Overview of VAULT

  • Vault implements nearly every feature of SourceSafe, including Share and Pin, preserves the workflow that teams using SourceSafe rely on, and provides a familiar user interface that eliminates any learning curve.
  • Vault tightly controls access to secrets and encryption keys by authenticating against trusted sources of identity which include Active Directory, LDAP, Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, and cloud platforms.
  • Vault 10 includes support for Visual Studio 2019, SQL Server 2019, Windows Server 2019, along with the ability to upload large files, File Cloak, and several other features.
  • Vault is based on a client / server architecture using technologies which include Microsoft SQL Server and IIS Web Services for increased performance, scalability, and security.
  • Vault supports public clouds and private datacenters, and a broad range of endpoint systems including databases, cloud platforms, messaging queues, SSH, and more.
  • Vault provides a complete audit log of user activity in Vault, including when a user creates or edits a retention rule, runs a search, or exports data.
  • Vault
    can revoke not only single secrets, but a tree of secrets, for example
    all secrets read by a specific user, or all secrets of a particular type.
  • Vault by Vans celebrates this history and the legacy of craft by elevating iconic designs through choice materials and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Vault Decking in Mesquite and ALX Contemporary Railing in Brushed Titanium with ALX Contemporary Solar Post Caps in Brushed Titanium
  • vault (third-person singular simple present vaults, present participle vaulting, simple past and past participle vaulted)
  • Support

    For additional details, visit our Vault 10 Feature Outline.

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    How do I access my Vault files?

    You can access your Vault files from desktop and mobile devices with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and from any web browser at

    How does Vault keep my personal information safe?

    Vault secures your private information online with PIN-protected access to your files.To protect your privacy, content added to your vault doesn’t appear anywhere else in your Dropbox account, so only you have access to those files—even if someone gets access to your device or your Dropbox account.

    How does Vault protect personal information in the cloud?

    Your Vault folder can only be accessed using your PIN.Files stored in Vault won’t appear anywhere else in your Dropbox account, so your vault is an extra-secure place to store your personal documents.

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    What is Google Vault?

    Vault is an information governance and eDiscovery tool for Google Workspace.With Vault, you can retain, hold, search, and export users’ Google Workspace data.

    Which types of documents should I add to my Vault?

    Any files that include personal or sensitive information—like your Social Security number, driver’s license number, passport number, date of birth, or home address—can be added to Vault for extra security.

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    History of VAULT

  • In 1988, American Julissa Gomez was paralyzed in a vaulting accident; she died from complications from her injuries three years later.[2] During warmups at the 1998 Goodwill Games, Chinese gymnast Sang Lan fell and suffered paralysis from a cervical-spine injury.[3] In a series of crashes when the horse’s height was set too low at the 2000 Olympics, gymnasts either rammed into the horse’s front end, or had bad landings after having problems with their hand placements during push-off.[4]
  • In 2007, Dutch junior gymnast Imke Glas was seriously injured after a fall on a vault.[6]