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  • Spindle assembly was relatively insensitive to the specific changes to MT growth speed and shrinking speed by motors and cross-linkers near MT plus ends but appeared to require a large decrease in the catastrophe frequency by a factor ≥10 and an increase in the rescue frequency by a factor ≥18.
  • Spindle-like CaWO4:Sm3 + and three-dimensional (3D) nanostructured CaWO4:Tb3 + microspheres assembled by submicrospindles have been synthesized under ultrasonic irradiation with the use of polyvinylpyrrolidone or polyethylene glycol aqueous solution as reaction medium [111,112].
  • Spindle motors will generally provide constant torque up to the base speed, and constant horsepower after the base speed As power is a function of speed multiplied by torque, the following curves are typical.
  • Spindles can be special just because a fewone cared; the red ladybug style was made by my BFF Debbie, and the black polka-dotted one was made by my daughter Natalie when Debbie gifted her the paints and parts.
  • Spindle speed can affect seek time, which is the speed at which a drive can locate a single bit of information, as well as the sustained rate at which data can be read from, or written to, a disk.
  • Spindle tries to find content from Facebook and Twitter relevant to shops, restaurants, bars, event venues, museums, art galleries, parks, and other businesses and organizations around the user.
  • The spindle is closely associated with many goddesses, including the Germanic Holda, Norse Frigg and Freya, Egyptian Isis, Greek Artemis and Athena.
  • Spindle can apply these concepts to other files besides shared libraries, and does similar operations for Python .py and .pyc files.
  • A spindle is a straight spike usually made from wood used for spinning, twisting fibers which include wool, flax, hemp, cotton into yarn.
  • Spindle also has a 25 Year Comfort Life program during which the original owner can buy another layer of latex at a 30% discount.
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    Here, we have sought to determine the minimal ingredients necessary for a computational model that generates spindle bipolarity, the key processes that lead to bipolar spindle assembly, and the characteristic ways in which spindle assembly can fail.We have found that dynamic MTs, plus end– and minus end–directed cross-linking motors, and passive cross-linkers are sufficient to robustly self-assemble a bipolar spindle.MT antiparallel overlaps are the key structural element, allowing both assembly and stability of a bipolar spindle.Defects in creating or sustaining antiparallel MT overlaps trap the spindle in states that prevent full assembly.If the spindle is unable to resolve the initially oblique contacts between MTs from opposite centrosomes [called spindle pole bodies (SPBs) in yeasts] into antiparallel overlaps, it becomes trapped as a persistent monopole.If SPB separation occurs without maintenance of antiparallel overlaps, the spindle breaks, either into an X shape with oblique MT-MT contacts (103) or into two separated asters.If spindle elongation is compromised, the spindle remains short (19).Our analysis highlights the particular role of passive cross-linkers, which maintain antiparallel overlaps on which motors can act and promote stabilization of MTs in antiparallel bundles.


    PDS provides manufacturers with better-than-new spindle repairs (within 2 microns) for precision machining applications.Since 1996, our factory-trained engineers and technicians have successfully rebuilt and globally supported more than 40,000 spindles.

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    The Natural Latex Mattress is available in two firmness levels, though both feature interchangeable layers that can be swapped to further adjust the feel.

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    Five-Axis Machining: What Are The Benefits and How Can You Achieve this Capability?

    The alternative you choose to achieve five-axis machining benefits will be application driven and can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

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  • In 2016, the manufacturer’s spindle failures required 40 repairs, with contamination failures representing 80 percent of those.