Overview of Smartup

  • SmartUp is a market-leading knowledge sharing platform, helping organisations and communities of all sizes and sectors around the world disrupt the way they share knowledge.Download the App to discover or join learning communities based on your organisation, interest or skill.You can then learn, chat and share to your heart’s content, on any device.
  • SmartUp supports various mainstream cryptocurrencies as trading and
    investment tools, and significantly reduces trading costs, improves
    trading efficiency as well as minimizes the investment barriers and
    resolves global payment issues.
  • smartup is knowledge management software, and includes features which include cataloging / categorization, collaboration, content management, full text search, guided problem solving, self service portal, knowledge base management, and decision tree.
  • SmartUp users can buy SmartUp Token at
    CoinBene, the world’s top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, starting from
    11:00 (GMT +8) on 25 October and commence trade from 17:00 (GMT +8) on
    26 October onwards.
  • SmartUp looks for suitable funds and resources
    for projects globally, and assists investors and service providers
    selecting and securing high quality projects around the globe for
  • SmartUp is the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange used around the world by startup founders, companies, innovators, business schools and curious entrepreneurs.
  • Smartup Visuals artwork helped to alternativeiate our event and provided one of the most unique and memorable ways to share the best and most interesting moments of our conference!”
  • smartup pricing starts at $5.00 as a flat rate, per month.They do not have a free version.smartup offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.
  • Smartup Capital invests in Seed to Series-B startups with killer teams, growing markets, value-added technology, competitive process, and limited cash burn.
  • SmartUp selects a cohort of up to 10 growing companies in 3 high potential communities, including the Elizabeth City and North Charleston Regions.
  • Network

    Smartup is part of the Audiconsulting network, a company with over 30 years’ experience in providing business and management services to SMEs.


    Whatever the business you start or develop, at Smartup we will accompany you the whole way, if that’s what you want, providing support for your ideas and your creativity, advising you whenever necessary to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

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    You can get in touch with us at smartup@smartupaccelerator.

    What integrations are available for SmartUp?

    SmartUp comes with an API that allows users to integrate the platform with other applications.

    What is SmartUp?

    SmartUp is a mobile-first, gamified online knowledge-sharing platform for communities and organizations of all sizes and sectors.With this application, you can create a community or channel where your teams can learn and share their knowledge anytime and anywhere.


    Our platform lets you easily create and upload content, so people can learn, share and develop together at any time and on any device.

    History of Smartup