Overview of Volentix

  • Volentix has already attracted early seed capital in seven figures and has formed strategic relationships with outstanding companies embracing open-source code philosophy, which include Pythagoras Systems in Athens, Greece and Volentix Labs in Montreal, Canada.”
  • Volentix has been founded by passionate and techie individuals in the cryptocurrency space whose before, they are having frustrations about the hacking occuring in the blockchain projects and centralized exchanges claiming they are secured and decentralized.
  • Volentix introduces a decentralized digital assets exchange connected with a secure multi-currency cross-blockchain peer-to-peer wallet, a user-friendly market-ratings analytical interface, and an incentives-based recruitment program.
  • Volentix users will enjoy full transparency as well as Security in the community, using the VTX token as best and working together with their sellers to have mutual understanding or relate as to the operations in the ecosystem.
  • Volentix’s focus is building and perfecting its suite of DApps in the first phase of the project — and in the second phase, the focus will shift to expanding its ecosystem with partnerships and added infrastructure.
  • Volentix development network members will post bounties and campaigns to Venue for work needed — for example, fixing bugs, creating content, or promoting Volentix — and anyone may claim a bounty in exchange for their efforts.
  • Volentix is the main channel of the Volentix DAE made from the architecture and speed of the famous cryptocurrency for the internet of things and blockchain platform EOS.
  • Volentixtrez is the account name and contract address for the VTX public treasury on eos which will distribute 455M VTX to proposals approved by voting.
  • Volentix is dedicated to developing a digital assets ecosystem premised on empowerment and independence while nonetheless respecting legal compliance.
  • Volentix іѕ build undеr EOS blockchain thаt іѕ ѕtіll nеw іn thе market, уеt considered tо bе аn improvement оf Ethereum.
  • Blockchain

    The mission of building VDex is, for the most part, to consolidate and effectively integrate the best conventions, ideal models and examples that currently exist to coordinate the needs of Volentix in the blockchain of the third era, EOS.IO decentralized work environment.


    Users of Venue will soon be able to compete with each other in a signature marketing campaign where a total pot of VTX tokens will be distributed to participants according to the number of forum posts which display a Volentix signature.With Venue, anyone can earn VTX for initiatives aligned with the Volentix distribution goals.


    VENUE is a dynamic community platform that recruits and aligns members of the VOLENTIX community to support distribution of the native VOLENTIX digital asset known as VTX.


    It is an EOS compliant token with a 2.1 billion total supply.The tokens will be used for consensus process, Venue campaigns and promotional activities, voting of policies to be implemented within the ecosystem, allocation of transaction charges, it will also give holders voting rights and serve as a medium of incentive.VTX will serve as the primary cryptocurrency to fuel transactions within the Volentix ecosystem.

    How significant is it to run the BTC chain on the Volentix nodes?

    The Volentix Dev team has included the BTC chain on the vDex node.By doing so we are keeping the network running in a decentralized fashion so that anybody at any time can be able to process transactions on the vDex.This way the community plays its role in decentralization and receives subsidies by from a cryptocurrency that is used as a fee mechanism for the exchanges.Transaction fees collected are used to buy VTX from the open market.

    How to create a new Verto multi-currency wallet?

    If you are new to Verto then the best way to get the multi-currency wallet is to visit verto.volentix.io.

    Is DeFi All Show And No Substance?

    ???? Read the latest article by the Hackernoon team where they asked founders of blockchain projects and experts …..”Is DeFi the killer app for blockchain or is it just hype based on the imperfection of the market? The more interesting question, though, is: how long will this growth continue?”Read Volentix’s Chief Architect input on Defi….??https://hackernoon.

    Want Daily VTX Price Updates?

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    What is Verto?

    VERTO, an innovative wallet that supports peer-to-peer digital asset transactions while eliminating the risks of using a centralized exchange.VERTO helps you manage thousands of tokens including VTX, the native utility token issued for use in the VOLENTIX ecosystem to operate and manage its various functionalities like staking, voting, and submitting public proposals.VERTO owners maintain control of their private keys on their local device so that custody of assets is not ceded to third parties.VERTO, therefore, seeks to eliminate the hacking and error-based risks associated with trusting a third-party intermediary.

    History of Volentix

  • In 2019, its team became the winner of the Neironix competition, “in the AI ​​category with the highest score and the biggest number of votes.” Moreover, Volentix notes that it is developing an increasingly vibrant presence in the digital assets marketplace.