Overview of TouchCon

  • TouchCon can be used for settlement to buy goods and services, remittance, or exchange for money through trading in international Exchanges on the TOC app platform.In the TouchCon’s 2nd round of development, most of the cryptocurrencies are supported by fair and transparent Airdrop, and the DB that matches the consumer information with the SQC information is analyzed to make a Bigdata based on the Blockchain technology, and it will be shared with the advertisers.
  • TouchCon partner companies can promote sales and improve brand image through TouchCon’s various random reward marketing strategies, and regular customers and new customers can experience dynamic fun and surprise with random reward.
  • TouchCon Ad Scan Random Reward creates and distributes Smart QR Code (SQC), which overcomes the disadvantages of the mileage (point) reward system by sharing the mutual benefit between advertisers and consumers.
  • TouchCon describes itself as an advertising reward platform that scans Smart QR Codes (SQC) for advertisements and connects users with advertisers.
  • Touchcon sendiri saat ini sedang mengerjakan pengembangan teknologi Smart QR Code menjelang rilis versi alpha kedua Februari 2019 mendatang.
  • TouchCon plans to offer a one-stop service through the 'TouchCon QR' application, which is slated for a Q2-2019 launch.
  • TouchCon is an ecosystem coin that can be used immediately for payment, transfer, and sale for goods and services. 
  • TouchCon’s QR codeThe number of TouchCon’s QR code advertisers who is participating in ad mining is continuously
  • TouchCon listed on BitbigbangTouchCon has been listed on Indonesia’s Exchange and brisk trade has been started.
  • TouchCon FoundationTouchCon foundation finalized the MOU agreement on join venture with Indonesia’s local
  • Blockchain

    The TouchCon will take the initiative in expanding the ecosystem as a first random reward system through O2O advertising.TOC is a cryptocurrency that is acquired randomly by scanning Smart QR Code (SQC) in exchange for the consumption of goods and services.


    The TouchCon will take the initiative in expanding the ecosystem as a first random reward system through O2O advertising. 

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