Overview of XTZ3L

  • XTZ3L is a 3X-long-XTZ ETF and XTZ3S is a 3X-short- XTZ ETF, whose spread is approximately three times larger or smaller than that of XTZ.The leverage rate is corrected daily to remain leveraged at 3X through the rebalancing of the ETF products; users can easily trade on margin without paying any collateral.
  • XTZ3L is a Tezos 3 times long leverage ETF traded on MXC Exchange
  • XTZ3L is not traded now at any known exchange markets.
  • XTZ3L had an all-time high of $3.2384 3 months ago.
  • XTZ3L's market cap is unknown.
  • XTZ3L is traded on exchanges.
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    History of XTZ3L