Overview of SONM

  • SONM decentralized fog computing platform format was designed to
    be more cost-efficient than the average cloud service, hosting two
    global market audiences that are committed to computing power resources
    and cryptocurrency calculations.
  • SONM allows users to connect their personal devices to one platform, creating a decentralized marketplace where consumers and suppliers can rent and purchase computing power from one another to be used for specific computing tasks.
  • SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining) has announced that its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has successfully reached its $42 million cap with 8774 participants, closing in just four days into the sale.
  • Sonm might be the computing Service of the future if they really propose it, but that's a deal that is not having good representation at the moment because many users, researchers, and investors…See more
  • SONM provides a computing platform for real world applications: worldwide computations organized using SONM can serve to complete numerous tasks from CGI rendering to scientific computations.
  • SONM released its MVP Testnet in December 2017, after successfully raising $42 million in July, to provide developers with the opportunity to test SONM’s wide range of fog computing services.
  • SONM makes use of all types of modern PC resources, including the network, disk, GPU, CPU, and RAM, so suppliers can rent out their various computing instances via the marketplace.
  • SONM é o token nativo da plataforma de mesmo nome que tem como objetivo fornecer serviços em nuvem com base em hardwares como PCs, equipamentos de mineração e servidores.
  • SONM is built around several peer-to-peer platforms, on smart contracts, and integrates other cloud technologies and approaches; including Dapps, IaaS, and PaaS.
  • SONM (SNM) is first mist supercomputer inseemed for broadly useful processing from portable application facilitating to DNA examination.
  • Blockchain

    SONM, a decentralized computing platform, and Teleport, a blockchain-driven CDN project, have announced a partnership to power the Teleport CDN with computing resources available on the SONM platform.


    By using Sonm, miners can automatically have their computers switch to the most profitable venture at any given time, renting out their processing power where it is most profitable for them.Sonm can even be used with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.


    Sonm allows both to monetize spare, unused resources and because Sonm supports all types of resources sellers can rent out just the resources they aren’t using, whether that’s from the GPU, CPU, disk or networking resources.


    Online Game Servers – Sonm believes that miners would be able to support the computer resource needs of game servers by receiving game tokens for their resources.This would allow for massive scale in games and would allow game servers to run without ever needing to use fiat currency to pay for anything.

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    What Is the SONM Marketplace?

    Think of the SONM Marketplace as a place to buy and sell computing power.Suppliers can be companies and individuals with computational resources.These suppliers can choose to begin making revenue with these computational resources or increase their current revenue from those activities.SONM makes use of all types of modern PC resources, including the network, disk, GPU, CPU, and RAM, so suppliers can rent out their various computing instances via the marketplace.

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    How Does SONM Benefit Customers?

    SONM always makes customer satisfaction its top priority.SONM studies the rental resource market to figure out exactly what customers need, delivering the advantages like scalability already mentioned.Additionally, customers will benefit from the Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform that supports all types of hardware resources, making it possible to find the exact resource you need.

    So What Does This Data Suggest About Sonim Technologies Insiders?

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    What is Sonm?

    Sonm stands for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining and they are using the power of blockchain technology to develop a decentralized computing power marketplace.

    What Should You Know about the SONM Architecture?

    The engineers behind SONM used private development and best-in-class technologies, pooling these resources to develop the fog computing stack.This fog computing platform is more efficient and decentralized than cloud computing.Overlay networking makes it possible to link various containers within a private network.

    SONM is down today, but where’s it headed as the economy recovers?

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    How to Buy SONM Tokens?

    You are not able to purchase SONM with “Fiat” currency so you will need to first purchase another currency – the easiest to buy are Bitcoin or Ethereum which you can do at Coinbase using a bank transfer or debit / credit card purchase and then trade that for SONM at an exchange which lists the token.Read on to see how to purchase it.

    How Does SONM Benefit Suppliers?

    In addition to providing a stream of revenue for suppliers, SONM connects modern crypto miners and traditional cloud customers.The alternative revenue stream, mining a Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency, requires you to choose which currency to mine then constantly monitor your decision and be limited to just mining tasks.With SONM, however, suppliers can choose their profitable tasks and will always have available tasks to choose from.Essentially, anytime a supplier has a computing resource available, they can earn money.Best of all, the earnings from working for applications in the real world are almost always greater than those for mining.

    What is SONM?

    SONM is a powerful distributed worldwide system for general-purpose computing, implemented as a fog computing structure.

    What about sonm?

    I was convinced that sonm wouldn't be a project that ends up not communicating with the supporters and disappearing from the screen.

    What Is Insider Selling?

    It's quite normal to see company insiders, such as board members, trading in company stock, from time to time.However, most countries require that the company discloses such transactions to the market.

    Why do I earn more with Sonm?

    Sonm guarantees you a basic income at the same level as if you mined crypto.But, and here’s the magic, whenever there’s a buyer interested in your computing power to solve real-world tasks – rendering, machine learning, proxy tasks, CDN, etc.– Sonm automatically sells your resources to them at a higher price.So, you either earn the same as you normally do with your crypto mining setup, or you earn more because of the market demand and real customers buying computing power from you.

    Why do you use ETH in your calculations?

    We use ETH as a GPU benchmark and Monero for a CPU benchmark because of their stability and the long-term demand for these currencies.We do not consider mining profitability for less-known coins because of their instability and uncertain future.

    What's the estimated valuation?

    We're using the 2-stage growth model, which simply means we take in account two stages of company's growth.In the initial period the company may have a higher growth rate and the second stage is usually assumed to have a stable growth rate.To begin with, we have to get estimates of the next ten years of cash flows.Where possible we use analyst estimates, but when these aren't available we extrapolate the previous free cash flow (FCF) from the last estimate or reported value.We assume companies with shrinking free cash flow will slow their rate of shrinkage, and that companies with growing free cash flow will see their growth rate slow, over this period.We do this to reflect that growth tends to slow more in the early years than it does in later years.

    What specs do I need?

    You can use any x86-64 system with Sonm, with or without GPU.But we’ve identified the following setup as the most optimal in terms of hardware cost/profit: Intel Core I5 or higher, Ram 4 GB or higher, HDD 60 GB or higher, Nvidia 1070 or higher, internet 30 Mbit or higher.Please note that less powerful configurations can be used as well but may earn less.

    SONM is down today, but where’s it headed as the economy recovers?

    See Zacks’ analysis free.Plus, SONM info will be updated daily in your Portfolio Tracker …also free.

    What else should I know?

    Sonm OS will erase all your computer data while installing.Be sure to use it only on dedicated hardware or virtual machines.

    What Are Some Use Cases for SONM?

    The team at SONM offers numerous use cases for the platform, including general applications with two or three tiers, including mobile apps and platforms for application hosting.Blockchain-based and decentralized applications can enjoy the distributed, cheap SONM IaaS.Those interested in machine learning can take advantage of SONM for running and training models via TensorFlow.

    Why SONM (SNM) Is Up 1500% Today?

    Analysts indicate that a sign of an upcoming Altcoin season is when obscure and lesser-known projects start to generate insane profits as traders try to jump on the rising price.

    History of SONM

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