ThreeFold Token

Overview of ThreeFold Token

  • ThreeFold Token (TFT) is a web 3.0 utility token minted on top of the ThreeFold Ecosystem, the project that develops and promotes “Self Driving IT”.
  • ThreeFold Token is used to buy autonomous and decentralized compute, storage, and application services on the ThreeFold Grid.
  • The ThreeFold Token is an exceptionally flexible and secure currency which can help you to create new ways of doing business.
  • ThreeFold tokens are backed up by compute and storage capacity put on the TF grid.
  • ThreeFold Tokens are generated through a process called “Farming”.
  • ThreeFold Token had an all-time high of $0.186265 11 months ago.
  • ThreeFold Token Social Following Rank: 11/100
  • ThreeFold Token's market cap is unknown.
  • ThreeFold Token Twitter Citation Rank: 1/100
  • ThreeFold Token 24h Change Rank: 52/100
  • Blockchain

    ThreeFold Grid is a blockchain network created by ThreeFold farmers that mint ThreeFold tokens by adding capacity to the grid.


    After leaving the team in January 2019, I decided to start writing full time, partly about the upcoming crypto space.At first glance, I might not be the right person to examine a possible ThreeFold Token scam.I have been part of the Threefold team for almost 2 years, right from the beginning.I wrote about the biggest token scam in history, OneCoin.On the other hand, I might be just the right person to dive deeper into the ThreeFold Storage Internet Project since I’ve experienced its inception from the inside out.We are almost 2 years later and I am no longer connected to the ThreeFold Token project.

    But First: Why Should You Invest Time Into the Process?

    A lot of you may be reading this and wondering, “Why should we invest time into improving our team’s handoff process?” And you know what? It is a valid question.At the end of the day, you’re busy with projects, deadlines, pressure from stakeholders, and you just want to get the work done.

    How are ThreeFold Tokens created?

    No ThreeFold Tokens have ever been minted.ThreeFold Tokens are generated through a process called “Farming”.Farming happens when active internet capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid.Independent farmers earn ThreeFold Tokens (TFT) by providing neutral and decentralized internet capacity, thus expending the usable Grid.Therefore no central entity controls the internet.

    How do I open a Liquid account?

    Sign up here through our referral link.Enter your personal details and set up 2FA.Without Account Verification, you will qualify for a Basic Account which gives you access to many of Liquid’s core features.To buy the ThreeFold Token, you will need to verify your account .

    How does ThreeFold token economy work?

    ThreeFold tokens are backed up by compute and storage capacity put on the TF grid.A healthy token economy in ThreeFold’s world means a healthy relationship between the token price and the amount of ‘farmed’ capacity.

    How is ThreeFold differentiated from similar projects?

    ThreeFold is a unique project and is different in so many ways.First, it is probably the technological project with the biggest reach for positive social and environmental impact in the world.Secondly, with it’s technological infrastructure, it opens a new era for information and technology.It could revolutionaries the industry and the way we interact with each other.By decentralizing and simplifying
    the internet infrastructure, solving the blockchain dilemma, and being complementary to all technologies that run with Linux, ThreeFold is set to change the technological world as we know it.You can check the comparison
    document here for a better understanding of how ThreeFold technology is game-changing.Thirdly, ThreeFold believes in collaboration, not competition.They are open to collaborate with all projects that align with their values and vision.

    OK, So How Can We Improve Our Process?

    First off, designers and developers should work together to solve problems.I know we’re talking about the handoff process, which sounds like it is all one-way traffic — design hands off to development — but it should be a back-and-forth process with ideas flowing both ways.

    Opportunity for a Libra type association to tackle the insurance industry?

    In Dante’s view, insurers are now more than ever grappling with the digital transformation challenge.This is now more evident with mega mergers such as the recent one of AON and Willis Tower Watson.

    Threefold Token / USD Forecast, TFT price prediction: Buy or sell Threefold Token?

    TFT Price is 0.TFT Price is 0.0248 USD today.0248 USD today.

    ThreeFold Token- Bitcoin of the future internet?

    The economy behind all these peer-to-peer solutions is the ThreeFold token.The token buys you 1-on-1 capacity on the grid and all services and products build on top.When you buy the TF node, you farm green capacity.The TFT reflects the amount of capacity farmed, using the Proof of Capacity protocol.

    Want Daily TFT Price Updates?

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    What currencies can be used to buy ThreeFold Tokens?

    BTC & USDT.

    What is a ThreeFold Farmer?

    Farmers are people that put capacity live on the ThreeFold Grid for everyone to use.Farmers are rewarded ThreeFold Tokens for doing so, and also receive ThreeFold Tokens for the usage of the capacity.

    What is blockchain?

    In last year’s podcast, Dante had defined blockchain in a slightly philosophical way, using words like trust, decentralisation and self-sovereignty.Whilst he believes those ideals very much still matter he now sees a growing wave of enterprise blockchain efforts and investment and adoption that are starting to give the technology a real opportunity, not in its own, but together with other emerging technologies to drive real change in the market.

    What is the purchase price of the ThreeFold Token?

    TFTs are priced at 0.15 USD per token until Token Listing starts.

    What is the ThreeFold Token?

    The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is the medium of exchange on the ThreeFold.TFT is a decentralized digital currency used to buy autonomous and decentralized Internet services (compute, storage, applications) – generated only when
    active capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid.

    What is the ThreeFold?

    ThreeFold is growing a green and conscious peer-to-peer Internet that is available everywhere and owned by everyone – across geographical and cultural borders, empowering people to be autonomous, and providing equal chances
    to learn, partake and succeed.

    What is ThreeFold?

    ThreeFold Foundation is a set of non-profit organizations and people who support the growth of the distributed, cost-effective, neutral and sustainable Internet.

    Who is behind the project?

    The team has extensive experience and expertise in storage, automation, and cloud.From 2000 to 2015 and through seven exits (to companies like HGST (Western Digital), Sun Microsystems, & Oracle ) before ThreeFold came to be,
    key stakeholders defined parts of the cloud landscape.Some of those elements are still being actively used today.After many years in the industry, they realized that a new internet architecture is needed to bring positive
    change to our world.

    Why did ThreeFold create a second TFT-V2 token?

    About 8 months ago, ThreeFold pulled out its initial token from the only exchange it operated on, BTC-Alpha, in the preparation for their official Token Launch Event (TDE) and migration to the Stellar Blockchain.

    Why ThreeFold?

    As the inventor of the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee once said, “I should be able to pick which applications I use for managing my life, I should be able to pick which content I look at, and I should be able to pick which device I use, which company I use for supplying my internet, and I’d like those to be independent choices”.

    History of ThreeFold Token