Tokenize Xchange

Overview of Tokenize Xchange

  • Tokenize Xchange employs top-tier providers and implements the best practices for wallet management and identity verification to ensure the security and robustness of its platform and provide its more than 100,000 clients with a peace of mind when trading on the platform every day.
  • Tokenize Xchange was strategically chosen as one of the platforms for Opiria’s listing and the second IEO round because of the extensive user base and large community of Blockchain enthusiastsTokenize Xchange possesses.
  • Tokenize Xchange, which is a Malaysia and Singapore based exchange,  will now be using a combination of wallet set-ups and security features including both hot wallets and insured custody through BitGo Trust.
  • Tokenize Xchange is a fully integrated cryptocurrency exchange that offers both individuals and institutional investors a frictionless and un-sophisticated user experience.
  • Tokenize Xchange is an online exchange that allows trading of
    cryptocurrencies (crypto) which include Bitcoin and Ethereum, and operates 24X7,
    whole year round.
  • Tokenize Xchange is the latest digital asses exchange operator in the country to receive a full approval by the Securities Commission Malaysia to operate.
  • Tokenize Xchange is a platform from Singapore established since 2018 that enables users to buy and sell established and emerging digital currencies.
  • Tokenize Xchange is a simple and easy to use platform which provides a fiat-crypto gateway while supporting a wide range of crypto-crypto pairs.
  • Tokenize Xchange was initially launched in Singapore by founder Hong Qi Yu in 2018 and reportedly has a customer base of over 100,000.
  • Tokenize Xchange expertise, particularly in the Malaysian market, gives us the opportunity to expand our reach into Southeast Asia.
  • Blockchain

    Hong Qi Yu, CEO of Tokenize Xchange also commented on having Opiria on their IEO platform and his dedication to nurture more projects, “With the successful completion of Opiria’s fund raise on our IEO platform, we hope that the community is gradually noticing the importance of IEOs.Here at Tokenize, our IEO platform filters and hand-picks projects with great potential and quality ideas before nurturing them by providing a huge community of blockchain enthusiasts to raise funds so they can ease their way into the market.With the listing of PDATA, we are one of the few pioneer exchanges to provide liquidity for PDATA and those who have missed the opportunity to purchase PDATA during the IEO can do so on 8 July!”


    By tapping onto Tokenize Xchange’s strong community support, Opiria was able to disseminate in-depth insights about their company through omni channel marketing, allowing users to make informed decisions.


    “What this means is that all transactions via Tokenize Xchange will be insured and protected with a credible third party, covering up to USD100 million in value through a syndicate of insurers in Lloyd’s of London and the European Marketplace,” said Tokenize chief executive officer and chief technology officer Hong Qi Yu, in a statement.

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    Is it profitable to
    invest in Tokenize Xchange?

    Yes.The long-term earning potential is
    +177.34% in one year.

    Will Tokenize Xchange replace / surpass / overtake

    According to our predictions, this won’t happen in near future.

    Is Tokenize Exchange Safe?

    The safety and security of funds on an exchange is important when selecting a cryptocurrency exchange.On review of the Tokenize Exchange security page, the platform has implemented strict KYC procedures as per local regulations.

    How close is Canelo Alvarez to GOAT status?

    He has work yet to do, but it would be no shock at all in a few years if we were talking about Alvarez as one of the elite of the elite.

    Which Countries Are Supported?

    Tokenize Exchange is a worldwide cryptocurrency trading platform for users to swap digital currencies to other assets.Their fiat-to-crypto exchange is only available to Singapore residents that use SGD.Users from other supported regions and jurisdictions can transfer cryptocurrencies to the exchange for trading with other cryptos.

    What is TKX?

    Tokenize Emblem is a crypto-currency exchange token created by Tokenize Xchange.It is built upon the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC20 protocol.Its ‘Initial Coin Offering’ (ICO) was completed in August 2018.

    So why Tokenize Xchange & TKX?

    The potential of the token is only as much as the exchange itself, thus we will analyze both the potential of the exchange as well as its token.

    Want Daily TKX Price Updates?

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    Why trade on Tokenize?

    Best User Experience — Simple and easy to use interface where users can easily navigate through the platform and have a smooth trading experience.

    What is
    the Tokenize Xchange price today?

    The current price of Tokenize Xchange is
    7.482 USD today.

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    Why trade with Tokenize Xchange?

    Competitive Rates – Rates go as low as 0.1% for platinum users, and you can use TKX as trading fees for additional discounts.

    Are Funds Stored On Tokenize Exchange Safe?

    The website states that the funds of Premium Members are reassured to be safely withdrawn in the unlikely event of an unpreventable shutdown of their bank account due to a change in regulation for example.For more information on this, visit the website.

    Why I Joined as Tech Advisor at Tokenize Xchange (Singapore)?

    In May 2018 I joined as technical advisor at Tokenize Xchange, a Singapore-based crypto exchange startup, which is launching an ICO to raise funds to expand its current services and build innovative products around the crypto trading industry.

    Will Tokenize Xchange hit 10 USD in a year?

    Yes, within a year.See above.

    Will Tokenize Xchange price grow / rise / go up?

    Yes.The Tokenize Xchange price can go up from
    7.482 USD to
    20.751 USD in one

    What is Tokenize Xchange?

    Tokenize Xchange is the next-generation digital currency exchange that aims to provide a safe and secure trading platform to protect investors’ digital assets.Not only does it provide crypto-to-crypto pairings, but it also provides fiat pairings as well, thus being a one-stop platform for investors to get access to both established and emerging cryptocurrencies.

    What are Exchange Tokens?

    They are tokens that represent some kind of stake in a certain cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem.They often grant holders a discount on trading fees, the right to vote, and participate in the governance process of the exchange (voting of new coins to be listed) or a stake in the revenue generated by the exchange (rebate from trading fees), the possibilities are countless.

    Will Tokenize Xchange crash?

    According to our analysis, this will not happen.

    What features should an Exchange have?

    Exchanges should ideally possess certain features to maximize their potential of success and for their tokens to have a higher probability of appreciating.

    will Tokenize Xchange be worth in five years

    The Tokenize Xchange (TKX )
    price will be
    76.122 USD.

    Is Tokenize Exchange Legit?

    Tokenize Exchange appears to be a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange that is regulated in Singapore.The platform complies with the KYC/AML laws set out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).Strict ID verification processes are in place to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity and illegal financing of terrorism related activities.

    Why Tokenize Xchange ?

    Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for other crypto or traditional currency like SGD or USD .

    Will Tokenize Xchange hit 20 USD in a year?

    Yes, within a year.See above.

    Will Tokenize Xchange price fall / drop?

    No.See above.

    What Is Tokenize Exchange?

    Tokenize Exchange is a cryptocurrency platform based in Singapore that was launched in early 2018.The exchange provides an easy to use and simple user-interface for individuals to purchase digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum with Singaporean Dollars (SGD) using Xfers.Since being established, Tokenize Exchange has grown rapidly with over 100,000 customers using their products and services.

    What is Tokenize Xchange?

    Tokenize Xchange is a platform from Singapore established since 2018 that enables users to buy and sell established and emerging digital currencies.

    Will Tokenize Xchange hit 50 USD in a year?

    Not within a year.See above.

    History of Tokenize Xchange