Overview of Sparkpoint

  • SparkPoint Contra Costa’s partners include: Bay Area Legal Aid, Brighter Beginnings, Business Development Center, Center for Human Development, Chevron, Community Housing Development Corporation, Contra Costa College, Contra Costa Health Services, Employment & Human Services Department of Contra Costa County, The English Center, LEAP-City of Richmond, Mayor Tom Butt’s Office, Opportunity Junction, Richmond Community Foundation, Rubicon Programs, Stride Center, Supervisor John Gioia’s Office, Supervisor Federal Glover’s Office, United Way of the Bay Area, West Contra Costa Unified School District
  • SparkPoint Oakland can help you with:

    •Child Education Fund
    •Computer Literacy
    •Finding a Job/Career
    •Food Assistance
    •Free Tax Preparation
    •Getting Job Training
    •Healthcare Enrollment
    •Housing and Tenant Information
    •Improving Credit
    •Learning to Budget
    •Learning to Save
    •Opening a Bank Account
    •Public Benefits
    •Reducing Debt
    •Resume and Interview Preparation
    •Starting a Business

  • SparkPoint Solano is made possible with the support and partnership with the Children’s
    Network of Solano County, Fairfield Suisun Unified School District Healthy Start FRC, Dreamcatchers Empowerment Network, Life OnTrak, and the Vallejo Unified School District.
  • Sparkpoint is an online community mobilization tool that allows you to easily organize, inform and engage your supporters by offering them a private-branded platform to voice their opinions, stay informed and take immediate action to further your progressive cause.
  • SparkPoint Ecosystem aims to encourage people to participate in digitizing payment transactions by providing inclusive financial services integrated with blockchain technology, easing the hassle of transferring money & participating in cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • SparkPoint Chabot also is partnering with the Black Excellence Collective 10×10 Taskforce, which enlisted more than 100 volunteers from the campus community to support the approximately 2,000 Black students at Chabot College.
  • Sparkpoint “provides low-income Bay Area residents with free financial, career coaching and education to help them change their lives.” There are 23 locations across 8 Bay Area counties serving 400 clients per year.
  • SparkPoint opened an office in Contra Costa College in 2016 and since then, SparkPoint coordinator Bill Bankhead has been there to offer services to students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of economic success.
  • SparkPoint Fremont provides free Tax Preparation Services, called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), CalFresh Assistance, Peer Lending Circles (small loans that build credit), and a Food Pantry.
  • SparkPoint OC helps families create step-by-step personal financial plans to tackle their specific needs – from getting out of debt, to going back to school, or learning how to budget.
  • Blockchain

    SparkPoint started with initial funding of $50,000.With only this minimal capital combined with discipline, determination, and hard work, the team was able to launch various blockchain-based products and services including SparkPoint Wallet, SparkLearn, SparkPlay, SparkEarn, and SparkDeFi.These products and services have collectively reached hundreds of thousands of users and are steadily growing.


    This unique tool seamlessly and intuitively allows you to acquire supporters,

    Are you looking for a talented and experienced grant writer?

    Spark Point’s team has more than 20 years of experience writing and managing grants—but our expertise goes much deeper than that.We seek to spark a match between your organization’s mission and your potential funder’s goals, leading to sustainable partnerships that ignite lasting change.

    Are you eligible for the CalEITC?

    The California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) and the Young Child Tax Credit (YCTC)
    are state tax credits for working Californians.  If you qualify, these extra funds
    can impact your family’s health and success.

    Do you need fresh energy and expertise to reinvigorate your fundraising?

    Spark Point develops custom fundraising strategies tailored to your organization’s unique goals and challenges.With our positive attitude and fresh perspective, we are ready to help you cut through the clutter to find funders who will not simply donate, but truly invest in your cause.

    What are you waiting for?

    The fundraising insights you need are just a few clicks away.

    How can we help you?

    We provide a range of services at our three sites, customized to the needs of our clients.

    What are perks and other benefits like at SparkPoint Studio?


    What Is SparkPoint (SRK)?

    SparkPoint or officially, SparkPoint Technologies Inc., is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines under the SEC.The project was launched on October 5, 2018 and is one of the pioneer cryptocurrency startups in the Philippines.The project aims to fast-track mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency through an ecosystem of practical products and services.


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    How Many SRK Tokens Are There in Circulation?

    The SRK token was launched on the Ethereum mainnet on March 14, 2019 with an initial total supply of 20 billion SRK tokens.A series of token burns have reduced the total supply down to 13,838,891,241 SRK tokens.Regular token burns are scheduled every quarter to reduce the total supply to its final fixed maximum value of 10 billion SRK tokens.

    Do you need motivation and support for your fundraising efforts?

    Spark Point provides hands-on coaching for nonprofit leaders to build fundraising confidence and capacity.By focusing on appreciation of your funders’ investments—both gratitude for their contributions and growth through your impact—we can help you cultivate, manage, and maintain the vital relationships that lead to sustainability and success for your organization.

    What is Sparkpoint?

    SparkPoint Token (SRK) is the SparkPoint digital coin based on ERC-20 token standard following the Ethereum Blockchain.SRK is designed to power the four different platforms in the SparkPoint Ecosystem, viz., SparkX, SparkPlace, SparkPlay & SparkRoom being the digital wallet, e-commerce platform, gaming and application store & e-learning portal respectively.

    Where Can You Buy SparkPoint (SRK)?

    SRK is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with cryptocurrency and stablecoin pairs currently available.

    What are SparkPoint services?

    A one stop financial coaching center helping individuals overcome financial challenges
    – we’re here to help!!!! Our goal at SparkPoint Contra Costa – DVC is to help you by increasing income, managing
    credit, and building assets.ALL services are FREE.Workshops are open to all students.

    Who Are the Founders of SparkPoint?

    SparkPoint is the brainchild of Andrino Agnas, a CPA and cryptocurrency investor based in the Philippines.Andy currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SparkPoint.Rico Zuñiga, a serial tech entrepreneur and early advisor of SparkPoint, currently serves as its Chief Technology Officer.Rico has been in the tech industry for more than 16 years and is one of the pioneers in the Philippine tech startup industry.

    What’s New at the First 5 Centers?

    Last year our five First 5 Centers served about 1,600 families and provided 260 different classes.This year, families will still find the great variety of services offered, along with some notable additions.

    History of Sparkpoint

  • In 2015, BRIDGE and SparkPoint Contra Costa celebrated a new partnership and the
    rededication of Richmond City Center Apartments.
  • In 2009, United Way Bay Area’s Sparkpoint program began as an initiative of the United Way Bay Area and the East Bay Asian Local Development, which served students and community members one-on-one to help them reach their financial goals. 
  • In 2015, United Way of Northern Utah partnered with Cottages of Hope and opened the door to Utah’s first-ever SparkPoint Center.