Overview of SyncFab

  • SyncFab (Silicon Valley, CA), a premiere online invention platform and additive manufacturing product development marketplace that connects growing product businesses with established regional manufacturers, has expanded its network to include the shops and 3D print services of the Bay Area Advanced Manufacturing Hub (BAAM) coalition in Silicon Valley by unveiling its new Version 1.5 web user interface (UI) update that helps growing product businesses collaborate online with manufacturers, suppliers, designers and engineers.
  • SyncFab’s MFG Tokens® are a digital ERC20 cryptocurrency that allow your OEM business and its suppliers to pay for Supply Chain Products and Services on the SyncFab platform, transfer MFG Tokens® across borders and marketplaces instantly, with zero FX transaction fees, and continue using them or exchange them into local currency — Send payments anywhere quickly and cheaply.
  • SyncFab is the lead industry pioneer developing Blockchain applications for Decentralized Manufacturing Supply Chain Management with patents pending partnered with the US National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) and SwissMem the national representative of the mechanical and electrical engineering industries in Switzerland for over 130 years.
  • SyncFab, Boeing, and SAP at the IoT Tech Expo
    SyncFab’s founding CEO, Jeremy Goodwin, recently atseemed the IoT Tech Expo in Silicon Valley and participated in a high-level panel that discussed trends and challenges in supply chain, smart manufacturing, the Internet of Things, changes impacting large industrial OEMs, and more.
  • SYNCFAB is short for Synchronized Fabrication – the marriage of additive (3D printing) and subtractive (traditional) manufacturing which combined with computer-aided-design and robotic automation collectively represent “advanced manufacturing.” The company’s mission aims to combine sustainable design with local manufacturing.
  • SyncFab has introduced a blockchain based smart contract and token system into their existing manufacturing and bid platform, which will simplify the entire manufacturing process right from setting up the bid, to selecting the manufacturer based on previous reviews, to final product delivery and payments.
  • SyncFab helps aerospace and automotive OEM purchase managers stay on top of their demanding production schedules; while shaving their parts procurement costs as much as half off benefiting from a vetted full range manufacturing capabilities network of 1000s of suppliers.
  • SyncFab’s network precision machining capabilities include multi-axis milling and turning, routing, waterjet, laserjet, EDM, electron beam welding, punching, cutting, shearing and finishing services including anodyzing, coating, plating, polishing and more.
  • SyncFab has been in business since 2013 and since then partnered with the cities of San Francisco, San Leandro, and Oakland as part of their civic innovation Startup program, which is recognized by the Department of Energy and Commerce at the White House.
  • SyncFab’s cloud-based supplier network features buyer and supplier portals, quote comparison and approval tools, and order tracking features to help buyers and suppliers navigate each step of the transaction process.
  • Blockchain

     Goodwin believes that “the world is at the brink of the 4th Industrial revolution and with technological disruption caused by blockchain and the Internet of Things, it only makes sense for a platform like SyncFab to revolutionize a typically slow moving, manual, insecure and paper based process to a more secure, digital, automated and fast-moving network that can be operated globally on a single efficient platform that brings order to chaos in manufacturing procurement process”.The digital marketplace connecting bidders and manufacturers is rapidly growing and is predicted to grow to $15 trillion by 2030, as per a report by Accenture Technology.


    As a CESMI member, SyncFab will be part of the dialogue and implementation of DOE driven standards for Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing.SyncFab was also recognized as a member of the White House-appointed & Department of Energy sponsored Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative within the Department of Commerce’s National Network of Manufacturing Innovation.


    “Made in USA” is making a comeback and San Leandro, the “City that makes things,” is factory floor to the San Francisco Bay Area,” said San Leandro Chief Innovation Officer, Deborah Acosta, “we look forward to working with SYNCFAB to enhance our manufacturing supply chain resources available online.” More info on the STIR program can be found here.”The City of San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Innovation is proud to announce the Startup in Residence (STIR) program has partnered with the cities of San Leandro, Oakland and West Sacramento,” said Jay Nath, San Francisco Chief Innovation Officer.#MAKELOCAL

    Company Contact:
    Jeremy Goodwin, CEO
    510-859-7794 SYNCFAB
    SYNCFAB is a revolutionary service platform streamlining product development for supply chain managers, designers, engineers, production planners, manufacturing representatives and entrepreneurs.By connecting product development experts with those local manufacturers, the factories are more accessible and productive for a win-win value proposition all around.”

    Product designers and supply chain managers agree 1) locating factories to manufacture their products 2) obtaining reliable manufacturing quotes and 3) factory accountability are HUGE problems.Commenting on this important Company milestone, SYNCFAB CEO, Jeremy Goodwin, said, “We are honored to be included in the STIR program indicating the City believes our company mission is important to the local economy and its citizenry and our team is credible and committed enough that they are willing to support the company publicly.Get an early lead on the market and Register your Profile.San Francisco, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 07/20/2016 –SYNCFAB, the developer and marketer of the leading local supply chain sourcing platform for product development, design and manufacturing, today announced that supply chain buyers and product designers will be able to source local manufacturing far more easily in the San Francisco Bay area.Supply chain buyers and product designers can take advantage of surplus production capacity at local factories for quality, accuracy and sustainable production.SYNCFAB is working to change that by lowering marketing and manufacturing costs to make the procurement bidding process more transparent.The Company is pleased to report it is signing a strategic agreement under the San Francisco STIR program, to facilitate and accelerate building its regional supply chain platform of online factories for product development and procurement.Through our extensive active network of product development and supply chain professionals, SYNCFAB is solving a major marketing problem for local manufacturers with limited marketing budgets whose factories are underutilized.Under the terms of the collaborative Agreement, SYNCFAB will receive city support in its Bay-area initiative bringing more local product developers and supply chain professionals together with local manufacturers.We are grateful for the strong support of San Leandro and San Francisco that enables us to accelerate connecting regional buyers with local factories.

    What is the SYNC Network (SYNC)?

    The SYNC Network is a Layer 2 platform that creates cryptocurrency bonds that earn interest via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).The network uses ‘CryptoBonds,’ a new sort of financial primitive, to create digital interest earning assets with a twist — receiving principal amounts plus earned interest in a fully trade-able NFT that can be sold on secondary markets like OpenSea and Rarible any time.

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    How many tokens in circulation?

    While the total supply of SYNC is undefined, total supply can be seen any time by visiting total maximum supply of SYNC tokens is theoretically uncapped due to the inflationary and deflationary effects derived from market forces, i.e., when a bond is created, an equal value of tokens are burned from the total supply.

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    What is SyncFab?

    The MFG Token is a Utility Token that will become a vital part of the SyncFab platform and operating partner manufacturing supply chain management ecosystems.SyncFab will be a supply chain management tool to procure, track and organize local parts production using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network.

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    Where Can I Buy SYNC Network (SYNC)?

    The SYNC Network was originally developed to be used on Uniswap, and can be found here.However, the team is exploring other integrations for the future on other AMMs and DEXes.

    How can SyncFab transform your industry?

    Companies building cutting-edge space exploration vehicles, experimental aircraft, autonomous cars, and drones are already using our technology to minimize product recalls, counterfeit parts, and intellectual property theft.

    What are CryptoBonds?

    A CryptoBond is a fully tradeable ERC-721 NFT token that locks in liquidity on Uniswap.The SYNC platform mints two tokens: an ERC-20 awards token for Uniswap Liquidity Providers; and an ERC-721 NFT that bonds Uniswap liquidity pairs to SYNC tokens for a specified amount of time (ranging from 90 days to 3 years) that earns interest.When the CryptoBond matures, the holder receives back the original investment plus interest.

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    Who Are the Founders of SYNC Network?

    The SYNC Network was developed by a core group of agile developers, but the platform is community-governed and a fully decentralized DeFi ecosystem.The SYNC Network is governed by token holders who put forth proposals for a community vote, with CryptoBond holders having the most power (the more CryptoBonds you hold, the more voting power you have).However, any SYNC token holder can create a governance proposal to be voted on by the community.

    History of SyncFab

  • In 2020 Aerospace and Automotive OEM IT Departments and Purchase Managers can now begin Tokenizing their precision hardware part supply chains right at their point of production using SyncFab’s Manufacturing Blockchain Network!
  • In 2020 aerospace and automotive OEM IT departments and purchase-managers can now begin tokenizing their precision hardware part supply chains right at their point of production using SyncFab’s manufacturing blockchain network.