Ryo Currency

Overview of Ryo Currency

  • Ryo Currency (RYO) is another interesting attempt at a privacy oriented crypto currency with the project led by fireice_uk and psychocrypt, who are the developers of the xmr-stak mining software and the Cryptonight-Heavy algorithm, although the project currently relies on the first in industry floating point (FP32 math ops) mining algo Cryptonight-GPU.
  • Ryo Currency Price Tops $0.0962 on Major Exchanges (RYO)
    Fri, Apr 30, 2021 6:00 PM
  • Ryo Currency has a market capitalization of $1.81 million and approximately $24,293.00 worth of Ryo Currency was traded on exchanges in the last day.
  • Ryo Currency (RYO) Trading Down 23.8% This Week
    Mon, May 3, 2021 11:14 AM
  • Ryo Currency (CURRENCY:RYO) traded 1.5% higher against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 18:00 PM ET on April 30th.
  • Ryo Currency (RYO) Price Hits $0.0903 on Exchanges
    Sat, May 1, 2021 2:50 PM
  • Ryo Currency (RYO) is the #1544 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of May 06, 2021, with a market cap of $2,123,857 USD.
  • Ryo Currency’s official Twitter account is @RyocurrencyO and its Facebook page is accessible here.
  • Ryo Currency’s total supply is 26,397,862 coins and its circulating supply is 26,280,549 coins.
  • Ryo Currency is a proof-of-work (PoW) coin that uses the CryptoNight Heavy hashing algorithm.
  • Do you have any relationship with The Monero Project? Why are they so hostile towards Ryo?

    The hostility started long ago (more than 2 years ago) – when Monero dev hyc_symas got upset on Ryo
    core developer fireice_uk for making an open-source xmr-stak-cpu Monero miner that gave ability for
    any Windows user to mine Monero 20% faster compared to the other miner – thus
    bringing effective
    mining to a wider audience.At the time hyc wrote “his” method only for Linux:

    As a code fork of Monero, the Ryo development team has spent considerable resources on improving the
    Monero source code.

    How Many Ryo Currency Coins Are There?

    There are currently 29,322,837 Ryo Currency coins circulating out of a max supply of 88,188,888.

    How much is 1 Ryo Currency in US Dollar?

    1 Ryo Currency is
    0.072430 US Dollar.

    How much RYO will I earn per day?

    To figure this out, you would go https://whattomine.com/coins/260-ryo-cryptonightheavy   The calculator does provide a rough estimate, so you may get paid a higher or lower amount than what the calculator actually says.

    How to find new cryptocurrency projects?

    One of the biggest challenges in the crypto space is to find the right projects at the right time.There are hundreds of projects launched…

    How to set up view-only wallet?

    You can use Atom all way round.First copy wallet address you wish to have view-only.If you have
    full wallet in Atom – enter
    into a wallet which you want to turn into view-only only mode.Then hit “Manage wallet” – Show
    private keys.Copy view key.And store in temporary place.They navigate to dropdown and export key
    into temporary folder (“Manage key images”).Then you may delete this wallet in same dropdown (make sure you always store key phrase in safe
    place).And on startup screen, there is a “Restore view-only” wallet.You can paste view key wallet address
    and have it working.

    How to solo mine Ryo using Atom?

    To start solo mining you need to
    have 100% sync in either “local” or “remote+local” mode.Then go to top left
    menu and choose “solo mining”.Check “Enable solo mining” and make sure that “Pool status” displays “Ready” then
    use IP:port of your PC that runs wallet as a pool address in your miner config.You can also check this videoguide on how to start
    solo mining.We recommend to use Xmr-Stak for it.You will find tutorials, additional Ryo power and miner config profiles,
    support and latest release discussions on Xmr-Stak

    I have a suggestion / bug report / business proposal – how can i contact developers?

    If you are considering contributing your time to Ryo as a one-time, part time or full time contributor,
    we would like to discuss it with you: write us an email or
    contact any our active team members in
    Telegram group.

    I hit transaction size limit, what is it and what can I do to fix it?

    If you experience problems with sending coins, make sure that you use the latest wallet,
    and are fully synchronized with the network.

    I noticed occasional 51282 Ryo reward block in explorer, what is it?

    It is a weekly block with reward, that goes to development fund + regular miner reward.Read more
    about the introduction of dev.fund here.

    RYO official pool down?

    Looks like official pool is offline.

    What is a “Plateau Curve” and how is it different than XMR or BTC?

    Ryo’s block reward changes every 6-months following a “Plateau Curve” distribution model.Our emission scheme
    is inspired by real-world mining production comparable to crude oil, coal and gas which is often
    slow at first, accelerated in the next few years before declining and becoming depleted.However,
    the emission path of Ryo is generally not that far apart from Bitcoin.The emission curve for Ryo was one of the final aspects of the code we inherited from Sumokoin that
    was re-written and had to be even
    fixed during May 2019
    community debates.

    What is integrated address?

    Integrated address (Sumip or RyoN) is a type of address format that has in-built payment ID into it.It is same as standard long address (RyoL) + separate payment ID.Unique payment ID is needed, for
    example, for
    to distinct and tie deposits to user accounts.

    What Is Ryo Currency's Price Today?

    Ryo Currency (RYO) is trading at $0.07243 USD, increasing by 10.24% since yesterday.Ryo Currency has traded $8,131 USD in the last 24 hours.

    What is Ryo Currency?

    Ryo is headed by fireice_uk and psychocrypt, a duo with development work on opensource mining software proof of work algorithms.

    What is Ryo Currency?

    Ryo is created with a high level of privacy in mind, setting Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) with minimum ringsize (mixin) of 12 to conceal sources/amounts transferred and make it high resistance to blockchain analysis.

    What is Ryo Currency?

    The Ryo implements Cryptonight-GPU ASIC Resistant algorithm.Ryo, as a fork from Monero which itself was initially based on the CryptoNote protocol, inherits all whitepapers and academic studies from CryptoNote and Monero Research Lab.The fallout from Sumokoin’s premine SNAFU and their rash decision to hard fork back to ASIC friendly Cryptonight algorithm resulted in a community backed effort to maintain the original intent of the project of improved privacy and to stay true to GPU miners with CN-Heavy.At block height 137500 what is currently SUMO/RYO have transitioned into RYO and SUMO.Now they are running on a separate chains.

    What is the bump there in Ryo emission curve in ~2024?

    It is an ending point of dev fund emission (that is on top of miner block reward) that was
    during our

    community debates.

    What’s your history with Sumokoin?

    You can read one-page
    list of sumokoin scam, that lead to partition.In short: we parted ways after one of the devs failed to disclose with the public a 400 000 coins
    premine unlocking years earlier
    [1].Then two other team members resigned for a week [2],
    one of which came back declaring “the “”i am getting out”” was a mislead to earn time”
    [3].Meanwhile Sumokoin decided to fork back to an ASIC-friendly algorithm, later moved to the obsolete CN-R.

    Where can I spend my Ryo?

    Here are places you can pay with Ryo for now.

    Why Should I Buy Ryo Currency (RYO)?

    Ryo Currency is a cryptocurrency that is identified by the symbol RYO.

    History of Ryo Currency