Overview of ZillionCoin

  • ZillionCoin has an available supply of – and a total supply of 220.000.000 coins alongside with $0.0 market cap and a $611.4 24h trading volume.The most active ZLN trading exchange is Crex24.
  • ZillionCoin is a PoW coin running on ZillionFLUX algo and supporting the ZillionGrid “Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure”
  • Zillioncoins is an ideal match for companies building innovative payment solutions and cryptocurrency technologies.
  • Zillioncoin XT merges, for the first time in history, blockchain with Smart Contracts and Quantum Computing
  • ZillionCoin is a new cryptocurrency which is more decentralized than Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies).
  • ZillionCoin will support the fully managed Zillion Node Network around the world.
  • ZillionCoin is currently trading on 1 exchange, with a 24hr trade volume of $483.
  • ZillionCoin Wallet software for Mac(New update coming soon)
  • ZillionCoin had an all-time high of £0.002298 5 months ago.
  • ZillionCoin (ZLN) price is up 38.69% in the last 24 hours.
  • Blockchain



    ZillionCoin is a PoW coin running on ZillionFLUX algo and supporting the ZillionGrid "Decentralized Hybrid Blockchain Infrastructure"

    What are the benefits of a premium business name?What are the benefits of a premium business name?

    What can a top brand name with a matching .

    Want Daily ZLN Price Updates?

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    Are logos included with my BrandBucket order? Can I request edits?Are logos included with my BrandBucket order? Can I request edits?

    Our talented community of logo designers designs all logos on the BrandBucket marketplace.They are paid for their efforts, and BrandBucket owns
    all copyrights for the logos.We will transfer the full copyright for the logo to you upon purchase of the domain name.

    Does BrandBucket offer refunds?Does BrandBucket offer refunds?

    BrandBucket serves as a third-party marketplace and escrow agent for domain names.

    Is a domain name from BrandBucket 100% unique?Is a domain name from BrandBucket 100% unique?

    All of our business domains are carefully chosen for their standout branding qualities.There is only one zillioncoins.com.However, there may well be
    other businesses that are using the same brand name.In fact, with common keyword names, it is likely.That is why owning the .com is so essential.In holding the .com, you immediately establish your business as the most official version of that name.It’s unlikely any serious business is going
    to use a brand name where the .com domain is already in use.Many companies believe that owning the matching .com version of a business name provides
    more protection for their brand than a trademark.

    How does BrandBucket price domains?How does BrandBucket price domains?

    Our customers are primarily entrepreneurs looking for a quick and easy way to find a great brand name for their company.That’s why when evaluating
    and appraising domain names, our central focus is whether they would also make great business names.

    How to use the price graph?

    You can see a symbol of a cryptocurrency in the top-left corner of the graph (It´s ZLN/USD in this case), right next to it you will find time intervals 1m, 30m, 1h.If you select 30m, one candle will represent a time period of 30 minutes on the market.The time period can be changed by pressing an arrow heading down.

    Are BrandBucket domain names trademarked?Are BrandBucket domain names trademarked?

    No, and it’s not possible for us to do so.Trademarks are industry and region-specific, and to file a trademark for a name or logo, you must already
    be doing business as that name.Because of this, we can’t trademark a name before your company is actively using it.Therefore, you will need to apply
    for trademark registration after you have purchased the name.

    How to buy ZillionCoin?

    In general, cryptocurrencies can be purchased on exchanges.But not every crypto is available to purchase there.

    Is my BrandBucket purchase confidential?Is my BrandBucket purchase confidential?

    Your purchase is 100% confidential.Any personal information you share with BrandBucket is kept private, even from the domain seller.We never
    publicize any sale on our marketplace.

    What happens after I purchase a domain name from BrandBucket?What happens after I purchase a domain name from BrandBucket?

    Every name on the BrandBucket marketplace is exclusively listed with BrandBucket.That means that all of our sellers are very
    responsive, making for quick domain transfers.A dedicated BrandBucket agent will manage your domain transfer from beginning
    to end, ensuring a secure and easy transaction.They will manage the receipt of the domain into one of BrandBucket’s secure registrar
    accounts and then complete the transfer to you.

    Do I have to keep my name registered when I purchase a name from BrandBucket?Do I have to keep my name registered when I purchase a name from BrandBucket?

    When you purchase a domain from BrandBucket, you will own it 100%.However, all domain names worldwide must be kept registered at a registrar like
    Godaddy or similar that you choose.You will pay the registration fees to whichever registrar you decide to use.The price of registration varies at each
    registrar, but it generally ends up being around $10-15 per year for a .com domain name.Registration is annual but can be paid up for years in advance, which
    we suggest you do.

    What happens after I lease a domain name from BrandBucket?What happens after I lease a domain name from BrandBucket?

    The BrandBucket lease-to-own program is available as an alternative to purchasing the name outright.You’re able to buy the domain name
    with over monthly installments, and at the end of the lease period, if all payments are complete, you would be the new owner of the domain name.

    Can I make money on a falling cryptocurrency exchange rates?

    Yes, you can trade CFDs and speculate about falling rates.

    What will be the exchange rate of ZillionCoin next day/week/month?

    To predict an exchange rate of ZLN is not easy.But we have prepared a technical analysis that will tell what 25 technical indicators say.

    What is ZillionCoin?

    ZillionCoin is a new cryptocurrency which is more decentralized than Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies).It prevents centralization of hashing power in pools, which is one of the main concerns of Bitcoin security.ZillionCoin was fairly launched with no premine.

    What is the Crypto Scenarios Calculator?

    The Crypto Scenarios Calculator gives your holding’s valuation based on your ZillionCoin price prediction and market capitalization scenarios.With the ability to change the circulating supply, you can create a valuation forecast at different stages of a crypto release schedule.

    Why choose BrandBucket?Why choose BrandBucket?

    Established in 2007, we are the original business name marketplace.Every year, we sell 1000s of premium domains to entrepreneurs and businesses like you.

    What is the experience of traders with ZillionCoin?

    ZLN is the 2442th most valuable cryptocurrency according to market capitalization.That in itself speaks about its popularity.However, if you are interested in comments or ratings from people on our website, we encourage you to visit it.

    History of ZillionCoin