VN Gateway

Overview of VN Gateway

  • VN Gateway – Token VN Gateway Platform
    Loans , Staking , buy Lottery Tickets and trade all Crypto BTC, ETH, BCH,LTC,Doge with VN Gateway

    1 VNDG = 1 VND

  • VN Gateway all-time high is $0.00007 This ATH was reached on Feb 9, 2020.
  • VN Gateway price needs to rise 717600.00% to reach a new all-time-high.
  • VN Gateway had an all-time high of $0.00005172 about 1 year ago.
  • VN Gateway's last market cap was unknown.
  • VN Gateway is traded on exchanges.
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    How can we
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    Tell us briefly about your vision for the future of Viet Nam’s real estate market?

    From 2013 end, thanks to the economic recovery, housing demand has also been increasing.

    Tu v?n h? tr?

    V?i d?i ngu chuyên viên có kinh nghi?m trong linh v?c chuy?n phát nhanh và t?n tâm v?i công vi?c.

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    What are the current or pending projects that can help you achieve your vision?

    In 2015 we have two luxury residential projects, including Gateway Thao Dien which was launched at the end of May by SonKim Land and Hamon Developments.

    What are your thoughts on the recent changes to foreign housing ownership laws?

    After five years of pilot implementing, there are only 427 cases of house ownership by foreigners in Viet Nam while there are 80,000 foreign professionals working here with 21,000 foreigners satisfying all the requirements to own a house.

    What do adults do to foster the respect spirit in primary school students?

    Nurturing a sense of self-respect and respect for the others for all students as soon as they enter grade 1 will create a solid foundation for forming educational thinking about respect in the future.In particular, when children know how…

    What is your leadership style?

    At SonKim Land, quality is a key principle in business operations.Our products are designed meticulously under the strictest standards.

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