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Are We About to Enter the Vaccine Industrial Complex?

“The unintended consequences of creating a multi-billion dollar vaccine industry that did not exist just a year ago should not be ignored.

Does Patent Law Provide Adequate Incentives for Environmental Innovation?

“Such inventions could provide tremendous benefit to the public.

Need Driving Directions?

Don’t get lost and find convenient parking.

Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win and Should Win?

Tonya Mantooth (CEO & Artistic Director) and Scott Mantz (Film Critic for KTLA) talk about their upcoming 2021 Oscar Predictions. 

Learn more about the San Diego Intl Film Festival

ShortsFest is coming up! May 14 – 16th.

Recovered from COVID-19?

Donate convalescent plasma.Learn More.

Where Will the Equality Act Go Now?

“It’s really been kind of a non-issue when it comes to employment here in California.


Platt College San Diego, with a curriculum developed by Media Art professionals, programs are tailored specifically for the creative learner.One-class-at-a-time, small class sizes, inverted curriculum, and hands-on/project-based instruction, PCSD offers Degree programs that are designed to empower and generate an atmosphere of creative learning.

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