Overview of Unify

  • Unify powered by Eleos and Geotab, combines an open fleet management system, comprehensive driver workflow platform and FMCSA compliant ELD that unites drivers and fleet managers but also brings together best-in-class solutions through a customizable platform and rich data insights that adapt to the needs of modern fleets.
  • Unify v2.6.0 update is focused on new RTL package for One Pages, E-Commerce and Multi Pages demos (RTL package for Unify Main and Admin Template demos will be added later), new components for Admin Template package, vendors (libraries and frameworks) updates, improvements and a few minor bug fixes.
  • Unify Square’s set of software and services enables organizations to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by preempting phone system outages, quickly identifying fraudulent system usage, reducing on-boarding errors, and anticipating and mitigating collaboration security risks.
  • Unify is headquartered in Munich, Germany and is present in over 100 countries.[2] The company provides software-based enterprise unified communications including voice, Web collaboration, video conferencing and contact center, networking product and services.
  • Unify’s flexible time and atseemance solutions precisely capture employees’ hours and earnings, automatically calculates regular and overtime, eliminates “payroll inflation” due to generous employee rounding, and seamlessly integrates with Unify’s payroll solution.
  • Unify Energy Solutions worked with this Educational Institution to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint, lower its energy consumption, and enhance students’ learning experience by providing modern, technological energy management systems for its buildings.
  • Unify can be configured on a daily schedule to poll a source – or sources – of information, extracting, transforming and loading that data into a destination (including PowerBI, Excel and Word), where it can be displayed as graphical MI.
  • Unify Smart Home did an amazing job installing our cameras and doorbell, they were very professional, were here the day and time that was scheduled, the owner and his crew were extremely helpful explaining how the entire system works.
  • Unify ships with its own “Guru Sampler”, six synths (including well-known open source virtual instrument Dexed from Digital Suburban and OB-Xd from discoDSP), plus 40+ alternative audio effects.
  • UniFyre features groundbreaking “Link Drop” technology, which allows users to send crypto over any chat app using a link, which is perfect for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  • Network

    Unify is a communications provider that develops, deploys, and manages unified communications, network infrastructure and security and managed and professional services for large enterprises and small and medium enterprises, both directly and via partners.


    A full list of the features can be found below.In addition to the free features, the Unify Pro plugin allows you to set up 1-click upsells, sync between your CRM and WooCommerce, and much more.Learn more about Unify WordPress >Unify is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin which integrates advanced features in your checkout to enhance the experience for your customers and increase your sales potential.With Unify you can process transactions through a supported CRM, process subscription-type orders, set up customer portals where you can access the light-weight support ticket system and support chat.

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    What is BAS/BMS?

    BAS (Building Automation System) and BMS (Building Management System) are terms for the same thing- a computer-based centralized system that monitors and controls a building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

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    What is Outside Air Optimization?

    Introduction to Outside Air So why bring outside air into buildings? Occupied buildings are full of people and chemicals that could be harmful to human health.

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    Users still make phone calls and dial-tone quality is not easy to track or troubleshoot.Hiring and retaining fulltime UC operations staff can overwhelm your IT budget, yet you need experience and numbers to manage your complex environment.Say goodbye to user grouchiness – let our 24×7 managed services take over.Learn More.

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    Builds connections between the various tools and technologies in an insurer’s ecosystem, allowing information to be presented to different audiences in the appropriate format, including enabling data visualization tools like Power BI.

    History of Unify

  • In 1568, at the invitation of the emperor and Ashikaga Yoshiaki, an unsuccessful candidate for shogun, Oda Nobunaga and his forces occupied Kyoto and took control of much of central Japan.
  • In 1964 theoretical efforts by Robert Brout and Francois Englert in Brussels and Peter Higgs at the University of Edinburgh developed a mechanism whereby mass could be given to elementary particles while maintaining the structure of their original interactions.