World Token


Overview of World Token

  • World Token is a new project — a unique platform that aims to combine the best tokenomics of frictionless yield protocols and deliver instant rewards and many other benefits of staking in its upcoming marketplace.
  • World Token is a DeFi project that aims to combine many of the various tokenomics of current frictionless yield protocols in a way that would allow users to earn instant rewards.
  • World Token price Index provides the latest WORLD price in US Dollars , BTC and ETH using an average from the world's leading crypto exchanges.
  • World Token is currently working on developing the World Marketplace, which is imagined as a one-stop shop for buying goods online.
  • World Token's share of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00% with the market capitalization of $ 12.69 Millions.
  • World Token (WORLD) is a cryptocurrency token generated on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • World Token’s 24 trading volume is $ 223.61 Thousands.
  • World Token is up 25.52% in the last 24 hours.
  • Are Grapevine tokens considered securities or utility tokens?

    Grapevine tokens are utility tokens.

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    Q: What is the minimum amount I can buy?

    A: The minimum amount of WMTs you can buy is 1000 WMT ($200).

    How can I buy Grapevine tokens (GRAPE)?

    Go to our website,
    then click, “Buy Tokens” and register.After a successful KYC, you can buy tokens during
    the ICO with BTC or ETH as well as in fiat currencies, USD and EUR.

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    Can I take my tokens out of the Grapevine ecosystem?

    You can sell Grapevine tokens at various exchange platforms for other cryptocurrencies.This will be possible once the token sale is over.

    Can I register several Ethereum wallet addresses?

    Yes, you can have more than one Ethereum address for your Grapevine Tokens.

    Can I purchase tokens without providing KYC documents?


    Do you have real world industry?

    Due to the commitment and successes of our team and advisors in standardized healthcare data exchanges, for more than 10 years, we have built strong partnerships based on trust and joint collaboration.The list of our current partners is available on the website for all to view.Additionally, we are running pilots and prototypes with some big names in the technology, infrastructure, health and pharma industries, soon to be announced….

    What is your KYC Process?

    We require your full name, email, country of residence and proof of identity document.

    Is Ethereum fixed at a certain price during the crowdsale?

    We have not planned for this at the moment.We’re aware that we have to be prepared this, should a critical situation arise during our ICO.

    How will I receive my tokens after I send my contribution?

    The tokens will be sent to the wallet address you provided in your dashboard -5 days after the close of the ICO.

    How can I exchange Grapevine tokens for fiat or other cryptocurrencies?

    You will be able to exchange our tokens on different exchanges after the token sale is over.

    How do I buy Grapevine tokens after the ICO?

    Grapevine will be listed on various, already secured exchanges, right after the ICO has
    finished.We are in talks with various exchanges at the moment.

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    Do you accept fiat currencies?

    Yes.We accept USD and EUR.

    Just how does Grapevine work?

    We facilitate a decentralized, borderless ecosystem populated with every stakeholder in health, from patients to pharma, care providers to payers, researchers and technologists.We combine market proven, standards-based interoperability (IHE), and innovative blockchain technology.IHE stands for the most efficient and secure exchange of health data worldwide.Blockchain, on the other hand, we use for the utility of the Grapevine Token and the automated processes, allocations and provenance.

    What’s been up with World?

    The past 2 months have been eventful for the project — from audits, listings, AMAs, and to community contests.In just this short period of time, World was able to set-up the foundation moving forward as the first decentralized escrow-based digital marketplace.

    Q: Which wallets are supported for receipt of WMTs?

    A: You must use a Cardano wallet that supports native tokens such as Daedalus or Yoroi.We
    do not support Cardano addresses from exchanges.

    I’m a US resident, can I participate?

    No, from the US only accredited investors can participate.Also, residents from the following areas are excluded from supporting the
    Grapevine token offering: All US territories, Mainland China, Iran, North Korea,
    Syria, Sudan ,Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Algeria.

    How do I open an ETH wallet?

    You can register your ETH wallet at,
    other wallets of your choice or a auto-generated wallet via our dashboard.

    Q: When will I receive my WMTs?

    A: You will receive your WMTs when the public sale closes at the end of the TGE.

    Can I use Bitcoin to participate in the ICO?


    Do you have a working product?

    Yes, we have an MVP – the Grapevine App.It gives you the power to have an overview of all your personal medical data, share it with doctors, experts, insurance companies and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.At this time, the sample uses fake data.

    Does your team have the required experience to accomplish the goals on the roadmap?

    Our team and advisors, combined, have over 100+ years of experience in standardized healthcare data exchange, blockchain, technology, financial, legal, and marketing.We are confident that we will accomplish all of our goals.

    Why blockchain?

    The blockchain provides a completely automated, decentralized system for participants in the Grapevine World to enter into smart contracts with one another .Fundamentally, the system is secure by design.

    Is there a prototype available?

    Yes, it’s being finalized as we speak and will be ready in 20th of June.

    Q: Is there a limit to how much I can buy?

    A: We will be limiting the number of tokens one person can buy at a time.

    How do I claim my tokens?

    You will have to provide your wallet address in the Client Dashboard,
    where the tokens will be transferred to after the ICO completion.If you don’t have your own wallet, you can use an auto-generated wallet via the
    Dashboard.The ICO is scheduled to finish on the 20th of July,
    2018 and the tokens will be distributed 5
    days after the end of the ICO (20th of July) – at the same
    time the tokens will be listed on various exchange platforms.

    How does blockchain fit into telecoms?

    Blockchain is a part of our technology stack and
    is used in a number of ways.

    Q: How much WMT is required to stake an Earth Node?

    A: You can stake your tokens into the pre-stake pool or reserve an Earth Node with

    Q: What do I do if I miss my spot?

    A: You’ll automatically get re-queued as long as there are tokens from the public sale
    available.Check your vault to see your spot in the queue.

    Q: Which countries are permitted for the token sale?

    A: Countries within the EU, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, and Norway.We’ll update
    this list as more countries get added.Interested in requesting another location?
    Contact us

    Is Grapevine storing medical data on the blockchain?

    In the ecosystem of Grapevine World, no medical data is ever stored on the blockchain.Data always stays where it originated.Grapevine simply enables the data exchange between all the participants based on the market proven and secure methodology of IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) – a non-profit Foundation that works with all healthcare market players to develop sets of standards.

    What will happen to any unsold tokens?

    Unsold tokens will be burned.

    Q: When will the mainnet be launched?

    A: The WMTs are Cardano native tokens and therefore benefit from being immediately
    active on
    the Cardano network.However, WMT will also be used as the Proof of Stake token on the
    Mobile Chain network which is estimated to be launched by Q4 2021- Q1 2022.

    How long will the ICO last?

    The ICO will run for 1 month, from June 20th,
    2018 – July 20th, 2018.

    What does ‘Grapevine’ name mean?

    Our interoperability ecosystem grows like a grapevine, by connecting data silos in healthcare, leading to an interconnected data exchange – the Grapevine World.The key point here is the ‘connection’.

    How are you using Blockchain in your product?

    Administratively, the blockchain tracks all transactions, providing a permanent log for accounting purposes, and a provenance record for a verifiable document of the data’s origin.No health data is stored in the blockchain itself.

    How do I know if my tokens are secure?

    The Grapevine backbone and blockchain technology ensure the security of your
    Grapevine tokens.The security of your own wallet however, is your responsibility.Grapevine will never ask for your private keys.

    Q: What is “the vault”?

    A: The vault is a secure, encrypted home for your personal information including email,
    identity, deposits, and the destination address for your WMT.All vault information is
    encrypted and stored by you (we
    don’t store your vault information).

    How many Grapevine tokens will I receive with 1 ETH or 1 BTC?

    This varies depending on the exchange rate.1 Grapevine token = USD 0.

    Q: What happens if something goes wrong?

    A: We have you covered.If you lose your vault details, do not complete KYC, or verify
    email address, any funds you deposited will be returned to the originating wallet, minus
    fees, at the end of the TGE.

    What is a smart contract?

    A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.

    Why do you need Grapevine Token (GVINE)?

    Grapevine Tokens (GVINE) represent the rights of their holder to participate in transactions within Grapevine World.Grapevine Tokens (GRAPEs) control data flow.More than a mere reward, they are the lubricant that moves the system’s parts.Without them, the system is immobile.

    Is Grapevine collecting medical data?

    No, we are not collecting any data.Grapevine World is a facilitator only.The data stays where it originated and Grapevine enables the connection between all the different systems.

    On which exchanges will the tokens be traded?

    The tokens will be traded on various exchange platforms we have already secured and negotiating with.Stay tuned for the announcement on Telegram chat.

    How many tokens will be issued?

    825,000,000 tokens will be issued.45% will be available for the Token Sale and Bounty.

    What can I build on Flow?

    Flow is designed for high-throughput, low-latency consumer applications, games, and digital assets.Protocol-level usability and onboarding features make it easy to bring new users while a new decentralized architecture ensures security at scale.

    Is there a minimum amount of funds you need to raise?


    Q: What is the conversion rate?

    A: The conversion rate is calculated when you are at the front of the queue and click
    Tokens.You will have 24 hours to purchase from when you receive the email notification,
    using the cryptocurrency currency of your choice.

    What is KYC?

    KYC is a standard compliance process which stands for “Know Your Client.

    Why should I hold (hodl) the Grapevine Token?

    It’s widely accepted that the healthcare market will continue to grow, and we are
    successful with our app, the value of the Grapevine tokens will also increase.The Healthcare Market potential today is 54 billion USD.By 2021, the market potential will be
    86 billion USD, and by 2023
    the market potential is expected to rise to 123 billion USD.

    On which platform will the Grapevine token sale be based?

    Token issuing is based on ERC20 protocol.

    Q: What do I need to participate?

    A: You will need to create a private vault and complete KYC before you can participate.You
    will need to accept the confirmation requirements and a Cardano wallet to be able to
    WMTs.If you have a problem please

    Is there a locking period?

    The locking period for the bonuses provided during the ICO is 6
    months.Lock-up periods for the team are 1 year
    (50%) and 2 years (50%).

    What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

    Ethereum and Bitcoin.

    Q: How many tokens are on sale for the World Mobile TGE?

    A: 10% of the token supply is being released in the public sale.

    Q: When will the WMT Token Generation Event (TGE) open?

    A: We’ll open pre-registrations on April 29, 2021, and launch the TGE soon after that.

    Which wallet should I use to receive Grapevine tokens?

    Any wallet that is ERC20 compatible.However, you should not send contributions from exchange wallets.

    What else is there to know about World Token?

    World Token is currently working on developing the World Marketplace, which is imagined as a one-stop shop for buying goods online.That doesn’t only include physical goods from stores like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, but also digital goods, such as games, collectibles, NFTs, comics, music, eBooks, gift cards, and everything else that its users may desire to own.

    Q: When will I receive my WMT?

    A: After you’ve created your vault, you’ll need to supply a destination Cardano address
    the WMT to get sent to.Tokens will be distributed at the end of the TGE.

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    What is Grapevine?

    Grapevine World is a decentralized, borderless ecosystem for seamless, standardized exchange of healthcare data.It is exchanged according to the “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise” (IHE) methodology.IHE represents an existing set of standards for regional and nation-wide data exchange projects worldwide.

    What are NFTs?

    NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new type of digital asset.Ownership of these assets are recorded on a blockchain — a digital ledger similar to the networks that underpin bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    Q: Why do I have to do KYC?

    A: It is a legal requirement as part of the anti-money laundering and terror financing
    prevention regulations to check the identity of every participant.We will not use this
    data, or share with anyone else.The personal data is stored by our KYC provider Acuant
    a period of time, to conform with KYC/AML processes.We will keep your email address in
    database to be able to send you notifications throughout the token purchase process.

    What is the minimum ETH investment to participate in the ICO?

    There is no minimum.

    When is the Pre-Sale?

    The Private Pre-Sale is running right now until the ICO starts on June 20th, 2018.

    What Are Cryptocurrencies?

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    What is healthcare interoperability?

    In broader terms, it’s the ability of healthcare information systems and applications to communicate with one another and exchange the required clinical patient data accurately and consistently across departments and organizations.Interoperability allows numerous connected applications, systems, and databases to collaborate and use the exchanged information to deliver high value to patients.Using this, the doctors and clinical experts have quick access to patient’s health information – based on of their consent.

    Where is my derwin vs the world token?

    I watched for 2 hrs and got 2 twitch packs with 0 tokens in them.

    Who is behind Grapevine?

    Grapevine evolved from Tiani Spirit – the world leader in standards-based healthcare interoperability for more than 15 years.Additionally we have a team of high profile experts from various fields and backgrounds.You can read more about them here.

    What can I do with Grapevine tokens?

    You can acquire products and services within the Grapevine ecosystem
    (anything from fitness apps to surgery, expert opinions, medical analysis, etc.).You can also earn Grapevine tokens by participating in clinical studies utilizing your
    health or fitness data (which will be anonymous) – with a case-by-case consent for it to be used.

    Will there be a Bounty program?

    Yes, it will be published on our Bitcointalk and in the Grapevine client dashboard.

    Why stake WMT?

    Unlock a trillion-dollar
    telecoms industry.

    What real-world problems does Grapevine solve?

    Lack of interoperability.Hospitals and doctors tabulate data in different formats, which leads to errors in diagnosis of illness and prescription of medication.For example for ongoing treatments, second opinions or while travelling, when you can’t access and share your medical data as needed.Therefore, solving the interoperability problem is a vital prerequisite.Without a full understanding of a patient’s medical history, an appropriate response or treatment cannot be formulated adequately.

    When the world calls,
    will you pick up?

    Connect the unconnected and earn
    rewards as the network grows.

    Where can I see your Github?


    What happens in the event you do not raise the minimum required amount?

    Everyone gets their investment returned to them.

    Who distributes Grapevine tokens and how soon will I get them after the end of the ICO?

    After the ICO is over, and we have established if the soft cap/ hard cap was reached.

    Why are they so popular?

    The coronavirus pandemic played a big role in the NFT boom.Last year, the total value of NFT transactions quadrupled to $250 million, according to a study from NonFungible and BNP Paribas-affiliated research firm L'Atelier.


    Interrupted dataflow means broken healthcare.The current healthcare industry is stucked due
    to diverse, uncoordinated and unconnected data sources and systems.The resulting
    lack of access to data and its application leads to delays, mistake diagnosis,
    error in prescriptions, and sometimes even death.

    History of World Token