Unbelievable Token

Overview of Unbelievable Token

  • Unbelievable Token has a maximum supply of 100M UBL and a circulating supply of ?
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    First, what is an NFT?

    A non-fungible token is a digital commodity that has been authenticated with blockchain technology, thereby turning it into a unique, non-interchangeable item.The idea is that unlike an analog asset, like a painting, which is one-of-a-kind by design, digital works can be endlessly duplicated.So the NFT creates a certificate of ownership that proves that it’s the original—and only (or limited edition)—version.There will still be copies but whoever buys the NFT can rest assured that they have the authentic one.And while physical goods, from DRC wines to Vermeers, can fall prey to forgers, an NFT can’t—you can’t counterfeit code.

    Is A Coin Toss Fair?

    Persi Diaconis did not begin his life as a mathematician.

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    Owners: What’s your side of the story?

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    Unbelievable! ?? 7 days after our $FETA Token launch we already having over 3,333 Holders! ??

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    What a bad kind of human are you?

    We have our fun with such a nice function and such an Id%t is stealing our BEER token only to make a little profit for yourself.What a shame.

    Will this affect the market for traditional, tangible art?

    It’s safe to say that collectors of high-end NFTs don’t overlap with those who bid on Monets and Picassos.The buyer behind Beeple’s $69 million mosaic, for example, is an anonymous digital investor known only by his handle, Metakovan, who purchased the collage with the cryptocurrency Ether.”They are not necessarily coming from the pool of traditional buyers for the secondary sale of paintings and sculptures,” Wierbicki says.

    WTF is an NFT—and Why Should We Care?

    First, a $600,000 cat meme, then a $69 million sale at Christie’s.T&C attempts to explain the spectacular rise of NFTs—and what it means for the future of art, culture, everything.

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