Overview of SpaceChain

  • SpaceChain Foundation has contracted and invested in Core Semiconductor, which specialises on computing platforms for all connected devices, to produce the world’s first open-source hardware platform capable of providing a downlink to mobile phones and small devices directly from satellites in orbit, without the use of a satellite dish on Earth or a third-party network.
  • SpaceChain’s added security and resilience for integrated space and blockchain technology will provide a solid base for building out future solutions, as it continues to explore and develop applications based on its platform in collaboration with reputable and best-in-class alliance partners.
  • SpaceChain’s vision has always been that of open access and collaboration to create an entire ecosystem that would connect millions of businesses, developers and consumers, as well as open up whole new businesses and socio-economic models that seemed impossible before.
  • SpaceChain, which was co-founded by CTO Jeff Garzik, a pioneer in the blockchain field and a key Linux kernel engineer, recently entered a critical venture with Qtum Foundation, in order to launch the world’s first blockchain node in space.
  • SpaceChain is running a technology demonstration mission inside a Nanoracks NanoLab, where they will test establishing receipts, authorizations, and retransmissions of a blockchain transaction, commonly known as multisig transactions.
  • SpaceChain’s decision to support the Arch mission to archive human data in space will help launch the Earth Library — a ring of backup data orbiting around the Earth — said Nova Spivack, cofounder of the Arch Mission Foundation.
  • SpaceChain Callisto is pre-installed with and runs on Linux and SpaceChain Operating System (SPC OS), to help accelerate space technology development, and serves as the backbone for SpaceChain’s payload launches and missions.
  • SpaceChain, a U.K.-based firm with extraterrestrial aspirations, has beaten 13 other national applicants to secure a £440,000 (US$585,800) grant to co-develop decentralized satellite infrastructure.
  • SpaceChain is engaging regulatory authorities across various countries and getting approval for cross-jurisdictional issues to ensure continual constellation operation of the DSI.
  • SpaceChain uses satellite hardware to store clients’ private keys making exceedingly difficult for hackers to take control of them illegally given their physical remoteness.
  • Blockchain

    Championing the fusion of blockchain and space, Zee Zheng believes that these technologies will enable a new era of seamless global collaboration.Having launched two blockchain-enabled satellite payloads into orbit within SpaceChain’s first year of operation, Zee has been recognized as a pioneer in this industry and has been sought as a speaker at events like Space Tech Summit, SpaceTide and Space Forum.Zee honed his entrepreneurship at Draper University, his space expertise at the International Space University, and is a graduate of Columbia University.


    Founded in 2017, SpaceChain is a decentralized space agency that combines space and blockchain technologies to build the world’s first open source blockchain-based satellite network, serving as a decentralized infrastructure for the blockchain industry.In doing so, SpaceChain opens up mankind’s access to space to leverage its technologies and accelerate outer space development.More information is at


    Can you explain how the funding has been spent and also how much of the funding is still left?Funding to date has been spent on paying developers, advisors and consultants, as well as developing the community.SpaceChain has enough funding to support the next few years of operation with no issue.


    After that, the ground station sends the transactions to the SpaceChain Cold Wallet in orbit, the wallet signs the transactions with its private key and then sends the signed transactions back to the ground station.

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    Today, SpaceChain and the Arch Mission Foundation reported that one of the digital payloads stored aboard the satellite launched in October was Arch’s Orbital Library, containing a complete copy of Wikipedia.

    What is spacechain?

    I am interested in experimenting with layer 2 solutions like Lightning, Liquid, Rootstock etc.

    Urkutatás és blokkláncok – minek vigyünk fiat pénzt az urbe, ha nem muszáj?

    Vannak specifikus cégek, amelyeket az urkutatás és a blokklánc-technológiák összekapcsolására hoztak létre.Az egyik ilyen a SpaceChain.Vezérigazgatója (és egykori Bitcoin-fejleszto), Jeff Garzik úgy véli, 10 év múlva már az Antarktiszhoz hasonló bázisok lesznek a Hold felszínén is.Ha Garzik víziója valóra válik, akkor 10 év múlva menetrendszerinti járattal mehetünk majd a Holdra.20 év múlva pedig ugyanezt megtehetjük a Marsra is.És itt tért ki rá a SpaceChain vezetoje, hogy hol jöhetnek képbe a blokkláncok.Egyrészt a finanszírozás kérdésében, hiszen egy Marson épített várost, az oda való utazást, felszereléseket már nem fogja valószínuleg kifizetni a NASA vagy akár az orosz és kínai urügynökség.Így a támogatók, milliárdos vállalkozók vagy magánszemélyek közös finanszírozását is meggyorsíthatják és egyszerubbé tehetik a blokkláncok.

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    Anyone is welcome to register an account and join our projects, or propose projects to be carried out – our policy is that anyone, with an interest in space, should be able to join a space agency, without any kind of discrimination.The agency is non-profit, with its HQ based in Stockholm, Sweden, under Swedish jurisdiction and a part of several other space agencies around the world.Bitnation is also the authoritative body of SpaceChain, regulating missions, funding and support.

    What is SpaceChain?

    SpaceChain, a space exploration initiative based on human consensus, is striving to seek the consensus which can effectively encourage human beings to spontaneously engage in outer space activities.

    Kriptovaluta lesz a világur hivatalos pénzneme?

    Érdekes véleménycikket közölt a napokban a Coindesk, amelyben a blokkláncok és a kriptovaluták jelenlegi eloretörését az urkutatás fejlodéséhez hasonlította.Igazából valamennyire lehet is párhuzamot vonni a ketto között.Hiszen ha valaki 10 évvel ezelott azt mondja, hogy ott fog tartani a bitcoin és a többi kriptovaluta, ahol ma, akkor valószínuleg csak a fanatikusok nem nevetik ki.Ugyanez igaz az urkutatásra is.Senki nem gondolta volna, hogy magáncégek fognak beszállni a versenybe.Majd a turisztikai célú urutazás vagy egy Mars-bázis létrehozása pedig nem csak “Földtol” elrugaszkodott álom lesz.És hogy hol kapcsolódik össze az urkutatás és a blokkláncok világa? Nos, nem csak a SpaceX expedíciókról és a Dogecoinról szóló Elon Musk tweetek mentén.


    SpaceChain is like Blockchain for space.To really simplify it, Blockchain is like an OS, running on many computers worldwide, in a decentralized network.Bitcoin, was the first “app” to “run” on the Blockchain – which was followed by over a thousands other virtual currencies, or services like Smart contracts, that uses Blockchain in order to work.

    What is the SpaceChain project and what is the SPC token used for?

    The main goal of SpaceChain is to create an operating system that works in technology blockchain.What distinguishes it from many already created platforms and operating systems? Network nodes (PoS) will not be on servers and computers on Earth, but in satellites in orbit! Yes, they will shoot their own LEO type satellites – one has already fired, two more are planned this year, four in the next, and 72 in the following years.The satellites will be used to process, transmit and store data in space.

    History of SpaceChain