Overview of SmartHoldem

  • SmartHoldem is a scalable game platform with a set of protocols, guaranteeing honesty of games and anonymity of information, where all participants in the network are not required to trust each other or anyone, protected by the reliably distributed register, newest ciphering technologies.
  • SmartHoldem is an independent, zoomed gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure the integrity and reliability of data storage, where all network members do not need to trust each other or anyone.
  • SmartHoldem platform has successfully fulfilled all the conditions under the agreement with Escrow!
  • SmartHoldem is the world’s first decentralized gaming platform & Poker Room on BlockChain.
  • SmartHoldem platform has developed the sustainable and game-changing blockchain.
  • SmartHoldem (STH) is currently ranked as the #2820 cryptocurrency by market cap.
  • SmartHoldem is a blockchain-based gaming platform.
  • Blockchain

    A lot of us think that random number generator is unreliable way of choosing the winner.Before talking about the concept of, we are going to mention some disadvantages of present poker room.Honesty is one of the hottest issue.With the advent of BlockChain, is ready to make things better.


    It has additional features in decentralized in-game networks, p2p networks, and new technologies in distributed systems. 

    What Is Smart Holdem?

    Smart Holdem is a brand-new form of gaming that is focused around a decentralized platform and specialized Poker Room Blockchain.The platform is multi-structure platform that can be used by multiple people online in a completely online and real-time world with zero restrictions for the users.

    How Does Smart Holdem Work?

    Smart Holdem uses a brand-new form of technology that is a high-functioning, single mechanism for easy use and operation.There is GameChain another BlockChain they use that is considered the most compact and helps protect the system for faulty chains.It’s a brand-newly developed technology that operates within the framework of the system.It also has the ability to store gaming statistics.

    History of SmartHoldem