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    How Does SSL/TLS Client Authorisation Work?

    TLS, or Transport Security Layer, is a component of almost every web server as of 2020.It is a protocol that allows a client computer to authenticate the identity of a server before sending any data, which ensures that sensitive information is not being sent to a fraudulent end point.After verifying the identity of the server, all further communication is encrypted under a set of session keys unique to the client and server.This article will unpack the details of TLS a little later on, but with an important distinction; this article isn’t about TLS authentication, but instead TLS authorisation.

    How Does the TLS Change Impact Javascript Browser-Based Encryption for Tokenization?

    As for Javascript browser-based encryption, TokenEx leverages RSA encryption, which is at the heart of both SSL and TLS.The vulnerabilities with SSL and TLS protocols, however is not with the underlying encryption but rather with the protocol itself.RSA has proven to be a verifiably strong encryption algorithm since the 1970s.RSA strength is really defined by its key length.TokenEx can easily increase the length of the key without any impacts to our clients’ operations.Furthermore, the encryption algorithm is not at the mercy of the browser chosen by the end user.Therefore, we don’t have the same challenges to deal with as we do with the SSL and TLS layer security.

    How to deposit TLS tokens?

    To deposit TLS tokens to your Tokpie account follow this guide.Make sure that you are going to deposit TLS related to that smart contract address: 0x4afadb32b8fdb334cf9f20afb476a06c1f5b111a (new address after token swap).Otherwise, your transfer will not be identified by Tokpie.The Tokpie exchange doesn’t charge fees for depositing.

    How to trade?

    Click on any button above to open the related market.Then use this instruction to know how to sell or buy TLS on Tokpie.The minimum trade order amount is 0.10 TLS.At the same time, a minimum step amount is 0.01 TLS.

    How to withdraw TLS tokens?

    To withdraw TLS tokens from your Tokpie account follow this guide.You must have an eth compatible address to be able to withdraw TLS.The minimal withdrawal amount is 10 TLS.Withdrawal commission is 5 TLS.

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    What are signed secrets?

    Slack creates a unique string for your app and shares it with you.Verify requests from Slack with confidence by verifying signatures using your signing secret.

    What is Mutual TLS?

    The Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol designed to provide secure communication over the Internet and includes authentication, confidentiality and integrity.When a TLS connection is established the server provides a certificate that the client validates before trusting the server’s identity.The server can also request the client to authenticate itself through a client certificate.The latter is referred to mutual TLS and sometimes even called client TLS.

    What is Mutual TLS?

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) has replaced the more commonly known Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).Web browsers use TLS to secure the connection between the client and the server hosting the web page.When a connection is established, the web server provides a certificate to the client that can be validated.Thus, the server’s identity is trusted.

    What is TLS?

    The TLS is an ERC20 token issued by TLS Group.TLS Group claims to share its profits from green mining with TLS token holders.

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