Overview of Vitae

  • Vitae Health Center’s Naturopathic, Integrative and Complementary Medicine services include: Cardiovascular Health, Cold Laser Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Detoxification, Environmental Medicine, Family Practice, GI Health, Herbal Medicine, IV Therapy, Natural Medicine (Naturopathic Medicine), Pain Management, including Cold Laser Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Neural Therapy, and Neural Prolotherapy, Reiki, Physical Medicine (Naturopathic Manipulation), Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, and Women’s Health, including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Intimate Wellness Therapy (vaginal rejuvenation or revitalization).
  • Vitae’s licensed Naturopathic Doctors (ND’s) use an integrative approach to blend the best of traditional and complementary medicine, and provide you with an effective, individualized program – one that fits your lifestyle and helps you embark confidently on your new path to renewed health.
  • Vitae Fertility Education teaches the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP), a highly effective method of NFP that employs the Clearblue line of home-based fertility monitors to track women’s hormone changes throughout each menstrual cycle.
  • VITAE USA is the only agency that shows the name, e-mail, and direct telephone number of its recruiters on the ad.​

    Respect and transparency in the recruitment process are the golden principles at VITAE USA. ​


  • Vitae has helped elevate our marketing efforts into the modern era, allowing us to remain competitive with abortion clinics that have many more funds and resources to dedicate to this arena.
  • VITAE has the best “Walk Score” of all new homes selling in Costa Mesa with an official Walk Score of 87, just 3 points shy of what Walk Score defines to be a Walker’s Paradise.
  • Vitae Health Center pledges to promote whole-body wellness in a supportive, authentic environment – while honoring an individual’s past, present, and goals for the future.
  • vitae helps users to create a CV populated with data from ORCID, Google Scholar, local spreadsheets, online databases, CRAN, and endless others.
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    Sam Kabbani founded Vitae Diagnostics.  With over 25 years of professional experience in clinical laboratories, Sam holds a Masters in Health Sciences and a BS in Medical Technology both from the University of South Carolina.


    With one priority, finding highly qualified candidates within 10 days, VITAE USA takes charge of the most time-consuming recruitment tasks so that you can stay focused on what really matters: growing your staff and your business.


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    The Marquette Method is an NFP solution tailor-made for you.

    First Things First: What is a Curriculum Vitae?

    A curriculum vitae (also know as a "vitae" or "CV") is similar to a resume.It is a document and tool created for the purpose of pursuing your career and educational goals.Your vita should thoroughly describe your accomplishments and experiences in a way that best demonstrates your qualifications for the type of position you are seeking.

    How Can You Help?

    It’s lifesaving! If you have a passion for Vitae’s mission, you can volunteer in a number of ways—at our headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri, or at one of our events across the country.

    How Should I Format?

    A vitae can range from 2 to 12 pages or more depending on experience, and offers an in-depth look into any and all professional experiences you care to relate to the position you are seeking.Sections can include: Education, Awards, and Fellowships, Teaching Experience, Research Experience, Computer/Technical Skills, Honors, Professional Activities, Presentations, Publications, Professional Memberships, Travel/Cultural Experiences, and others.

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    How To Join Vitae ?

    Step By Step Guide to Join VITAE Membership : We will provide Dedicated support to for Viate Subscription.Call +91 9408018674 for Any Help & Support.Also You may Follow this steps to Join VITAE.

    Is it “vita” or “vitae”? Why?

    I recently attended a “preparing for the job market” workshop for PhD students where the speaker instructed us in no uncertain terms that we should always refer to a “curriculum vitae” and never a “curriculum vita.” Following the workshop, I made sure to replace all instances of “vita” with “vitae” on my website.

    Making a Switch to Marquette?

    Marquette is easy.It’s a once-a-day commitment.And it’s effectiveness rates are backed by evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, so you can rest assured that it’s not just easy, it’s effective too.

    Vita or Vitae?

    The CV is an essential ingredient in hiring and promoting faculty.Unlike a resume, the CV grows over time and, for senior professors, can run to dozens of pages.

    What Else Do I Need to Know About Formatting a Curriculum Vitae?

    When it comes to formatting your curriculum vitae, you need to be meticulous.Look at where all your quotations and punctuation are and be consistent.A lot of universities will have guidelines for how you should format your CV.Follow them.

    What Have You Done?

    Your Experience section is key and should highlight your work-related accomplishments, whether they are paid or unpaid.

    What Have You Learned?

    You’ll need an Education section that highlights the knowledge you have acquired through your university preparation and professional and educational experiences.At a minimum, the Education section should include your university, your degree and major, and when your degree was earned or is expected, as well as any certifications or credentials you have earned or expect to earn.Other education-related information that can be included: GPA, academic minor (or second major), and related coursework (remember to include those courses in which your potential employer will be most interested).

    What Is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

    A curriculum vitae works in much the same way as a resume, providing information about an individual’s educational and work history.Often called a CV for short, it’s much more comprehensive than the typical resume and can be much longer.

    What is a Curriculum Vitae?

    A curriculum vitae, often abbreviated as CV, is a document that job applicants use to showcase their academic and professionalProfessionalThe term professional refers to anyone who earns their living from performing an activity that requires a certain level of education, skill, or training.accomplishments.It is used to apply for positions within areas where a person’s specific knowledge or expertise is required.A curriculum vitae is usually longer than a resume and must include the information that the recruiter needs to verify the skills, experience, and educational qualifications of an applicant.

    What Is a Curriculum Vitae?

    A curriculum vitae (CV) provides a summary of your experience and skills.Typically, CVs for entry-level candidates are longer than resumes—at least two or three pages.CVs for mid-level candidates who have amassed numerous publications tend to run much longer.

    What Is a Curriculum Vitae?

    A curriculum vitae is an exhaustive listing of all of the significant achievements in your career.This includes education, research, work experience, publications, presentations, and anything else you’ve done in your professional life.Think of a CV as a complete account of everything that qualifies you as an expert in your field, Goodfellow says.

    What is a CV?

    A CV—short for the Latin phrase “curriculum vitae” meaning “course of life”—is a detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history.CVs typically include information like work experience, achievements and awards, scholarships or grants you’ve earned, coursework, research projects and publications of your work.A CV is typically two or three pages long, but it’s not unusual for it to be much longer for mid-level or senior job applicants as it serves as a full outline of one’s career accomplishments.

    What Is a Resume?

    A resume provides a summary of your education, work history, credentials, and other accomplishments and skills.There are also optional sections, including a resume objective and a career summary statement.

    What is the difference between a resume and a CV? What do they typically include?

    Let’s start with a quick overview of resumes, since they are more familiar to most American writers than CVs.A typical resume is a general and concise introduction of your experiences and skills as they relate to a particular career or position that you are aiming to acquire.As such, a resume may have to be altered for each position that you are applying for so as to emphasize those skills and experiences most relevant to the work.Resumes are usually no more than one page in length.They are often accompanied by cover letters, which provide a permanent written record of the transmittal of the resume (what is being sent, to whom it is being sent, and who sent it).

    What is VITAE ?

    Vitae is a new state of the art social media platform.Instead of keeping all the revenue to ourselves, we share the bulk of income with our users.Social media has turned into a multibillion-dollar business at a breakneck pace.It’s time to give some of that money back to the user.After all, it’s you, the user, that puts in the work.

    When Would I Use a Curriculum Vitae?

    If you are seeking a faculty, research, clinical, or scientific position, you will need a curriculum vitae.You may also want to consider this format when looking for work in the fields of healthcare, athletic training, education, social work, counseling, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, journalism, or other areas in which you may have participated in various applied, “hands-on” experience and training opportunities related to your major field of interest.

    Who Really Needs a Curriculum Vitae?

    If you’re in academia or a physician (particularly one who does research) you probably do need a curriculum vitae.If you’re a researcher outside of academia or a mid-to-late-career lawyer, you might need one as well.

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    Your CV: Is it Vita or Vitae?

    In my experience—and I’ve worked in academic settings most of my career—there has been much confusion over what to call one’s CV.I was writing an article on this topic for our member magazine and was confused myself.So I decided to get to the bottom of it, once and for all! I checked with a Latin expert at the University of Minnesota, have clarified the information, and here are the facts.

    History of Vitae

  • In 2018, Vitae made a resounding impact on our culture – by integrating our research into effective messaging that reached women with lifesaving results.