Overview of TokenStars

  • TokenStars platform will interact with tens of thousands of people (with millions in the future). Furthermore, the team plans to work with the celebrities not only in sports, but also in entertainment and expects to have a huge user base. Every event which include recording of a vote in the poll, collecting report from the promoter, receiving auction bids or registering advertising click will generate blockchain write operations.
  • TokenStars develops its platform on the blockchain to make it transparent and verifiable, create a powerful global community, ensure lower money transfer costs and faster transactions with no need in a third party, as well as to eliminate middlemen in and bring more transparency to the celebrity management industry.
  • TokenStars private blockchain will be built as a network of nodes, maintained by the company in the early stage of the platform development that it plans to eventually replace (partially or fully) by the nodes maintained by the leaders of the fan community who will be invited to become the part of the network.
  • TokenStars considers various solutions and approaches of private blockchain implementation and expects the best results from Hyperledger Fabric, which is an open source blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation.
  • TokenStars platform is designed as a toolkit, allowing to combine alternative modules to achieve the required capabilities to encourage the interaction between the celebrities, fans (as well as regular token holders), advertisers, professional talent scouts and promoters.
  • TokenStars, a blockchain company plans to tokenize aspiring celebrities’ careers.TokenStars aims to provide funding resources to sportsmen and other celebrities at the young age and to decentralize talent sourcing and promotion.
  • TokenStars wants this to change, so a pioneering talent management platform was created which uses the blockchain technology and is, in fact, a next generation of sports agencies.
  • TokenStars CEO Pavel Stukolov answers all the hottest questions about the project and draws the line on the achievements on Q1 2018 in Ask Me Anything session.
  • TokenStars’ new ICO aims to disrupt this market, which is currently dominated by a number of key players, and share the newly created value with community members.
  • TokenStars also has strong support from its first believer and investor, Forbes top-30 internet entrepreneur Elena Masolova, who said,
  • Blockchain

    As a utility token, TEAM will be used in most of the interaction activities powered by the TokenStars platform, including repayment of agency commissions from advertisers and supported talents, providing incentives to fans and external agents for finding promising talents (scouts) and for promoting celebrities (promoters), making betting bids, participating in the voting polls, getting access to exclusive offers from celebrities, and so on.crowdfunding, enabling prospective talents to raise funds;
    infrastructure, providing the community with tools for key activities (scouting, voting, betting);
    fan community, allowing celebrities to grow their social capital and offering fans higher involvement;
    advertising, delivering smart and transparent data as well as engaged audiences to brands for more efficient promotion campaigns.


    Network node operators will be able to audit blockchain operations to judge possible conflicts. TokenStars will produce easy-to install images of the software required to run a network node and will provide all necessary instructions and worldwide 24/7 support.Network node operators will be compensated for their efforts with the TEAM tokens.This will allow TS to create a truly distributed network uncontrolled by any single party in the true spirit of blockchain. The company also plans to take advantage of the distributed blockchain technology for fast and efficient scaling of the platform.


    Tokenstars, a blockchain based platform aimed towards supporting celebrities and athletes, has announced that it will be launching its crowdsale on August 24, 2017.


    What is TokenStars TEAM?

    TEAM by TokenStars connects rising talents and successful PROs in sports and entertainment with fans and advertisers.

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    How Many ACE (TokenStars) Coins Are There?

    There are currently 12,095,419 ACE (TokenStars) coins circulating out of a max supply of 14,476,036.

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    How does it work?

    Currently, aspiring players are limited in their means of financing their success.Some stars like Tiger Woods and Maria Sharapova were fortunate to have support from their parents, but many must depend on loans from friends and/or small grants from local sports federations or TMAs.

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    How Much Did ACE (TokenStars) Raise?

    The ACE (TokenStars) ICO (initial coin offering) raised $4,901,220 USD by selling 11669571.42857143 ACE (TokenStars) tokens at a price of $0.42 USD.The ACE (TokenStars) ICO began on December 20, 2017 and ended on March 28, 2018.Key team members during the ACE (TokenStars) ICO included Pavel Stukolov, Irina Shashkina , and Andrei Toukmanov .

    What is ACE (TokenStars)?

    TokenStars – blockchain-based celebrity management platform that engages millions of users: celebrities + fans + brands & advertisers.

    What Is ACE (TokenStars)'s Price Today?

    ACE (TokenStars) (ACE) is trading at $0.00724 USD, increasing by 3.31% since yesterday.ACE (TokenStars) has traded $0 USD in the last 24 hours.

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    History of TokenStars