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Overview of True Chain

Shipping Elsewhere?

FYI changing your location will empty the contents of your shopping bag.

Can Kindness Get You Further than Money?

How far can kindness really get us in life? In 2017, Two brothers set out to travel the world with nothing—no money, no plans, not even clothes—and traded homemade t-shirts for everything they needed! They made their way into some unique and wonderful situations, all the way relying on their blind faith in the kindness of strangers.

What Is TrueChain's Price Today?

TrueChain (TRUE) is trading at $0.25717 USD, increasing by 0.19% since yesterday.TrueChain has traded $8,455,832 USD in the last 24 hours.

What About The Retailers? What’s Their Role?

Consumers don’t necessarily want to invest a lot of time into assessing each product or brand’s impact.“The majority of shoppers just want to walk into a store or go on a website and know the products have already been vetted for them,” Jensen says.“They want to be able to trust the product they’re buying and the retailer they’re buying it from.” Think: Whole Foods.

How Many TrueChain Coins Are There?

There are currently 79,575,543 TrueChain coins circulating out of a max supply of 100,000,000.

What is the true cost of a low cost supply chain?

In my last post, I talked about the need for shock absorbers, or buffers, in the supply chain.This week I am looking at the trend for low cost supply chain(s) and the true costs behind them.I happened to have a discussion with Dr.Saravanan of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School and learnt about the work he has done with retail companies.It made me think about how modern supply chains might be going overboard with their cost reduction strategies when it comes to designing their supply chain.In the process, most supply chains are also eliminating most shock absorbers from their system.The net result can be quite catastrophic, especially in recession like conditions.

Shipping Elsewhere?

FYI changing your location will empty the contents of your shopping bag.

What is TrueChain?

TrueChain is a truly fast, permissionless, secure and scalable public blockchain platform which is supported by hybrid consensus technology called Minerva and a global developer community.TrueChain uses hybrid consensus combining PBFT and fPoW to solve the biggest problem confronting public blockchain: the contradiction between decentralization and efficiency.TrueChain uses PBFT as fast-chain to process transactions, and leave the oversight and election of PBFT to the hands of PoW nodes.Besides, TrueChain integrates fruitchain technology into the traditional PoW protocol to become fPoW, to make the chain even more decentralized and fair.TrueChain also creates a hybrid consensus incentive model and a stable gas fee mechanism to lower the cost for the developers and operators of DApps, and provide better infrastructure for decentralized eco-system.

History of True Chain