Overview of Uniris

  • Unirises is a team that specializes social needs, technological advancement and development or internet of things (IoT), which includes Social Media, Exchange Program, Virtual Private Network providing, Website Builder for the growing economy, giving the fairest performance for the society and business world.
  • Uniris delivers a Truly Decentralized and Limitless Network by providing a counterpoint to every single weakness of current blockchains with a decentralized and interoperable identity for every use-case supporting millions of transactions per second including a whole community based governance.‌‌
  • Uniris also brings mass adoption by providing the missing link of Human/Computer interaction by using a tamper-proof biometric authentication inside a new blockchain ecosystem which is truly decentralized and designed to survive for centuries.
  • Uniris will be playing a significant security role at major events which include the Olympic Games Paris 2024, Rugby World Cup 2023, and others, as it provides tamper-proof ID authentication to secure access.
  • Uniris is a blockchain-based biometric ID authentication solution that allows users to take ownership of their personal identification data without loss of privacy.
  • Unirises provices website and application development to any sectors that need a help especially to those who are starting up at the internet field.
  • Uniris smart-contracts expand developers boundaries by introducing internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content & interpreted language.
  • Uniris introduces ARCH Consensus that provides 10-9 risk of fraud even at 90% malicious network activity unlike dBFT, dPoS or DAG.
  • Uniris team has made a technological breakthrough by solving the friction problems associated with the use of CryptoKitties.
  • Uniris has a maximum supply of ∞ UCO and a circulating supply of ?
  • Blockchain

    “It is an alien crash landing on top of traditional datasets that have dominated industries for decades and that is why, when the prestigious award by Hacker Noon ‘Noonies Tech 2020 – Best Analytical Mind in Blockchain’ was won by one of our team members, Akshay Kumar KANDHI, Head of R&D at Uniris, we couldn’t have been more excited as a team, to kick the door open into a new realm of innovation and progress and build the most secure system in the world!”


    “Similarly we are also committed to our community of investors, miners, “Unirisers” in general, and we strive to provide them with enough liquidity and global platforms that enable trade and investment.In this spirit, we are pleased to announce the listing of UCO on Uniswap, a truly decentralized global platform that delivers on both our commitments.”


    Designed for mass adoption, Uniris is based on a new consensus of unbreakable ARCH (Atomic Rotating Commitment Heuristic) validation which allows an unlimited number of transactions.Using the venous network of the finger, Uniris embeds biometric, tamper-proof identification, validated over the blockchain, hence giving users control over their identities.Read the whitepaper to find out more.


    “Uniris is committed towards building a truly decentralized world where both financial and non-financial transactions are possible without compromising individual liberty or privacy,” states Nilesh Patankar, Uniris Co-Founder and COO.

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