Overview of YUKI

  • Yuki – Co, LLC, Utah, sits as the International Placing Agent for the independent Yuki Group, to enable institutional investors to invest in Japanese equities, which are held in the Yuki Funds, listed in Dublin and managed by the Investment Manager, Yuki Management & Research Co., Limited based in Tokyo.
  • Yuki Tatsumi, Senior Associate and the director of the Japan project, was recently featured on the news network channel China Central Television (CCTV), and discussed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to Washington DC to meet with President Barack Obam…
  • Yuki’s other highly successful brand is his shoe line, Yuketen, similarly based on high-quality, handcrafted, classic American footwear (think L.L Bean) but with his own techniques and twists of adventurous designs added.
  • Yuki and her mother, Mikiko Hayakawa, were being transferred from the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, where horse stalls served as a temporary detention camp for Japanese Americans, to Manzanar War Relocation Center.
  • Yuki Matsuda, founder of Meg Company—whose brands include Monitaly, Yuketen shoes and Hermosa Beach brick-and-mortar retail store Grizzzly, attributes his success to his wife who believed in him from a very young age.
  • Yuki (ゆき, ユキ) and Yūki/Yuuki (ゆうき, ユーキ) are separate Japanese given names used for females or males, though they can be romanized the same way when vowel length is not transliterated.
  • Yuki Ku provides legal advice to start-ups and global corporations on venture capital investments, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions and general corporate matters.
  • Yuki was born Yuki Isoya (磯谷 有希, Isoya Yuki) in Hakodate, Hokkaido.[citation needed] After graduating from Hakodate Otani College, she worked as a beautician.
  • Yuki definitely was noted amongst the women of her season as a gyaru, and whenever she would come on screen, this really hip background music would come on.
  • Yuki Yama’s menu consists of both traditional Japanese sushi and noodle dishes, as well as more creative, modern sashimi plates and hot dishes.
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    November 12th, 2020 – Yuki the giant “Dire Wolf” lost his battle with cancer.He left us on his terms, in the middle of the night, after having a wonderfully normal day with his friends.His companion Bella has been introduced to another older couple, and is adjusting well to life without her longtime companion.We appreciate the world-wide support Yuki had and hope that his followers will continue to support our efforts to rescue other animals in need, while planning a new facility with bigger and better habitats.

    Abe (Finally) Meets Xi: A Step towards Stabilization of Japan-China Relations?

    On November 10, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Chinese President Xi Jinping met at the sideline of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Beijing.

    Abe Tries to Move the Needle on Japan’s North Korea Policy, but Will it Matter?

    The abduction issue (rachi mondai) has been a major constraint on Japan’s policy toward North Korea for the last several decades.

    After Abe’s exit, who should lead Japan?

    On Friday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his intention to resign.

    After the Summit Euphoria—Now What?

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met last Friday for the inter-Korean summit in Panmunjom.It has been 11 years since the last such encounter between leaders of the two countries.

    Can Abe Solve Japan’s “North Korea” Dilemma?

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was reelected for the third term as the president of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on September 20, lengthening his tenure as prime minister until 2021.

    Can Abe Walk His ‘Proactive Peace’ talk?

    When Shinzo Abe returned to office as the prime minister of Japan in December 2012, he spoke of his determination to keep Japan internationally engaged.

    Can Japan Be A “Peace Enabler”?

    By Yuki Tatsumi and Hana Rudolph:  The evolution of Japan’s contribution to international peace through the United Nations has been remarkable.Today, Japan engages with the U.N.

    Can Japan’s National Security Strategy outlive Abe?

    On 17 December 2013, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued Japan’s first National Security Strategy (NSS).The document declares that Japan will make a more ‘proactive contribution to peace’ based on the principle of international cooperation.

    Can Japan-South Korea relations be saved?

    Japan-South Korea relations are spiraling out of control.

    Can Tokyo and Seoul break their deadlock?

    Relations between Japan and South Korea have descended to a new low.

    Future of the US Marines in Okinawa — long-term risks for short-term gain?

    Last week’s agreement separates these three elements.  Now, the US government will seek the move of some US Marines in Okinawa to Guam regardless of progress (or lack thereof) in FRF construction.

    GOP Congress an Opportunity for Japan?

    On Nov.4, American voters spoke out.They expressed their immense frustration on the state of the union by handing a landslide victory to the Republican Party.

    Has Japan’s DPRK Policy Reached A Dead End?

    On February 12 2013, North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test.In response, the United Nation’s Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 2094 and imposed additional economic and financial sanctions against Pyongyang.

    How Can Japan Improve Its Relations With China and South Korea?

    On November 1, the leaders of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (ROK) met for a highly anticipated trilateral summit in Seoul for the first time in three years.

    Is constitutional revision a bridge too far for Abe?

    In February 2019, Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) held its annual party convention.

    Is Japan heading for a leadership vacuum?

    On Sept.20, Shinzo Abe won a third term in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s presidential election and extended his tenure as prime minister beyond this fall.

    Is the Aegis Ashore cancellation a mixed blessing?

    This article was originally published in Japan Times.

    Is This What Shinzo Abe Will Say in Washington Next Week?

    On April 22, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke at the Asian-African Conference commemorating the original “Bandung Conference.

    Japan chose a new leader: what can we expect from Shinzo Abe?

    Japanese voters have spoken.

    Japan-China Relations: What Now?

    Tension is quickly rising in Japan-China relations following the Japanese government’s decision to nationalize the Senkaku Islands (known in China as Diaoyutai) on September 11, 2012.

    Koizumi’s victory-good or bad for Washington?

      Yuki Tatsumi’s analysis appeared on CSIS Japan Watch on September 23, 2005.  An excerpt of that analysis appears below.

    Love words?

    You must — there are over 200,000 words in our free online dictionary, but you are looking for one that’s only in the Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary.

    Shinzo Abe Gets a Second Chance: What Is in Store for Him?

    On September 26, 2012, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) chose former prime minister Shinzo Abe to succeed Sadakazu Tanigaki as its leader.

    The Democratic Party of Japan: The Beginning of the End?

    The highly contentious deliberation on the security legislation in Japan has entered a final stage.A strong sense of frustration prevails among Japanese public.

    The Second Trump Kim Summit: No Good Option for Japan?

    U.S.President Donald Trump just kicked off his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam.Pessimism around Trump’s meeting with Kim is not new.

    Viewpoint: Japan plant – who is in charge?

    Despite efforts by Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (Tepco) engineers, the Self-Defence Forces, police and firemen, conditions there appear to have grown steadily worse.

    Want to Volunteer for Wilderness?

    Citizens who volunteer their time to steward our wilderness areas are an essential part of wilderness management.Contact the following groups to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

    Was Japan the biggest loser in Singapore?

    On June 26, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States will not place a deadline on North Korea’s denuclearization.Even though he insisted that the U.S.

    What does she do at ISS?

    Yuki primarily advises F-1 and J-1 international students on immigration regulation matters (ex.courseload reduction, employment authorization, I-20/DS-2019 updates or extensions, etc.) individually and through ISS workshops. She helps ensure that KU is compliant with federal reporting requirements (ex.enrollment, local address, change of majors/degree levels, etc.) and also oversees the I-20/DS-2019 document production process for new incoming students as well as continuing students changing education levels.

    What Does Tokyo’s New Governor Mean for Japanese Politics?

    On July 31, Tokyo elected its first female governor.

    What Sort of Defense Build-Up Does Japan Really Need?

    Less than two weeks away from the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in Hague issuing its ruling on the case brought by the Philippines vis-à-vis China’s territorial claim in South China Sea, tensions have been on the rise in East Asia.

    Who is Yuki?

    Yuki is originally from Kyoto, Japan,  and spent her childhood living on both sides of the Pacific. As an immigration advisor to international students, she had already started her training in this field when she herself returned to the U.S.as an international student more than two decades ago.  With her cross-cultural upbringing, she knows firsthand the invaluable benefits of exposure to diverse perspectives and is engaged in this work because she hopes to facilitate those valuable intercultural experiences for others. Prior to joining the ISS team at KU, she managed the U.S.office for a Japanese study abroad company in California, and worked at several international student offices at various universities in Boston.Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children.In between juggling work and family, she hopes to get back into playing tennis.

    Yuriko Koike’s New Party: A Real Game-Changer for Japanese Politics?

    On September 27, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike launched her new party Kibo no To (Party of Hope).

    History of YUKI

  • In 1989 Yuki’s then-girlfriend and now his wife, Megumi, invested in Yuki’s dream of owning his own clothing company.