Overview of SnowBlossom

  • SnowBlossom is a pure cryptocurrency project launched in 2018 by an experienced team based in the United States (lead developer has been working on BTC projects and cryptography since 2012; was lead developer for Satoshi Dice in 2012).  Entirely new codebase.  Unique PoW that is ASIC, quantum and miner-centralization resistant.  Well positioned for post-quantum cryptography (supports large RSA keys and multi-algorithm signing).  Key applications: DeFi, micro-transactions, and distributed content / communications.  
  • Snowblossom Village (or just Snowblossom) is an Island Expedition and home to a pandaren town attacked by virmen and undead.
  • Snowblossom algorithm tortures your storage units and requires at least a solid SATA SSD for any meaningful hashing speed.
  • Snowblossom (SNOW) is a peculiar coin which had a fair launch (no premine) in June 2018.
  • Snowblossom is a simple cryptocurrency with a number of novel ideas.
  • Snowblossom is a fresh take on cryptocurrency.
  • Snowblossom Wiki
  • Are there plans of team expansion & in which part(s) of the team?

    Not specifically.With no premine it isn’t like we have a bit warchest to pay anyone from.I do have some tips sent to me via mining pools optional configuration but I am keeping that separate and will probably use it to help pay people to do things.

    Can you give a quick rundown of important tokenomics?

    So no ICO, I think those are bullshit.No premine, also bullshit.I have no idea who the top people on the Snowblossom richlist are but they are certainly not me.

    Can you give a quick rundown of the SnowBlossom motor?

    Consensus is PoW mining based on a random reads into a large snow field.This makes the mining more IO bandwidth intensive than CPU/GPU/ASIC.Sure, someone could build something that does more raw IOPS than a regularly available NVME drive or DDR4 stick, but it probably won’t be much more price effective.This means mining will be in the hands of a large number of people.Hopefully.

    How does SnowBlossom get income from the project?

    It doesn’t.I am already pretty well off from previous adventures and am doing this as a hobby/passion project.I do get some tips from people’s mining pools, but it isn’t much.

    How does SnowBlossom relate to local legislation?

    Same as any other non-ICO cryptocurrency, I imagine.

    How does SnowBlossom relate to worldwide regulation?

    Same as above.

    How does the SnowBlossom core team look right now?

    Mostly it is me on the coding and some folks helping out with tooling and an occasional pull request.We also have a guy who made the Android wallet.

    How will government bodies and large corporations?

    I don’t see that happening any time soon.Those groups are generally conservative.They will come to new things, but only after they are out and established a long time and seem safe.

    How will ordinary shop owners & small businesses?

    We have some plans for web property owners.We have a payments and auth system on the design board that will help with micro transactions for ad free or premium content.

    How will the crypto investor?

    At this point, Snowblossom, like many other cryptocurrencies is a high risk, highly speculative investment.I would suggest to anyone thinking about it, think in the long term and be ready to weather the risk.

    How will the man on the street experience/use SnowBlossom?

    Honestly, right now, he won’t.We have an android app, but that doesn’t mean there is adoption.

    Need Help?

    Mon–Fri, 10:00 5:00 p.m.

    Need Help?

    Mon–Fri, 10:00 5:00 p.m.

    Need some inspiration?

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    What are the future plans for income for the project?

    Well, obviously lambo moon.I have future plans for the project which might end up increasing the value of Snowblossom, but mostly I am doing them because I think they are good ideas that should be done.

    What is the next big thing for SnowBlossom?

    We have two pretty exciting things in the works.

    What is your role on SnowBlossom?

    I designed and implemented Snowblossom.We’ve had a few other contributors and other people have certainly been idea sounding boards but most of it was me.

    Where is SnowBlossom based?

    There is no legal entity for Snowblossom.I am in Seattle, WA, US.

    Who are SnowBlossom’s competitors?

    I don’t actually know.I know a lot about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, but I have intentionally stayed out of the alt space.

    Who are you?

    I am Joseph Gleason (aka Fireduck).

    Why does the world need SnowBlossom?

    I’m not entirely sure it does.I made it to try some things and to avoid some of the mistakes that were made in Bitcoin.Not trying to fault Bitcoin, it is just that we have learned a lot in these past 10 years.

    Why is SnowBlossom superior/different?

    Made with love? Again, I don’t know.I think we have a lot of clones of Bitcoin, of course.Sure some of them have some real merit but that code base has a lot of things going on and is pretty hard to read or understand.C++ isn’t the most accessible language these days.

    History of SnowBlossom