Overview of UChain

  • UChain will be able to leverage the part of APEX Technologies’ B2C ecosystem that intersects with sharing economy (namely the internet platform enterprise users), and APEX Network will be able to have ways of interacting and tapping into UChain’s large business and consumer user ecosystem.
  • UChain will able to leverage APEX’s proprietary consumer data protection module ATDM (APEX Transactional Data Management) to help encrypt and protect consumer data with secure distributed off-chain storage and on-chain indexing.
  • UChain Sharing Economy service providers can access these credit passports, but all personal data can only be accessed by the data owner using a private key, as it’s stored securely on the blockchain.
  • UChain aims to establish a peer-to-peer low-level blockchain intelligent network to solve the problem of excessive transaction costs, credit insecurity and user data abuse in the sharing economy.
  • UChain inseems to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that thrives on enabling a fully autonomous, non-tampering, peer-to-peer sharing ecosystem in which anyone can participate.
  • Uchain token (UCN) will be listed on “BITBERRY Wallet”, which is developed and operated by RootOne, a subsidiary of Dunamu that facilitates Upbit exchange.
  • Uchain dak ghar offers all the postal services like delivery of mails & parcels, money transfer, banking, insurance and retail services.
  • Uchain is one of the bad ico projects from china using blockchain and ico to take a few free millions from investors.
  • UChain Robot is made by a enthusiastic team with the state of the art AI technology.
  • UChain's ICO launched on July 10th 2018 and ran until July 11th 2018.
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    "We feel like that this partnership is a no-brainer and win-win for both platforms and companies.Additionally, the mutual ecosystem growth as result of the partnership will serve as a catalyst of adoption for both projects.APEX’s founder Jimmy, a core advisor in our project and respected technologist in both the blockchain and AI space, has also been crucial in helping us think outside of the box in ecosystem strategy," said UChain and UBike CEO Ian Yu.Regardless of the technology, assets, or ecosystem-side, it makes sense from a long-term growth and adoption perspective.


    Through API and SDK that are provided by UChain, all sharing economy businesses will be able to publish their own token in UChain network and establish applications, so as to making UChain a better global self-governance sharing economy ecosystem.

    How to use SBI Uchchain IFSC code in online fund transfer?

    SBI Uchchain IFSC code is an 11 digit code used in online fund transfers.This IFSC code contains 4 Characters that represent State Bank Of India, 5th character is reserved for future use and the last 6 characters represent the Uchchain branch code.State Bank Of India has many branches all over the country and physical cheques cannot be transferred anywhere across the country to transfer funds hence internet banking is preferred.The IFSC code SBIN0032375 is used to identify the SBI Bank Uchchain participating in online transactions via RTGS, IMPS and NEFT systems.

    How to find Uchain branch?

    It is very important to find correct branch before initiating any bank process.Though all banks will have a mechnism to verify the Uchain Branch, Account Type, IFSC Code, MICR Code, and Account Name, etc.

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    How to verify Uchain branch?

    The best and simplest place to verify Uchain branch is the cheque book.All banks will print the Uchain on the cheque books.Also, your account pass book should have the Uchain branch printed.

    How to verify SBIN0032375 IFSC Code?

    The best and simplest place to verify SBIN0032375 IFSC code branch is the cheque book.Most banks now print IFSC Codes on the cheque books.Also, your account pass book should have the IFSC Code printed.

    How to find IFSC Code SBIN0032375 branch for Uchchain?

    It is very important to find IFSC code SBIN0032375 of correct branch before initiating a NEFT or RTGS or IMPS transfer.

    What is UChain?

    UChain is a public infrastructure blockchain specifically designed for the global sharing economy.Along with other sharing economy enterprises, UChain aims to build its underlying blockchain network to solve the current problems of trust and data abuse.

    How to find uchain State Bank Of India NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes?

    You can find uchain State Bank Of India NEFT, RTGS and IMPS codes in the table alongside.SBI NEFT or RTGS or IMPS code is nothing but IFSC code and used in net banking.Now-a-days everybody needs quick banking solutions as it saves a lot of time.For carrying out these transactions all we need is account details and IFSC code.There are basically three types of transfers NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.The difference between them is that NEFT transfers are carried out in batches and RTGS transactions are carried out individually.IMPS is a mobile platform where funds can be transferred 24×7.These fund transfer systems can be used for various purposes like bill payments, insurance premium payments, Loan EMI payments, online purchases, paperless fund transfers, etc.

    How to find State Bank Of India IFSC codes in uchain?

    SBI uchain IFSC codes are given in the table alongside.Details like address and contact numbers of branches of State Bank Of India with IFSC code in uchain are also provided.Simplify your search either by selecting any particular city from the drop down list or by selecting the link for city in the table on the right side.You can find IFSC codes for all SBI Bank uchain branches here.

    History of UChain