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  • Vidya Shah offers investment advisory services through Pruco Securities, LLC (Pruco), doing business as Prudential Financial Planning Services (PFPS), pursuant to separate client agreement. Vidya Shah offers insurance and securities products and services as a registered principal of Pruco and an agent of issuing insurance companies.
  • Vidya (Sanskrit: विद्या, IAST: vidyā) figures prominently in all texts pertaining to Indian philosophy – to mean science, learning, knowledge and scholarship; most importantly, it refers to correct knowledge which cannot be contradicted and true knowledge which is the knowledge of the self intuitively gained.
  • Vidya primarily means “correct knowledge” in any field of science, learning, philosophy, or any factual knowledge that cannot be disputed or refuted.[2] Its root is vid (Sanskrit: विद्), which means “to reason upon”, knower, finding, knowing, acquiring or understanding.[3][4]
  • Vidya is a member of the American Anthropological Association; the Socio-Legal Studies Association; the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information, India; the Earth Journalism Network, Internews; and a Student Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute. 
  • Vidya received her MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Masters in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Bangalore University.
  • Vidya Subramanian, MD, is a board certified family medicine physician with over fourteen years of experience in the management of acute and chronic diseases, adolescent and women’s health, sports injuries and minor procedures.
  • Vidya has extensive experience in administering the CDBG program in several communities in Wayne County and is instrumental in setting up and administering the Property Maintenance and Blight Control program in Van Buren Township.
  • Vidya’s expertise in the process industry includes field instruments which include pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters, as well as emission monitoring systems, fire & gas systems, and toxic gas detectors.
  • Vidya Shah is associated with the  Great Lakes Financial Group Office, 101 W Big Beaver Rd, Suite 705, Troy, MI, 48084-5241, Managing Director: Matthew Smith, Phone: 248-743-3440.
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    Most recently, she led product management for Cloudera’s AI platform, where she was responsible for making AI at scale a reality for customers spanning industries such as autonomous driving, biotech, banking to governments.Prior experience includes eMeter (Sequoia-funded, acquired by Siemens), Silver Spring (Kleiner funded and IPO exit), and Medtronic (healthcare).Prior to Sorenson Ventures, Vidya has built and grown enterprise businesses as a product leader in several industry verticals ranging from enterprise software, industrial IoT, networking and healthtech.


    An unknown actress ( to me ) named Maya Banerjee played the role of a kind of villain girl Leela and Amirbai Karnataki gave a very good performance both in acting and singing as the revered mother of Vidya.As they grew up they also developed an affection to each and decided to marry.But Vidya's father vehemently opposed the proposal and kind of locked up Vidya in their house.Cuckoo gave a nice dance performance with a good song.Overall the movie was good entertainment but it lacked the cohesion of a general theme and all the pieces did not fit very well together.She looked very well in simple Indian woman's dress without the weight of many ornaments which she is normally seen.Suraiya as the educated daughter of a wealthy family played with good reserve and integrity.The gave it a grade of six out of ten.The songs were all very melodious specially the one in the lake with Chandu and Vidya on a canoe.The story has many side acts which though are not critical but provided some of the elements to build the entire movie.They knew each other from childhood and Vidya encouraged and supported Chandu to go to school and get higher education.This is one of Dev Anand's half a dozen films with Suraiya and though he looked pretty young and immature did play his part very well.Vidya is a story of a shoe-repairer's son Chandu(Dev Anand) and the daughter of a wealthy family Vidya ( Suraiya ).

    ‘But seriously – what is one couple doing with that much money’?

    My phone rang at three in the morning.It was John Cusack asking me if I would go with him to Moscow to meet Edward Snowden.I’d met John several times; I’d walked the streets of Chicago with him, a hulking fellow hunched into his black hoodie, trying not to be recognised.

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    Vidya content is exclusively provided by members.There are personal stories and experiences, semi-scientific articles, puzzles, pictures, poems, news about the society – and everything in-between. Below are some articles that will hopefully give you an impression of the diversity you can expect in TNS.And they are good reads, too.

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    If market volatility has you feeling worried, it’s important not to let emotions get in the way.There are some things you should consider that may help manage expectations when markets start moving.

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