Overview of Woyager

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What is an OpenText Voyager?

OpenText Voyager offers partners, customers, developers, business leaders and more a unique journey into the world of OpenText with a clear path to delivering incredible customer experiences.

What’s New for 2021?

Not much has changed on the Voyager for 2021, but Chrysler has improved the van’s optional driver-assistance hardware to include updated radar and camera sensors which can detect pedestrians and alert the driver or attempt to mitigate an accident.The Voyager’s suite of driver-assistance features remains optional for 2021, as part of the Safety Tec package.

When Will the Token Swap Take Place?

Voyager is still working on finalizing our plans for the Token Swap.The smart contract is currently in audit finalization.Once complete, we will announce our token swap timeline as well as update the community on exchange support for the token swap.

Who’s behind this awesomeness?

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Why Isn’t Anyone Seriously Challenging The Big Bang?

The farther away a spacecraft is from you, the farther a signal that you send has to travel before it reaches it, the longer it takes to get there, and the lower in power that signal is when it arrives.If a spacecraft is twice as distant as another, the distance to it is twice as great, the time it takes a light signal to travel to it is twice as great, and the signal power that it receives is only one-fourth as great, since light signals spread out in the two dimensions perpendicular to the spacecraft’s line-of-sight.The farther away a spacecraft is, it’s harder to contact, it takes longer to contact it, and it requires more energy to send-or-receive the same signal.

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History of Woyager