smokin’ Good Eats, should be available in print on Amazon and CreateSpace April 2017.
  • Roxe CrossFit es un centro de entrenamiento funcional, CrossFit y Fitness situado en Girona.
  • Blockchain

    Roxe is a next-generation, global payment network.For more information, visit by Roxe Chain, a hybrid blockchain purpose-built for payments and other value transfer applications, Roxe also empowers its partners to offer their end customers ultra-fast remittance and payments products.Roxe is designed to be the fundamental component of the global payments industry and is compatible with any traditional and digital financial system.Roxe removes barriers of time, geography, and currency so that financial value moves with unprecedented speed across the globe.The company’s smart payment technology automatically uses the best route for the lowest-cost payments.


    Apifiny’s mission is to revolutionize global asset trading by removing the barriers of time, location and currency.For more information, visit and global value transfer infrastructure, Roxe, is designed to power the first-of-its-kind, instant global settlement network, providing clearing and settlement for multiple asset classes between banks, digital asset trading platforms, and traditional financial institutions.With the adoption of Roxe, Apifiny ecosystem participants will enjoy real-time clearing and settlement for payments, traditional assets, and digital assets that are highly secure, reliable and convenient.


    Roxe’s technology allows member nodes to access a permissioned blockchain network so they can settle in seconds instead of days.The Roxe network is currently designed to support USD, several major fiat currencies, and fiat from select countries with large remittance markets such as Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, India, Philippines, Mexico, and Brazil.Unlike previous approaches that attempted to enable clearing and settlement via the use of one digital asset, Roxe member nodes can transfer and settle many different assets and asset classes.

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    What is the average Roxe lifespan?

    Between 1981 and 1988, in the United States, Roxe life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1981, and highest in 1988.The average life expectancy for Roxe in 1981 was 73, and 83 in 1988.

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    What is decentralized?

    Roxe criticized leading stablecoins like USDC and tether for being backed by a reserve of U.S.dollars—a centralized asset—and thus not truly decentralized.The DAI “is a stablecoin collateralized by assets from other systems,” Roxe added.As for blockchain-native AMPL, Roxe complained that “its expansion and contraction is based on prices fed from centralized information sources.

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