Overview of SureRemit

  • SureRemit leverages on the merchant network of SureGifts and other partner merchant aggregators globally, to enable immigrants to send electronic shopping vouchers or gift cards that can be used to purchase goods and services at several quality merchants back home in a number of easy steps.
  • SureRemit’s great for senders too…Not only are the SureRemit services far cheaper compared to other remittance options, but our services also ensure that your loved ones receive exactly the amount you are sending—no excessive (hidden) fees or costs.
  • SureRemit already has access to over 500 redemption points of major retail chains within the SureGifts merchant ecosystem across Africa, with partnerships to acquire thousands of ecosystem merchant partners in India and the Middle-East in the works.
  • SureRemit aims to in the future integrate RMT tokens acceptance directly to the network’s partners, which in turn they can convert to fiat money and thus enabling token transfers to happen directly to the merchant’s balance.
  • SureRemit, a non-cash remittance platform majority-owned by Africa’s largest fintech holding company, GreenHouse Capital, has raised $7 million on the initial coin offering (‘ICO’) market.
  • SureRemit’s new cryptocurrency removes the cash layer, reduces the cost of transfers and provides the sender a few control and visibility over how the value is spent, the startup said.
  • SureRemit, in partnership with Stellar, a block chain network, which does not suffer from scalability issues, has started providing money transfer service at an affordable cost.
  • SureRemit knows its market is currently in the immigrant sector, but hasn’t narrowed its view so much so that it’sn’t’ seeking out additional opportunities.
  • SureRemit’s just one of our 10 fintech-enabled portfolio companies that can potentially leverage blockchain to address a specific market gap, particularly in Africa.
  • SureRemit price Index provides the latest RMT price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • Blockchain

    A number of prominent cryptocurrency investors participated in the funding round including Hashed, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency fund.Hashed’s decision to back SureRemit’s pre-ICO token sale signals a growing interest for corporate investors in the potential of blockchain technology to solve remittance challenges in emerging markets where the large swathes of the populace remain disconnected from financial services.The fund has previously supported blockchain-based projects like Ethereum, Simple Token, and Airswap.


    It is not a money transfer service.LIVE URL: does not facilitate cash transfers, and the vouchers it retails can only be used within a closed (but extensive) network of merchants in the recipients’ country.SureRemit is an ecosystem of merchants for global non-cash remittance.SureRemit leverages on the merchant network of SureGifts and other partner merchant aggregators globally, to enable immigrants to send electronic shopping vouchers or gift cards that can be used to purchase goods and services at several quality merchants back home in a few easy steps.SureRemit removes the complexities involved with money transfers.The platform connects senders directly to the merchants that serve their recipients' basic needs back home.You can also use SureRemit to pay UTILITY BILLS and SEND AIRTIME to your loved ones directly.


    Following this standard, SureRemit tokens are easily transferable between users and can be supported by wallets and exchanges that already support Stellar lumens.The SureRemit token (RMT) is an utility token built on the Stellar Network, designed to be used by immigrants and customers within the SureRemit platform.


    “In very many cases, immigrants
    and travelers just want to buy food or pay a bill for someone at home.“International remittance transactions can be frustrating, but it
    doesn’t have to be, at least for non-cash value transfers which
    constitute about 40% of all transfers” said ‘Laolu Samuel-Biyi,
    Director of Remittances at SureRemit.Those transactions do not have the same risk profiles as cash
    transactions, and they should not be subjected to the same costs,
    timelines and procedures.”

    How Much Did SureRemit Raise?

    The SureRemit ICO (initial coin offering) raised $10,000,000 USD at a price of $0.02 USD.The SureRemit ICO began on December 08, 2017 and ended on February 10, 2018.Key team members during the SureRemit ICO included Eray Altili, Nathan Windsor, and Maomao Hu.

    What is SureRemit?

    SureRemit connects immigrants abroad directly with merchants that provide the services needed by their loved ones back home.With SureRemit token (RMT), immigrants all over the world can access digital shopping vouchers that can be spent by loved ones on goods and services at accepting merchants wherever they are.They can also pay for hundreds of utility bills and mobile airtime credits directly from the SureRemit application.

    What Is SureRemit's Price Today?

    SureRemit (RMT) is trading at $0.0156 USD, increasing by 42.26% since yesterday.SureRemit has traded $66,184 USD in the last 24 hours.

    Who is SureRemit?

    SureRemit is part of SureGroup, which also includes SureGifts, the largest gifting platform in Africa.

    Why SureRemit?

    For recipients:
    Using SureRemit, recipients don't have to travel and wait in long lines to receive an expensive wire transfer.All they need is a mobile phone or email address.Recipients use the SureRemit App to send in-app support requests (SureRequest) to senders and receive support instantly.

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    Get started for free, then add your whole team.You can always talk to sales if you’re interested in advanced plans.

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    How Many SureRemit Coins Are There?

    There are currently 500,000,000 SureRemit coins circulating out of a max supply of 746,896,520.

    History of SureRemit