Overview of Switcheo

  • Switcheo Exchange was beloved for enabling seamless trading of tokens that were difficult to find and trade on other platforms… Understandably, this is a big change for traders and longtime users of Switcheo Exchange… We plan to sunset Switcheo Exchange gradually such that users have sufficient time to move their trading over to Demex.
  • Switcheo is one such decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that despite having launched very recently, aims to revolutionize the industry by offering solutions that do not only meet the needs of new and seasoned traders alike, but also provide them with the utmost security and transparency that they desire with their funds.
  • Switcheo’s evolution to cross-chain integration through building its own blockchain will ultimately put them head-to-head with larger centralized exchange, having the potential to challenge conventional financial institutions through its ability to list tokens across multiple blockchains on a single non-custodian exchange.
  • Switcheo Exchange will officially be decommissioned on 30 April 2021 in favor of our layer 2 trading protocol, Switcheo TradeHub 🌅

    Level up with Demex to enjoy lower fees and instant trades on SWTH, ETH, CEL markets and more.

  • Switcheo, a startup focused on decentralized trading, secured a $1.2 million strategic investment from DeFiance Capital, Three Arrows Capital, Digital Assets Capital Management, DeFi Capital, and MXC Exchange. 
  • Switcheo TradeHub’s protocol also includes cross-chain liquidity pools that support the AMM-simluated orderbooks on Demex, guaranteeing liquidity to the exchange and boasting robust rewards for liquidity providers.
  • Switcheo has managed to build an active community via its official communication channels that its 24/7 support (valid for Telegram) uses to address clients’ issues or promote news and updates.
  • Switcheo has launched just over two months ago in March 2018, with its initial coin offering (ICO) launching on the platform for the public on March 16, only to be sold out within a day.
  • Switcheo strongly emphasizes that the exchange does not store users’ data, and confidential details which include your private keys or passwords never leave your browser.
  • Switcheo– is the world’s leading DEX platform which allows to buy or trade crypto like Ethereum, Neo and more, with live price charts and liquid order books.
  • Blockchain

    As a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange on the Neo blockchain, Switcheo now allows trading of EOS, Ethereum, and NEO tokens as part of its promise to deliver a world-class trading experience by enabling cross-chain swapping capabilities across multiple blockchains.


    Note that if you are depositing ETH for the first time and are logged in using Switcheo Account, a minimum of 0.03ETH will be reserved under “Switcheo GAS” to pay Ethereum network fees during funds transfers.This amount can be changed under “Settings”.


    However, there is a reason for it.Switcheo does not deal in fiat and thus needs fewer regulations than other exchanges.Needless to say, this comes with its own pros and cons, where users are limited by trading options but are offered faster sign-ups and more privacy as a result.


    Switcheo is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that is positioned as “The Preferred Exchange.”  It is currently integrated with three blockchains including NEO, Ethereum and EOS blockchains to support ERC-20, NEP-5 and EOS tokens.The cryptocurrency trading platform also offers Over-The-Counter services and has Atomic Swap markets which allow traders to do cross-chain trades without requiring a trusted third party.


    At the moment, trades on the Switcheo platform take around 30 seconds to complete.You would think that it is a fast enough speed for a cryptocurrency exchange to be content with its transaction time, but Switcheo wants to take it one step further and would thus have instant transactions made possible when its v2 is implemented within the span of a few weeks.

    How to Sign Up With Switcheo?

    Signing up with Switcheo is easy, and a walk in the park if you are already a user of the NEO blockchain.

    How does syncing work?

    How transactions and balances get synchronized from cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Does Switcheo Live up to the Hype?

    The users who supported Switcheo during its launch had high expectations from the platform, hoping that it would make cryptocurrency trading easier and safer for everyone.

    Switcheo Review: What Does Switcheo Do?

    Switcheo offers a way to easily and quickly trade cryptocurrencies through its DEX platform without compromising efficiency and security.

    What is Switcheo?

    Switcheo is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) currently on the NEO platform.It allows for the trustless exchange of NEP-5 tokens and will expand to other cross-chain tokens in the future.Switcheo Network strongly focuses on user experience and aims to be cross-chain compatible as quickly as possible.Work on the Qtum blockchain has already begun.

    How is management perceived at Switcheo Network?


    Switcheo Review: How Does Trading on Switcheo Work?

    Trading on Switcheo works like other major exchanges, where orders are executed when users post buy and sell orders on the trading platform.NEO, GAS, and SWTH are used as default trading pairs with NEP-5 tokens.

    Switcheo Review: How to Deposit or Withdraw Funds on Switcheo?

    One of the appealing aspects of the exchange is the fact that it simple and user-friendly.Decentralized exchanges are not typically the easiest to use and Switcheo seeks to step it up a notch.

    What can you do?

    Users can track the amount of SWTH staked with us or other validators, redelegate to us, claim rewards, unstake and monitor unbonding SWTH assets.

    Why Is There a Need for This Upgrade?

    With the launch of Switcheo TradeHub, we introduced a new SWTH monetary policy that changes our tokenomics.We moved away from the existing deflationary token model to an inflationary model.This change means that SWTH will no longer be burnt by “exchange operators”, decreasing the token supply.Conversely, adopting an inflationary model will lead to a growth in the supply of SWTH to approximately 2.16 billion tokens over the next 5 years.

    History of Switcheo