Overview of WhiteCoin

  • Whitecoin is able to connect the value between alternative chains through the ‘multi-tunnel blockchain communication protocol (MTBCP)' allowing existing Blockchains to value share and expand whilst supporting infrastructures of internet business to join Whitecoin and Blockchain technology.
  • Whitecoin constructs a cross-chain Blockchain ecosystem through a multitude of features, including Random Proof of Stake (RPOS) consensus, Whitecoin Axis, Whitecoin Wallet, decentralized mining pools, and a smart contract platform.
  • Whitecoin like any other altcoin, relies on its community to provide priority of major projects and the overall direction of the developments which are most important to the team.
  • Whitecoin is a public chain, which realizes value through an interconnection among Blockchains via its innovative Multi-Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP).
  • Whitecoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to overcome issues related to obscurity as well as tenacity that is currently existing in the Internet business.
  • Whitecoin is custom built to enable cross-chain operations for DeFi, using MTBCP to give developers with cross-chain functionality at scale.
  • Whitecoin (XWC) is a three year old decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications.
  • Whitecoin also supports many alternative currencies including those that are fiat monies as well as digital currencies.
  • Whitecoin is a community-based decentralization project that launched in early 2014 more than six years ago.
  • WhiteCoin has a maximum supply of 1000M XWC and a circulating supply of 721.8M XWC.
  • Blockchain

    Whitecoin offers an established decentralized worldwide blockchain which is focused on cyber security and faster payments as well as secure communications.These features, when combined with the Whitecoin platform’s dedicated community of supporters make it a very interesting prospect.


    Recently a competitor to UniSwap was launched on the XWC chain called TokenSwap Tokenswap is breaking down the barriers and complexity of blocks by utilising cross-chain transactions on the Whitecoin network.


    In August 2020, the Whitecoin Foundation launched a $2 million DeFi foundation that will support projects within their ecosystem.


    With Whitecoin, users are able to use a number of services that can help facilitate daily monetary transactions.Also, it brings people together from a wide array of domains including but not limited to code development and web development as well as marketing.

    How Can We Help?

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    How to get free XWC tokens?

    For this airdrop campaign, the team allocated 8,000 XWC tokens for a maximum of 2,000 winners.And the coin airdrop ends on October 10, 2020.

    What is Whitecoin?

    Today’s an exclusive crypto airdrop with tokens that already have a value and can be traded on the most popular exchanges: ZB, XT.COM, ZBG, LBank, EXX, BW, and it will be listed on Bittrex soon! But first, let’s focus on the project itself.

    What is WhiteCoin?

    Whitecoin (XWC) is a three year old decentralized global blockchain with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications.While available to everyone, WhiteCoin is driven by a dedicated community of supporters yet controlled by no one single individual.

    History of WhiteCoin

  • In 2017 Whitecoins’ blockchain was upgraded to PoS V3, this was a completely community funded and driven project.