Overview of VERGO

  • Vergo easily withstood Busoshoku augmented punches from Smoker (who is a class 100 and strong enough to shatter boulders and over power pre time-skip Luffy) to the face no less and demonstrated his superiority over Smoker by letting a punch land on his face when he implemented Busoshoku Haki, stopping Smoker’s own Armament Haki enhanced fist on contact.
  • Vergo used this power when Smoker surrounded the Pirate in a massive smoke screen to attempt to deliver blows from alternative directions without giving away his position, however Vergo easily dodged these blows by using this form of Haki to sense when and where the attacks would come.
  • Vergo’s illustrious dental career spans well over 40 years, and we couldn’t have been prouder to have him helping countless patients transform their lives for the better right here at EMA Dental before his well-deserved retirement.
  • Vergo was also fast enough to attack Law before he could react and kick him into a few metal railings (although it should be noted that Law was extremely fatigued due to his heart being out of his body by his own ‘Mes’ technique).
  • Vergo commercial interiors division, a division of Construction Vergo, is an integrated general contractor offering specialized services to the premium retail interiors market.
  • Vergo went after Law when he realized Law inseemed to destroy the SAD chemical facility, that was an essential part of creating the artificial devil fruit.
  • Vergo Industrial is a Los Angeles, CA, distributor of commercial-grade material handling equipment such folding hand trucks and convertible hand trucks.
  • Vergo is very stoic in battle, barely responding even to brutal injury and maintaining his composure at all times even in the face of potential death.
  • Vergo is far into the class 100 range, having been able to overpower Post time-skip Smoker with moderate effort during their fight on Punk Hazard.
  • Vergo’s first anime appearance was in One Piece – Episode 597 “An Intense Battle!
  • How should Vergo be stored?

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    What did your Vergo ancestors do for a living?

    In 1940, Laborer and New Worker were the top reported jobs for men and women in the US named Vergo.43% of Vergo men worked as a Laborer and 50% of Vergo women worked as a New Worker.

    What is the average Vergo lifespan?

    Between 1959 and 2003, in the United States, Vergo life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1975, and highest in 1988.The average life expectancy for Vergo in 1959 was 54, and 86 in 2003.


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    History of VERGO