Overview of Webcoin

  • Webcoin cites a Guardian report from November 2017 showing that the estimated electricity consumption of the Bitcoin network is more than 19 European countries, and it consumes more than five times the energy Europe’s largest wind farm can produce.
  • Webcoin has been designed with the digital marketing space in mind, with the goal of integrating all viral social media networks into one interest-based peer-to-peer social media and web exchange platform called Webhits…
  • Webcoin will offer competitive market positioning and ICO pricing, giving advertisers an advantage of savings along with improved exposure, which leads to a greater return on investment.
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  • Webcoin(WEB) pioneers the technological dawn of global marketing digitalization, which is a pure utility token with a commercial impact on high-end digital advertising services.
  • Webcoin is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and serves the purpose of a unified currency for buying and selling services within the Webhits.io platform.
  • Webcoin’s design overcomes numerous unique challenges, which include index verification, scalability, and nodes’ ability to actively manipulate webpages.
  • Webcoin provides both the incentives and the means to create Google-scale indices, freely available to competing services and the public.
  • Webcoin is an SPV light client, so it only uses a minimal amount of bandwidth and storage; it even works great on mobile devices!
  • Webcoin (WEB) is the #2138 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of May 06, 2021, with a market cap of $185,214.03 USD.
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    Cryptocurrency – Social mining is available to anyone with a laptop and differs from any other existing type of cryptocurrency mining and proof-of-work models.Our Ecosystem aims to revolutionize and unify three key Global Economy fields: Digital Marketing – The ever cheapest, interest-based p2p network that guarantees monetary payback on web and social media engagement services.


    Even traders will be able to benefit from Webcoin since this cryptocurrency will appear on major exchanges.In this way, miners can cash out earnings easily and advertisers have a simple method of acquiring Webcoin to use for purchasing services on the platform.


    By contrast, Social Mining uses minimal resources and occurs naturally.Finally, the current method of mining consumes a lot of resources, particularly electricity.Instead, Social Miners just visit social media links and websites.There is no hardware needed, neither CPU nor GPU.


    The following modules are parameters which can be plugged in to Webcoin in order to support other currency networks.Webcoin was built from the ground-up with multiple cryptocurrencies in mind.

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    What Is Webcoin Cryptocurrency (WEB)?

    Digital Marketing 2.

    Why we believe that CoinEx DEX & Chain will do great over the long course of time?


    What Exchanges Will Have Webcoin?

    Following the completion of the crowdsale, Webcoin will be listed on numerous exchanges.Confirmed exchanges include BitPaction, WANDX, Crex24, CoinBene, CFinex, OpenLedger, and IDEX.Webcoin is also actively negotiating with several dozen other exchanges to have the token listed.

    How Many Webcoin Coins Are There?

    There are currently 55,439,991 Webcoin coins circulating out of a max supply of 1,000,000,000.

    Is webcoin-params safe to use?

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    Is webcoin-params popular?

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    How Much Did Webcoin Raise?

    The Webcoin ICO (initial coin offering) raised $357,650.00 USD at a price of $0.67 USD.The Webcoin ICO began on May 01, 2018 and ended on May 31, 2018.Key team members during the Webcoin ICO included Vladimir Ninov, MBA, Kostadin Draganov, and Daniele Mangano.

    Want Daily WEB Price Updates?

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    What is Webcoin?

    The pre-sale of Webcoin has begun.The commercial procedures will take place on the Webhits.io platform and will be managed by the Webcoin team.The Webhits.io platform allows traffic to “switch” to websites.To work, it will use a new token called “Webcoin”.The platform will work like a social medium and a P2P exchange service based on interests.The Webcoin token (WEB) connects the worlds of digital marketing and cryptocurrencies.In fact, it is an ERC20 token utility based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology and is planned to be used as a unified currency for purchasing and selling services inside the Webhits.io platform.Webhits.io will offer the Webcoin en advertisers, also maintaining a public supplier of long-term sustainable Webcoins.Each advertiser will, therefore receive an initial amount of Webcoins to trade for the exposition to social media inside the platform.In addition, the advertisers will be able to obtain the Webcoin also by buying it through the exchanges.Those who don’t want to go through the exchanges will be able to buy them with dollars directly from the proprietary platform at a price increased by 5% to 10% that the average market quotation of the exchanges.In particular, the mining will be available to anyone with an available laptop, distinguishing it from the existing models based, for example, on proof-of-work.In fact, all of social media’s actions related to the advertising carried out by a miner will be monetarily recompensed with a portion of Webcoin tokens.Webcoin will maintain a small amount for itself during every operative phase, diminishing the offer in the exchanges and increasing the demand for the currency and increasing its market price.Webhits.io will randomly select three revisers who will have to examine the web contents and paid social media.Every post will require the approval of two of the three revisers to be sent to the appropriate miners for validation.The project’s mission is to increase the advertisers’ return on investments and reduce the expenses by at least 10 times for promo-publicity services of websites and social media at a global level.

    Who dunnit?

    Even though there is a lot more coverage of breaches in the news, and talk of good security practices in the corporate environment, in terms of people’s behavior, has much really improved? 48% of the 4000 office personnel surveyed by Webroot admitted to having clicked a link in which their personal or financial data had been compromised by a phishing message.However, of that group 35% didn’t take the basic step of changing their passwords following a breach.

    What Is the Potential for Webcoin?

    As Webcoin aims to revolutionize the advertising and cryptocurrency industries, the team sees a very high project potential of over $1 trillion, the valuation of these industries.

    What is Webcoin and what can the WEB token be used for?

    Webcoin connects the worlds of digital marketing, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.Webcoin is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and serves the purpose of a unified currency for buying and selling services within the Webhits.io platform.

    What Are Some Advantages of Webcoin?

    There are numerous benefits to Webcoin, including the Social Mining aspect previously mentioned.With this feature, it is incredibly easy to earn coins while using the platform.Doing such things as commenting on, sharing, and liking advertiser content will lead to monetary rewards, encouraging further interactions and user engagement for a fun user experience.

    What Is Webcoin's Price Today?

    Webcoin (WEB) is trading at $0.00334 USD, increasing by 3.6% since yesterday.Webcoin has traded $0 USD in the last 24 hours.

    What is Webcoin?

    Webcoin is used for peer-to-peer web and social media exchange services within the Webhits.io Ecosystem.

    What is webcoin-params?

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    What Should You Know about the Webcoin Token?

    At the time of writing, the Webcoin token will be listed on exchanges in 118 days, giving you plenty of time to still invest in it before it becomes listed.There is a minimum pledge of 0.1 ETH, and 1 ETH is the equivalent of 2,200 WEB.There is a limited total supply of 70 million WEB.So far, the project has raised $400,000 from more than 100 investors.Webcoin will have high token liquidity and be easy to exchange via listings on multiple major platforms.Users can instantly purchase WEB via smart contracts with their personal wallets.The team behind Webcoin sees it as more than just a pure utility token since it will also impact the commercial market for high-end digital advertising.

    History of Webcoin