Overview of ZCoin

  • Zcoin team announced that a single-symbol error in a piece of code “allowed an attacker to create Zerocoin spend transactions without a corresponding mint”.[14] Unlike Ethereum during the DAO event, developers have opted not to destroy any coins or attempt to reverse what happened with the newly generated ones.[15]
  • Zcoin uses the Proof of Work (PoW) protocol using the network computer's power.The creators plan to switch to the MTP algorithm (instead of Lyra2z), which will allow Zcoin to position itself as a secure token, and reduce the time it takes to verify the crypto wallet during transactions.
  • ZCoin distinguishes itself from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in several clever ways, including the implementation of its MTP hashing algorithm for its PoW consensus (designed to be ASIC-resistant), and its unique Sigma Protocol version of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs).
  • Zcoin originally implemented the Lyra2z algorithm for its memory intensive properties, which made it more resistant to ASICs; however, in December 2018, in an effort to make mining more accessible, Zcoin switched to a new algorithm based on Merkle tree proof of work (MTP).
  • Zcoin (XZC) – an open-source, decentralised privacy coin – has become the first cryptocurrency which can be used nationwide in Thailand at any of the five million merchants registered via the Thai QR code system through the Satang App.
  • Zcoin became the first coin to implement Merkle Tree Proofs on its network for egalitarian mining, as well as the Dandelion protocol which protects user identities by preventing their IP addresses from being tied to a transaction.
  • Zcoin was requested a number of times by our community and in a recent product survey, as promised we have listened to our community and we are happy to announce that Zcoin has been added to Cudo Miner and can now be mined.
  • Zcoin will provide full fungibility and privacy to its users along with demolishing miner’s centralization by implementing a better proof of work algorithm called MTP about which I will talk further in this article.
  • Zcoin is a privacy-first digital currency that enables untraceable transactions and true financial freedom from the prying eyes of large corporations, financial institutions, and oppressive governments.
  • Zcoin will be refining its MTP codeand performing exseemed testing along with launching bounties for open sourced miners and poolsoftware prior to MTP’s deployment on its mainnet.
  • Blockchain

    Sure, blockchain has its own protocols for privacy and the risk of hacking is minimal… but there’s always a risk.The unique advantage of ZCoin, is the unparalleled degree of privacy offered to the coin holders.This action of burning, redeeming, and spending, furthers the privacy of the person who has the coins because there are no ledgers or blockchains of the currency’s history.Unlike most blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, ZCoin owners are able to completely erase the transactional history of their holdings through a process known as burning and redeeming, allowing them to generate and spend “fresh” coins at a later date.


    In order to select a number that even Zcoin didn’t know how to factorize, they chose a number from a factoring challenge held over 25 years ago.Regardless, Zcoin is looking to utilize different encryption methods and eventually move away from RSA encryption.RSA encryption involves multiplying large prime numbers to create a number that is extremely difficult to factorize.RSA had a contest with a $200,000 reward for factorizing a 617 digit number, known as RSA-2048, No one ever factored the number, and the hard drive used to create the number was destroyed.Starting in September 2016, Zcoin and the Zerocoin protocol required setup utilizing RSA encryption.This allows for a one-way function that’s near impossible to reverse.While it is conceivable that someone out there associated with RSA knows the prime number factorization of the number, it seems unlikely.



    In addition to its use of the Sigma protocol, Zcoin also leverages the Tor and Dandelion++ protocols, that provide users network-level privacy, in so far as they can hide a user or node’s IP address and other metadata.In the Zcoin network, users who want to send Zcoins effectively burn Zcoins to mint new tokens directly to the intended recipient.The amount of Zcoins being burned and the identity of the burner is obscured in a zero-knowledge proof posted to the network.The newly minted tokens are redeemable for new Zcoins, which have no transaction history because they were just created.The recipient can then ‘spend’ Zcoin by performing the same operations.This process secures anonymity if enough people are burning Zcoin at the same time so that when new Zcoins are minted, it is not clear which of the burned Zcoins ‘approved’ that particular mint.Zcoin uses a Proof of Work (PoW) consensus model and launched with the Lyra2z hash algorithm, but now uses the Merkle Tree Proof (MTP) hash algorithm that aims to be ASIC resistant.


    Honest Mining is supporting ZCoin, whose goal is to be a free digital currency with total anonymity to protect the users.However, you can join in a shared node with only 5 ZCoin (XZC) on the Honest Mining platform.Stake ZCoin (XZC) today and earn around 16% yield annually!You need a minimum of 1,000 ZCoin (XZC) to host a Znodes.ZCoin project creates a privacy coin that supports freedom of commerce.


    Putting the option for private transactions front-and-center allows Zcoin users to access the breakthrough features of Lelantus at their fingertips while retaining easy integration with exchanges, wallets, and cross-chain bridges that require the speed and simplicity of regular transparent transactions.

    #1 – What is Zcoin?

    When we talk about cryptocurrencies in general, there’s one thing that is often described as a key characteristic: their ability to facilitate anonymous transactions.However, this is a misconception because not even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can provide full anonymity of transactions.Zcoin is a cryptocurrency that intends to add more anonymity and privacy in transactions while retaining all the other advantages of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.In Zcoin network, users’ coins cannot be used to trace their transaction history, which is not possible with most cryptocurrencies.

    Can you give us a quick overview of Zcoin?

    Basically Zcoin is a privacy coin.We use our own privacy protocol called Sigma and We are also the creators of Lelantus (lelantus.io).

    Can you talk a bit about your experience with hiring market makers?

    Zcoin has only engaged market makers once and it was a bit lacklustre.We paid a huge amount for it and all they did was replicate order books from one exchange to another, and we had to provide the inventory of tokens they used for it.

    Can Zcoin be used to buy flights?

    Zcoin can be used when booking a flight, no matter when you plan on travelling to crypto-friendly destinations.Pay for your flights on over 600 global airlines, then checkout using Zcoin.

    Could you tell us what the model was before and how you have modified it for liquidity mining?

    Sure, the Harmony model was a rebate based on filled order volume, so that meant the users who used tight spreads earned the reward.Users who were a bit wider on the order book rarely got a rebate since only the tightest spreads were being filled.

    Do you incorporate any assisted machine learning for analysis within the tool for decision making, or add-ons for users to make their own?

    Our pure market making strategy allows for plugins, so you could build a ML-based signal engine and use that to improve your market making strategy.Note that as machine learning engineers ourselves, we think that it's not essential to do well as a market maker.The crypto markets are very inefficient, so simple strategies tend to do well.

    Have you seen game theory coming in on users where multiple bots are battling spreads on a coin for profit? Any tips to keep in mind on risk profiles to protect from loss?

    Yeah, we often see bots jumping one another.Actually, our bot has that feature too.Every market is different, so it's hard for me to give general advice on avoiding loss.Overall, I recommend studying a market to understand how it behaves, and to make use of paper trading mode to test out your strategy before using real money.

    How can I buy Zcoin?

    Zcoin is a mineable cryptocurrency, which can be obtained via Zcoin mining, or acquired by trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, as well as exchanging with fiat currencies like USD or EUR.Bitcoin is the most popular pairing option for exchange, but Zcoin is also available for trading on many different cryptocurrencies exchanges, including Upbit, Koinex, Bittrex, CryptoBridge, TDAX, etc.

    How did you guys first find out about Hummingbot? And can you tell us about your experience with trying out, and testing Hummingbot?

    I actually heard about Hummingbot over a sushi dinner with Kristy Leigh Minehan of ProgPOW fame.

    How do I buy Zcoin?

    It is not possible to buy all cryptocurrencies with U.S.dollars.Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular cryptocurrencies can be purchased with U.S.dollars using Coinbase or BlockFi.Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including Zcoin.

    How do I mine Zcoin?

    Zcoin can be mined using specialized mining software.XMR Stak is a commonly-used mining tool that works for CPU mining and GPU mining with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.CCMiner is another popular mining tool for computers with NVIDIA graphics cards.In addition to having mining software, you will need a Zcoin and access to a mining pool that pools your effort with other miners and a wallet to store the Zcoin that you earn from mining.Most cryptocurrencies have multiple publicly-available mining pools that can be found with a simple Google search.

    How does it work?

    Zerocoin promises to be the most anonymous coin in the crypto arena so far.Using the Zero knowledge proof, the transactions are anonymous; the process involves the proof of transaction without pointing out the coin of the transaction.This is how the process works if person A sent coins to person B.

    How does Zcoin Work?

    Zcoin works on Zerocoin protocol by enforcing Zero-knowledge proofs.Here is a short introductory video of Zcoin that explains how it works under the hood.

    How Is the Firo Network Secured?

    Firo uses zero-knowledge proofs in order to maintain anonymity.The technology allows users to prove to their counterparties that they own the Firo coins they are sending without actually revealing the source of the coins.

    How Many Firo (FIRO) Coins Are There in Circulation?

    Firo (FIRO) has a circulating supply of 11,605,866 coins and a maximum supply of 21,400,000 FIRO as of March 2021.

    How to Buy Zcoin?

    As discussed earlier, Zcoin is a mineable cryptocurrency.Users can obtain XZC coins via Zcoin mining.It can also be acquired by trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.

    How to earn rewards?

    1.Download Cobo Wallet App, then turn on XZC Wallet.

    How to Mine XZC?

    XZC mining was done via the Lyra2z algorithm in the past, but after a hard fork, Zcoin XZC mining is now performed using the Merkle Tree Proof or MTP mining algorithm.This new algorithm protects Zcoin mining from ASIC equipment and the centralization of mining power.

    How to store ZCoin?

    No matter purchased for fiat, bought on the exchange platform or mined, your XZC assets need a proper storage.Owing to the fact that ZCoin is not so wide-spread as Bitcoin or Ethererum, the range of wallets supporting its blockchain is also not so vast.This makes the choice easier, at first glance.But think of it this way: the fewer variants you have, the bigger your chance to make a mistake.Mere statistics, nothing else.That is why the Guarda team decided to provide you with a list of criteria designed to simplify your search for a decent ZCoin wallet.

    If someone wants to get started with Hummingbot and helping Zcoin provide liquidity to the market maker, where can they go to learn about the program?

    Here's a blog post that explains how it works, along with a timeline of when we'll launch.

    So, does this mean the banks wipe off the anonymity from the transactions in this case? Have you been in contact with some other regions that might not need to use banks as middlemen?

    Our founder is working with someone who is interested in building their token on Zcoin platform.It's a big group so that would be interesting if it pans out.I can't share too much details on this unfortunately.It's an intermediary step to adoption.If you can spend Zcoin in everyday life easily, there will come a point that people are more likely to hold some Zcoin too.People need to believe it's money and spendable before they can take the leap.I think that's more realistic than going door to door convincing ppl of the need of crypto and only having people come in once a month or less to pay in crypto like before people want to buy your coin they need to be convinced of its usefulness beyond its 'moon potential' and although it's not an ideal arrangement.

    Want Daily XZC Price Updates?

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    What are some of the current use cases for Zcoin today? And what are your initiatives for increasing adoption?

    Well, idealistic as it sounds, I believe in the importance of cryptocurrency as money that is independent of control, and to have that, we need privacy.Right now people are becoming more aware of privacy and the importance of it.Soon i think financial privacy, which is a relatively new concept, will be a hot topic.Remember we only recently transitioned to digital cash payments when previously many countries (and some still do) rely on cash, which is private by default.

    What Coin Would You Like to See on Particl?

    Adding Zcoin is only a beginning.As Particl is a marketplace for everyone, many more cryptocurrencies will be making their way onto Particl in the coming future.

    What do investment analysts think about Zcoin?

    Weiss Research, an investment research firm that rates cryptocurrencies, has given Zcoin an overall rating of “D+”, a technology and adoption rating of “D+”, and a market performance rating of “D”.

    What hashing algorithm does Zcoin use?

    Zcoin is a proof of work (PoW) coin that uses the Lyra2RE algorithm.

    What Is Firo (FIRO)?

    Firo (FIRO), formerly known as Zcoin, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that takes advantage of zero-knowledge proofs and allows users to destroy coins and redeem them at a later date for brand new ones without any transactional history.

    What is Firo?

    Zcoin (XZC) is the first cryptocurrency to implement the Zerocoin protocol to ensure private transactions.

    What is the Reddit page for Zcoin?

    The official Reddit community (subreddit) for Zcoin is r/zcoin.

    What is the value of Zcoin?

    One Zcoin (XZC) is currently worth $4.23 on major cryptocurrency exchanges.You can also exchange one Zcoin for 0.00022429 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges.The value (or market capitalization) of all available Zcoin in U.S.dollars is $47.66 million.

    What is Zcoin?

    Zcoin is a privacy-centered cryptocurrency that promotes anonymous transactions.The Zcoin code is based on Bitcoin and the coin was founded in 2016.It used to be dependent on the Zerocoin protocol.But, due to an incident that allowed an attacker to double spend coins, the team behind Zcoin decided to introduce a more secure protocol.As a result, the Sigma protocol was launched in July 2019.

    What is Zcoin?

    Zcoin utilizes the Zerocoin protocol to provide anonymous transactions in a unique scalable way.The protocol, originally intended to be an extension of Bitcoin, allows you to send coins with no transaction history.Bitcoin records the history of every transaction on a public ledger for anyone to see.Wallet addresses are only pseudo-anonymous with the potential for people to link your identity to an address.However, with Zcoin, you can preserve the fungibility and privacy of your spending.

    What is Zcoin?

    Zcoin, a decentralized and open source currency that provides financial privacy enabled by the Zerocoin protocol.Proven cryptography and auditability.

    What is Zcoin?

    On the 30th of November, Zcoin rebranded to Firo, see all details here Firo is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency using the Lyra2 hashing algorithm.It is an implementation of the Zerocoin protocol (http://zerocoin.org) guaranteeing true financial anonymity using RSA-2048.Zero-Knowledge proofs allow one to show ownership of a Firo coin without having to reveal which coin one owns.Recently, the Zcoin protocol was found to have a typographic bug that cost the network roughly $400k.This bug, however, did not compromise the anonymity features of Zcoin.Click here for Masternode stats from masternodes.online.

    What is Zcoin?

    Bitcoin is hailed for its privacy, anonymous nature and security.However, bitcoin is still way behind other cryptocurrencies in terms of anonymity.Bitcoin’s transactions are publicly available on a ledger that allows any bitcoin address holder to see the history of transactions, your wallet address and where you have transferred your coins to.Privacy coins such as PIVX, Monero and ZCash offer total anonymity with each having a different mechanism of ensuring safe and private transactions.However, Zcoin (XZC) is still the most anonymous and private coin due to its Zero Knowledge Proof (zk-SNARK) system.

    What is Zcoin?

    ZCoin is a private-anonymous coin.Transactions made using the coins are virtually untraceable and anonymous ensuring no record can be traced back to the spender of the coin.The coin uses a special proof system to ensure total privacy and anonymity.

    What Makes Firo Unique?

    Firo is a digital currency that enables untraceable private transactions, offering users freedom from large financial institutions.The team behind the project believes that privacy is a human right and that people need the option to regain control over their money.Firo received the 2020 FAT blockchain award for “Most Popular Blockchain Project in the Community.

    What makes Zcoin special?

    Unlike other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Zcoin’s transaction mechanism doesn't allow the transaction history of a coin to be traced.

    What protections does your bot have against huge movements in the market? Will users have to monitor the bot 24/7?

    There is risk in running a market making bot, especially if the market moves a lot, so I think users should try our paper trading mode first in order to get comfortable with the risks first.That said, the price of Harmony dropped 60% during this pilot, and the users were still running the market making bots.

    What strategies were you running?

    We first ran pure market making and cross-exchange market making.As we didn't have monitoring all the time, we kept it cross (market making), which generated less volume but some profit.

    What would your goals be for the liquidity mining campaign? What kind of results do you think would make it a success?

    Tight spreads, lots of orders on the books, minimal arbitrage between different exchanges and hopefully it will lead to price stability and increased volume.Also I hope to get more believers of Zcoin.

    What's the business model of Zcoin?

    We don't have a business model.We are primarily a community project that wants to develop important technology.

    Where can I get Zcoin wallet?

    Zcoin produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store Zcoin on your computer.For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X.If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

    Where can you buy Zcoin?

    It’s fascinating, but perhaps not surprising, that the majority of trading volume is on AEX, where Zcoin pairs with BITCNY.BITCNY is like Tether but pegged to the Chinese Yuan.China banned the purchase of Bitcoin with Chinese fiat due to capital flight concerns.With the general lack of privacy in China, it’s no wonder that people are trying to obfuscate the movement money.

    Where can you store it?

    Zcoin has an official GUI desktop wallet which you can find here.The wallet has the built-in mint and spend functions.

    Who Are the Founders of Firo?

    The founder of Firo is Poramin Insom.Aside from Firo, he is also a co-founder of the Satang Corporation and has served as second lieutenant with the Royal Thai Armed Forces.Insom also used to work as a software development engineer in testing at Microsoft.

    You probably get this question a lot; what's the difference between Zcoin and ZCash, and is there any relationship?

    There's no relationship between Zcoin and ZCash.We actually launched a bit earlier.Originally the protocol that we used was called Zerocoin which was a predecessor of Zerocash but retained some advantages over Zerocash.

    History of ZCoin

  • In 2016, the protocol was implemented into Zcoin, a new and a fully functional cryptocurrency.
  • In 2018, a cryptographic error was discovered in the Zerocoin protocol.
  • In 2018, Zcoin helped to arrange the Thai Democrat Party's elections, which were held on its blockchain with over 127,000 votes cast nationwide.
  • In 2018, Zcoin made history by having the Thai Democrat Party’s elections held on its blockchain with over 127,000 votes cast nationwide.
  • In 2018, Zcoin was successfully tested during the elections in Thailand.