Overview of TOKA

  • Toka builds targeted and lawful intelligence gathering platforms to effectively gather intelligence from various sensors.The platforms suit multiple use cases and scenarios, including targeted intelligence, forensic investigations, covert operations and public emergencies These first-of-their-kind software platforms are simple to use, scale quickly, and offer complete operational control to enable smarter, faster, and easier investigations and operations.
  • Toka, the cyber capacity-building company trusted by government, law enforcement, and security agencies, has been selected for an assignment under a World Bank-financed project to identify public sector cybersecurity gaps in Moldova and recommend a strategy to improve readiness.
  • Toka, the cyber capacity-building company trusted bygovernment, law enforcement, and security agencies to defend against terror and crime and keep citizens safe in an age of evolving threats, today announced it raised a $25 million Series B funding round.
  • Toka Sticks Golf Club is owned by The Gila River Indian Community and was designed by the Army Corps of Engineers in the early 1950’s as a recreational facility for personnel stationed at Williams Air Force Base.
  • Toka has been selected by the Government of Nigeria and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to advise Nigeria on next steps for the country’s national cybersecurity readiness and operational capacity building.
  • TOKA provides active and participative programs for young people, which has resulted in:

    • High participant re-applications – >50% of participants from one program have applied for another TOKA program.

  • TOKA simplifies the surgery by providing surgeons with an intuitive 3D planning environment to precisely achieve an optimised knee alignment with minimal risks for patients.
  • Toka Sticks Golf Club is conveniently located off the South Loop 202 freeway at Power and Williams Field roads in Mesa Arizona and adjacent to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.
  • Toka’s technical expertise and unique, practical experience enable it to see beyond cyber-enemy lines, allowing trusted agencies to obtain crucial, real-time intelligence.
  • Toka is a French video game company founded by Carlo Perconti and Lyes Belaidouni, founders of Arcade Zone and later HyperDevbox Japan.
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    Can you explain where the name Toka comes from?

    Toka is reversed-slang for “catho” coming from “Catholique”.

    Can you tell us about the work you’ll be presenting at Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2020? Will it be the first time Toka presents something to a public?

    The crucifix and the body of Christ, universal symbols of religious culture, will be central to our work at Affordable Art Fair Brussels.It will be our main source of inspiration and therefore ideal for the first creative presentation by Toka to the public.

    How high is Shakur Stevenson’s ceiling in 2021?

    He landed 151 punches, including 64 body shots.Stevenson landed more body shots than Kahn Clary (28-3, 1 NC, 19 KOs) landed total punches (48) throughout the fight.Kahn Clary absorbed combinations from Stevenson in almost every round, while landing only 9% of his punches.

    What are you hoping to achieve with your collective?

    Our aim is to address challenging and provoking nuances related to religion, transforming the meaning behind antique texts and iconic crucifixes, without altering them.Our artistic approach is philosophical, spiritual and conceptual, not political.We don’t want to fall into gothic, irreverent or disrespectful representations of religion.It’s about questioning our past and creating links with modern ideologies that underlie modern culture, like capitalism or environmentalism, which operate with the same codes as religion with spiritual masters, Saints and a “faith book”.

    What are your plans for Toka after Affordable Art Fair Brussels?

    Our future work will be presented in multiple verses.Through each verse we want to decode the traits of modern religions and ideologies such as capitalism, environmentalism, scientism, while keeping Christianity and antique objects as our main source of inspiration.

    What questions do you have about the Valley and the state we call home?

    Your contact infoWe’ll be in touch if we look into your question.

    Who is Ebisu?

    Ebisu is one of the Shichifukujin, the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese folklore, who are traditionally associated with the New Year.He is however, the only one of these gods whose story is homegrown Japanese.The other six gods all originate from China and India.You can see the image of Ebisu dotted around the shrine, whether in stone carvings or on the various goods on sale.He is always shown laughing and he often holds a rod and fish, usually a red bream which is associated with celebration.The story of Ebisu is particularly inspiring, as he wasn’t born lucky and he overcame much hardship to become one of Japan’s most popular gods.

    Why do you choose to keep your identities hidden?

    The make-up of our collective will be variable and will evolve depending on future projects and technical needs for achieving our ideas and artistic pieces.Additionally, just as in religion, icons and identities of protagonists are represented differently depending on interpretations, symbols or sacred texts.So, it’s important that the members of the collective remain as mystic and metaphysical as religion itself is.

    History of TOKA