Overview of Bordoodles

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  • Bordoodles learn quickly and can even teach themselves how to do things (a fewtimes not so great things) if they aren’t getting enough training and stimulation at home.
  • Bordoodles thrive on human companionship, your puppy will want to spend every waking minute by your side, whether it’s watching you cook dinner or a trip to the park.
  • The Bordoodle is what you could consider a “designer dog” — that is, a mixed breed that has been purposefully crossbred by humans to achieve a certain combination.
  • Bordoodles need to stick to a healthy diet, as overeating can cause weight gain and associated health problems, especially if adequate exercise isn’t offered.
  • Bordoodles come in 3 size categories: Petitie Mini 12-20 lbs, 14″-16″ tall Mini/ Medium 20-30 lbs, 16″-17″ tall Standard 30-50 lbs, 18″-21″ tall More
  • Bordoodles we produced who are service dogs are: Pongo, Perdita, Bryce, Enndo, Gilbert, Sheldon, Castle, Leonard.
  • Allergies

    And while the Poodle does not shed often, the Border Collie is a moderate shedder all year round.So, if you have allergies, be sure to spend some time with a Bordoodle before getting one.


    Kept indoors and alone without any stimulation or exercise the Bordoodle may develop bad habits such as chewing furniture, scratching, barking for no reasons, and other disturbing behavior.


    Now we know all about the traits and characteristics of the Bordoodle and how they can change depending on which parent breed they take after more, it is time to take a look at what living with one of these dogs on a day to day basis is really like.We will cover their food and diet, their exercise needs and their grooming requirements.


    It is not like the Poodle which has tight curls, this is loose and hangs down just like the picture of Raz black and white F2b Bordoodle located on the testimonials page, the closest explanation to this coat is it is similar to silky fine human hair.Silky Curly Coat $3500.00 A Bordoodle silky curly coat is what we consider to be spiral locks of hair, it is non shed and hypoallergenic for the F2b/F3 Bordoodle.This coat requires grooming two or more times per year depending on length preference.This puppy will have what we call a doodley look.


    However, remember that there’s still a great deal of variation within young generations of Bordoodles, so there’s a small chance your dog might have the excessive energy and chase instinct of a border collie or the oversensitivity of a poodle.The best-case scenario of a Bordoodle of any generation combines the sociability of the poodle with the focus and obedience of the border collie.



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    Life expectancy

    According to Pet Guide, the life expectancy of a Bordoodle is between 12 and 15 years.Factors that impact the life expectancy of Bordoodles include diet, exercise, care, and general health.However, your dog may have a shorter or longer life.The life expectancy of dogs varies from one breed to the next.To make sure your dog lives a full and happy life, you should make sure they eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, and see the vet if they develop any unusual symptoms.


    Bordoodles are very similar in personality to their border collie ancestors, so many new owners decide to give them the same style of name.Popular names for bordoodles include:


    As Bordoodles are very intelligent dogs it is important to incorporate puppy preschool into your training routine, not only is it good for obedience but the pup’s ability to socialize will be strengthened.Bordoodles require regular exercise and moderate to large sized yard as well as regular walks/runs.


    #bordoodle #borderdoodle #doodle #poodle #mountainrosebordoodles Mountain Rose Bordoodles is an Utah Dba filed on March 13, 2017….1 Reviews (801) 828-0104 Website.10 TikTok Tips: How To Make Your Dog Famous.5 talking about this.AKC & many others list border collies & poodles as the smartest breeds.All right reserved.Although first generation Bordoodles may shed, F1b Bordoodles do not shed.and astonishing reasoning ability, which makes them super easy to train.Apart from intelligence, Bordoodles are also quite athletic and agile, are easy to train, have low to non-shedding, and are loyal and affectionate.As a potential buyer, you should always ask to see a puppy with its mother to make sure that they interact ok and the mother is healthy and is being appropriately cared for.As a rough guide, these dogs tend to cost between $2200 and $2800.Aug 9, 2018 – She is so CUTE!Be sure to check out our puppies for sale and information on our upcoming litters.Border Collie Poodle mix Jeanie (Photo: Liz Gregg / Collies have a reputation for a breed that likes to talk about what they see.Bordoodles also excel in agility sports and are super desirable as service dogs due to their high I.Q.Bordoodles are a hybrid cross between a Border Collie and a Standard Poodle.Bordoodles are smart dogs.Bordoodles are usually bred to combine the best traits of both the Border Collie and the Poodle, some breeds have more hypoallergenic qualities than other dogs, Bordoodles are usually hypoallergenic but there’s no guarantee.Bordoodles are usually hypoallergenic but there’s no guarantee.Bordoodles are very trainable with the right positive methods.Bordoodles can be quite talkative.Bordoodles like to be outside playing games, going on hikes, enjoying trips to the beach or running through the countryside and woodland.Bordoodles love to receive affection from the dog owners.Bordoodles that do not shed have coats that continue to grow (hair) and definitely need regular grooming and haircuts.Bordoodles usually get along with children and other animals.But don’t worry, clicking on either one will take you to our website.But hurry quick!By clicking ‘Subscribe’, you are consenting to receive emails from helloBARK!By combining two of the smartest canines in the dog world, Bordoodles will usually be very intelligent.By comparing both I could notice the difference in quality and freshness.Ciudad.Copyright © 2017-2020 op alt + / om dit menu te openen However, just because these designer dogs are unlikely to shed much or at all doesn’t mean they won’t need grooming.Established in 2012.F1 Bordoodles may be hypoallergenic and F1b Bordoodles are hypoallergenic.Find Mountain Rose Bordoodles in Portage with Address, Phone number from Yahoo US Local.First and foremost, we are changing our website from to more information, check out our site, and list of upcoming litters here respectively:,, Snaggle Foot LLC Dog Walks & Pet Care® has a Highly Anticipated Franchise Opening in West Cleveland, Pet Owners Can Expect Only the Best from Aunt Darlene’s Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service, Fears for impact on pets as we return to work, It’s Official-People On Yelp Love Wag Atlanta, Oils of CBD Offering Safe and Affordable CBDs for Pets in the US.Gedeelten van deze pagina.Get directions, reviews and information for Mountain Rose Bordoodles in Portage, UT.Headline.helloBARK!Helping you find the perfect puppy and ensuring they grow up happy and healthy.How To Purchase Real Instagram Likes.However, some breeders could charge more.However, there’s no guarantee that a Bordoodle will inherit certain desired traits from each parent.I had to work on her love for barking right from the start.I obviously let her express herself, dogs bark, but I made sure it didn’t get out of control by never rewarding her barking.I ordered from Mountain Rose 4 oz of Marshmallow Root (Althaea offinalis) and 4oz of Marshmallow Root from another distributor, both organics.If a Border Collie or Bordoodle is barking a lot, it could be a sign that you’re not giving your dog enough exercise and mental stimulation.If they believe you are, you’ll usually be asked to give them a deposit before you’re placed on a waiting list.If you don’t have the time to give these designer dogs daily walks or exercise, they may not be a good fit for you.If you have any concerns regarding this press release, please contact the Author / Media Contact / Business of this press release.If you want to get more traffic on your brand, you can purchase Instagram … These playful dogs are sure to enlighten the hearts of anyone they come across Bordoodles are ideal for families and kids.If you’re looking for a dog that you’ll be able to bond with on a deep level, Bordoodles could be the hybrid breed for you.If you’re unsure how to train your Bordoodle or any puppy for that matter, you can start by going to puppy manners classes before progressing to one-on-one training if required.Important: Most reputable breeders will require prospective buyers to fill out a detailed questionnaire to get an idea of your personal circumstances and whether you’re a good fit for a Bordoodle.Includes Mountain Rose Bordoodles Reviews, maps & directions to Mountain Rose Bordoodles in Portage and more from Yahoo US Local ePRNews is an established Media Outlet for PR News Submission and digital distribution.Initially I just taught Jeanie how to play, she learnt that I was fun and worth listening to and I learnt as many ways as possible to reward her while training her.Instagram is a huge source of social media the new trusted website created to help pets and their owners enjoy a happy life together.It’s difficult to pinpoint the average price of a Bordoodle as there are a lot of different breeders out there who charge varying amounts.Jeanie doesn’t shed, but this is not always the case.Let’s take a look at some of the general pros and cons of Bordoodles.Little Bordoodle puppy from Mountain Rose Bordoodles!Login.Menu & Reservations Make Reservations .Mountain Rose Borderdoodles, Utah.Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountain Rose Bordoodles) The Bordoodle is a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle.Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountain Rose Bordoodles), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pros and cons, 20 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross breeds, The difference between Jack Russell, Parson Russell and Russell Terrier.Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountrain Rose Bordoodles) Although there is no such thing as a dog that is completely hypoallergenic, Bordoodles are considered a hypoallergenic dog breed.Mountain Rose Bordoodles (Photo: Mountrain Rose Bordoodles).Mountain Rose Bordoodles are bred for health and temperament first.Mountain Rose Bordoodles can be found at 9190 W 25800 N .Mountain Rose Bordoodles has currently 0 reviews.Mountain Rose Bordoodles is a breeder of magnificent Bordoodles.Mountain Rose Bordoodles welcomes you to a world of Borderdoodles (Also known as Bordoodle or Border Doodle).Mountain Rose Bordoodles welcomes you to a world of Bordoodles (also known as Borderdoodle or Border Doodle).Mountain Rose Bordoodles writes: She could have been a very barky dog.Mountain Rose Bordoodles, dog breeder, listed under “Dog Breeders” category, is located at 9190 W 25800 N Portage UT, 84331 and can be reached by 8018280104 phone number.Mountain Rose Bordoodles.Mountain Rose can help you accomplish this through our 4-week professional training course.Mountain Rose offers mini, medium and standard size Sheepadoodle puppies for sale.Mountain Rose puppies are happy and well adjusted to life through Proper Socialization.Mountain Rose, Pedoulas: See 130 unbiased reviews of Mountain Rose, rated 3.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #4 of 6 restaurants in Pedoulas.Naturally, they create very intelligent and energetic dogs.Our Bordoodle puppies sell fast!Our Bordoodles are very smart, patient, intuitive and level headed.Our Sheepadoodle puppies have superb temperaments along with eye-catching looks and a history of long life.Press Release ( – PORTAGE, Utah – May 24, 2017 – For those who might be unaware, Mountain Rose Borderdoodles specializes in rasising and training “Bordoodles”.Puppies that inherently have low anxiety will require less exercise than a puppy with high anxiety.Read more about what we do.Read reviews and testimonials from current and past clients of Mountain Rose Bordoodles.Reviews; Mountain Rose Sheepadoodles.See our Affiliate Disclosure page for more information.See what Mountain Rose Bordoodles (mountainrosebor) has discovered on Pinterest, the world’s biggest collection of ideas.She is cream and white and her fur is on the curlier side.she is exctly what we wanted for our family.she is non-shedding.So it’s important to remember that the pros and cons of each individual Bordoodle could vary.So it’s safe to assume a Bordoodle will be no different.So it’s something to consider and budget for if you’re thinking about a Bordoodle.Some Border Collies may be family pets but others are used to herd farm animals, which requires the breed to be vocal at times.The best part?The Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world and the Poodle comes in at number two ahead of the German Shepherd.The company’s filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 10299099-0151.The designer breed have become more popular in the past decade or so as Doodles become more and more common.The first URL will simply redirect you to the second one .The Harsh Realities of the Divorce Process Former Lovebirds Don’t Tell You About, 6 things you might be missing when grooming and looking after their dog, Bark in the Park Charity Fundraiser to Host a Virtual Pet Costume Contest and a 5K, 10K & 1-Mile, Let Dog Days NJ Take the Lead Looking after Your Family Pet.The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical, veterinary or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such.The Marshmallow from Mountain Rose was superior surpassing the other distributor in texture, color, smell, and flavor.The mixed breed are usually smart dogs that thrive in a family home.The Poodle is a low shedding dog that doesn’t produce much dander.The Registered Agent on file for this company is Rebecca Poppe J Poppe and is located at 9190 West 25800 North, Portage, UT 84331.The requirement of exercise depends a bit on the Bordoodles natural temperament which can be discovered by Volhard Testing young puppies and also by observation.There is no such thing as a 100 per cent hypoallergenic dog breed.There’s no guarantee a Bordoodle puppy will inherits certain features from each parent.These are the ideal traits required in all service dogs regardless of the modality.These designer dogs might be an active pooch but they also enjoy snuggling up to their owner at the end of a long day.These dogs are quite intelligent; bred from two of the smartest dog breeds in the world, the border collie and poodle.These highly desirable traits don’t just happen by accident.They are ideal as family pets and well suited for kids.They are tolerant, affectionate and very loyal.They are very loyal and great with kits.They like having things to do, playing games and going places.This business profile is not yet claimed, and if you are This is really worth doing with Bordoodles, they are very bright and so willing to learn but they don’t like being forced to do anything, they prefer to be allowed to make their own choices.This can never be guaranteed with a cross where not all the breeds involved are non-shedding.This could be in the garden or yard, out for walks or runs with their owner or at the dog park.This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.To get a glimpse into our program and dogs, please watch our video!Unless you’re a seasoned groomer, this can be quite expensive.We conduct Puppy Temperament Testing on every puppy (helps you choose the right puppy).We got her from Mountain Rose Bordoodles in Utah.We have found that “Bordoodles” is becoming a more popular name and is more often searched than the standard “Borderdoodles”.We recommend going directly to a breeder rather than a pet store, online website or third party dealer.We strive to produce a healthy, intelligent and rare combination by carefully pairing the world’s top two most intelligent breeds–the Border Collie & the Poodle!We support our readers with informative reporting and thorough research to help find the best ways to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.We will use your name and email address only for the purpose of sending you email newsletters.We’re here to help enrich the lives of animals and their families.We’ve been in business for several years now and have some updates we would like to share with you.Welcome to Oregon Bordoodles!With a Poodle as a parent, Bordoodles have a good chance of having a low-shedding The #Bordoodle is a hybrid cross between the two smartest dogs in the world.You can learn more about Bordoodles by browsing our site.You should ask to see American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club documentation for each parent as well as proof of health tests and veterinarian examinations.You support us through our chosen links, which sometimes earn us an affiliate commission.Your Bordoodle puppy can be easily trained to proficiently obey all basic obedience commands by just 11 weeks of age!Your name.your puppy can be easily trained to proficiently obey all basic obedience commands by just 12 weeks of age!Your review for Mountain Rose Bordoodles.Your review.


    However, it is very important that you start training from a young age and continue training throughout your Bordoodles life, because they can begin to show signs of stubbornness if they are not told right from wrong!The Bordoodle is intelligent and therefore training is relatively easy.This can then lead to unwanted behavior.

    Are You Still With Us?

    If so, congratulations! You are the perfect person to own a Bordoodle.You should own a Bordoodle if you can get through this whole list and not see any cons.They make great companions for any owner, no matter how experienced.

    Did You Know?

    The Bordoodle is a designer dog breed.They are a cross between a Border Collie and a Poodle.Although a hybrid breed can take on any combination of characteristics of one or both of the parent breeds, the Bordoodle tends to be a friendly, affectionate, and loyal family dog.Although they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club, they are recognized by other notable dog organizations like the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, International Designer Canine Registry, American Canine Hybrid Club, and more.

    How Big Do Medium Bordoodles Get?

    How big do Medium Bordoodles get? Medium Bordoodles typically weigh 30-45 pounds and are between 18-21 inches tall.

    Do Bordoodles bark a lot?

    Yes, they do, but don’t let that discourage you from adoring this fur angel.They might be talkative, but it can be advantageous to have a canine family member who expresses itself.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    How much your Bordoodle should eat will depend on how much exercise they get throughout the day.The amount could be anywhere from one to three cups.With medium energy personalities, this breed can do well lounging around in an apartment or taking daily hikes in the woods.The more active your dog is, the more food they will require to fuel their energy needs.

    Exercise ??

    Bordoodles can do well with just a few walks a week.A day can be skipped here and there if the schedule is too packed, but more than a missed day could lead to boredom.This isn’t to say that a Bordoodle can’t live an extremely active lifestyle that includes regular hikes, camping trips, and swims in the ocean.

    Border Collie or four-legged Einstein?

    The Border Collie, once known as the Scotch Sheepdog, is tagged as the grandmaster of herding and is the most intelligent dog in the world.Even Queen Victoria was a fan of the breed.

    How much does a Bordoodle cost?

    A Bordoodle puppy can set you back between $700 and $1,600.They can be expensive because they are a hybrid dog and are quickly gaining popularity.The price will depend on the breeder but you should always make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder who can give you health clearances for both parent breeds.

    Bordoodle Size Predictions: How Big Does a Bordoodle Grow?

    For current and future dog owners, one of the most important things to know about a dog is their full-grown size.Adult Bordoodles weigh anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds, and stand at 12 to 22 inches tall from the withers.Bordoodles are generally considered medium sized dogs.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    No family could ask for a better dog than the Bordoodle.They’re gentle and kind yet have a carefree attitude that kids can appreciate.These dogs can be trained as service dogs and they don’t need a ton of exercise, which makes them a great option for the elderly.They can also keep up with the active lifestyle of singles and couples or slow down for those busy humans who don’t like to do much but relax during their downtime.


    Whether your bordoodle is a Border-Beau, a Bordeaux, or even a Bo-Au-Und they will have some common characteristics.They are extremely intelligent and love to work or play games that involve their mind.These dogs also love human companionship and become depressed if left alone for long periods of time.They tend to get along well with children and other animals if they are brought up with them from a young age.This crossbreed is very easy to train, but may require more patience due to their instinctive herding behavior.An owner must show them that they are the alpha in the relationship or else they may try to herd you! Despite their herding skills, bordoodles may be prone to wander off because of their herding behaviors.They may try to herd cars, people, or other animals.These dogs are very energetic and need lots of exercise.A daily walk will not satisfy all of their energy, they need a couple hours everyday to run free in an enclosed area.

    How much are Bordoodle puppies?

    A Bordoodle puppy can cost $700 to $1,600.This price range can be affected by the breeder’s location and popularity, the pup’s color, and the parents’ pedigree.

    How much do Bordoodle puppies cost?

    The cost to buy a Bordoodle varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders’ location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more.Review how much Bordoodle puppies for sale sell for below.

    Grooming: Are Bordoodles hypoallergenic?

    They’re not hypoallergenic, but they have easy to manage, low-shedding coats.But like we’ve learned earlier, a Doodle can be non-shedding based on the generation.


    The term “Border Collie” or “Poodles” have been used since the early 1900’s when they were first imported from England.They are a breed of dog that originated in the British Isles and later spread throughout Europe and North America.These dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and love of family.

    Are Bordoodle’s Hypoallergenic?

    Similar to size, the Border Collie Poodle mix can have coat characteristics of either parent breed in any combination.

    Bordoodles are good dogs, but is it the right match for you?

    You may know this pooch as Borderpoo, Borderdoodle, Borpoo, or Borpoodle.

    What Impacts the Size of a Bordoodle?

    Bordoodle sizes can be determined by several factors.Gender, breed generation and parentage can all determine how big a Bordoodle gets.

    Is A Bordoodle Good for Family?

    A Bordoodle can be a perfect pet for an active family.However, there are a few things to keep in mind.First of all, if the Bordoodle in question is an F1, it might have more border collie traits like herding and chasing.This can cause problems for small children or pets that the dog might see as prey.

    Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

    Bordoodles get along well with other dogs and can co-exist with cats in the same household.They enjoy trips to the dog park where they can meet new friends on a regular basis.And they aren’t territorial so sharing mealtime space with other dogs shouldn’t be a problem.

    Temperament: Are Bordoodles good dogs?

    Described as sweet and extremely sociable, the lovable Poodle-Border Collie mix is an excellent family dog that loves being a part of everyone’s daily activities.

    Grooming ??

    Due to the sheer length of a Bordoodle’s coat, grooming is an essential task that will have to be faced on a regular basis.In addition to weekly brushing, occasional nail clipping and teeth brushing, and weekly ear cleaning, most Bordoodles need a haircut now and then to keep their coats from matting and knotting up.Without a good haircut, this breed can quickly start to look homeless.

    What kind of activity does she require?

    She will need regular exercise but she does not require as much as some breeds to remain healthy, happy and well behaved.A walk a day or a jog is enough along with some play in the yard if you have one or inside if you do not.These dogs are good for apartment living.Plan on at least 30 minutes a day total, an hour if you have the time.So a 15 minute walk and 15 minute tug of war would do the job! Because she does not require as much exercise as some should you be busy or ill and unable to take her out one day she will be fine.

    Is a purebred dog better than a crossbreed dog?

    There has been a rise in crossbreeding in recent years.This is because there is a desire to breed dogs with certain characteristics and to get rid of unwanted characteristics within dog breeds.With crossbreeding you can get designer breeds, although some worry that they are more susceptible to health problems.

    Where did the Bordoodle come from?

    Bordoodles are one of the newer designer dog breeds.With that said, they don’t have much info about when they joined the canine world and where the crossbreeding happened.

    How Big Do Mini Bordoodles Get?

    So how big do Mini Bordoodles get? Mini Bordoodle size will range between 20 and 40 pounds and stand 15-20 inches tall.

    Why get a Safari Bordoodle?

    The parents are fully health tested and certified with OFA, CERF and DNA.This helps ensure you are getting the very best bred puppy possible.We give a 2 year health guarantee.Puppies come to you up-to-date on shots & deworming, vet checked, raised by the “Super Puppy” method using ENS for the first two weeks, Volhard Temperament tested for a perfect placement, fed Life’s Abundance super premium dog food and NuVet Plus supplement, Micro Chipped, imprinted to eliminate in the litter box plus use the dog door and potty on the grass, super socialized with children, raised in the  house and pre-spoiled.


    While all dogs are individuals, your bordoodle may fall somewhere on the spectrum between these descriptions.All of these traits are possible, but most be represented to some degree.

    Size: How big is a Bordoodle?

    On average, Borderpoos stand 12 to 22 inches (30.5 to 56 cm) tall and weigh between 30 and 60 pounds (14 to 27 kg) when they reach maturity.


    If you are interested in getting a bordoodle of your own, you can get in touch with breeders through online forums.It is best to research and look for someone with good reviews and a good reputation.This will ensure that you get your perfect bordoodle.

    What is a Moyen Poodle?

    Moyen Poodles are also known as Klein Poodles.It is a recognized size of poodle between the Mini and Standard size Poodles.In Europe this Moyen/ Klein Poodle is shown in its own size class.In the US the AKC does not recognize this size of Poodle in the show ring.The Moyen Poodles are gaining popularity in the US.Our stud dog Dash Tevia is a Moyen Poodle.He is an apricot parti colored boy, weighing 20 pounds and 17″ tall.

    Good with pets and children?

    She is good with children but early socialization is still recommended with her.Her Poodle side loves kids but her Border Collie side is so so on them, so socialization and training will help bring out the best.Makes sure the children know how to properly interact with her and play without hurting her.Young children should be supervised.She is fine around other pets and dogs too but again socialization makes sure of that.

    What’s the Price of Bordoodle Puppies?

    The price of a new Bordoodle puppy can vary.Plan on spending anywhere from $700 to about $1,600 for one pup.The pedigree of the pup’s parents will have a big impact on the price of the dog.If a Bordoodle’s parents are registered with the AKC and have won awards, the pup would likely be sold for top dollar.

    Pros and Cons of Owning a Bordoodle?

    If you are considering a Bordoodle, you may want to know the ins and outs of the breed before purchasing one.Not every breed is for every family, and it is essential to do your research first.Luckily for you, we have done all the research necessary! We are going to walk you through all the Pros and Cons of Owning a Bordoodle to see they are right for your family.

    What can I expect to pay for a puppy?

    Median Price: $1,775.00
    Average Price: $1,200.00
    Top Quality: $2,900.00 to $6,500.

    Health and Conditions ??

    The Bordoodle isn’t prone to any breed-specific health problems, but general issues could arise depending on many things such as age, general health, diet, and exercise.

    Taking care of Bordoodles: Are they high maintenance?

    Border-Poodles are considered low maintenance dogs.Still, don’t get the wrong idea that owning one is all fun, games, and cuddles.

    What is a Border Collie crossed with a Poodle called?

    When we created the first mini Border Collie and Poodle cross in 2010 we decided to call them Bordoodles beacause it was the easiest to say.Borderdoodles are a second name for the Poodle and Border Collie blend.Some people call them Borderpoo, Poodle Border Collie hybrid and Border Collie Poodle mix.


    Bordoodles are very affectionate towards their owners and like to be around people.They are very loyal and protective towards their family, making great watch dogs.They should be well socialized at an early age to avoid them from being suspicious of everyone.

    How Big Do Standard Bordoodles Get?

    So how big do Standard Bordoodles Get? Standard Bordoodle size is anything above 40 pounds, though Standard Bordoodles typically weigh between 40 and 70 pounds and stand 20-25 inches tall.

    Will training be difficult?

    Definitely not going to be a problem with this cutie! She is very intelligent and inclined to listen to commands and obey them.She likes to please and will in fact be a little quicker to train than other breeds needing less repetitions before she masters each stage.Training and early socialization are super important though, you see the best side of your dog when they have received both from an early age and they will be better able to live with children and other pets.When training use firm tones but be positive and use rewards and praise to encourage her.

    Where does the Bordoodle come from?

    A hybrid dog can inherit traits from both parent breeds but just how much and what is really mostly up to mother nature.The Bordoodle is a recent hybrid and so does not have a detailed history though it is believed her origins are in America in the last two decades.To better understand where a Bordoodle comes from you can look at her parents the Poodle and the Border Collie.

    Training ??

    Training is essential to help direct this breed’s attention and energy toward positive behavior.Luckily, their intelligence makes it a breeze to teach them obedience.In fact, even children can have success in teaching a Bordoodle how to sit and stay.Bordoodles do so well with obedience training that they tend to be regular participants in obedience competitions.

    What About the Toy Bordoodle Size?

    The Toy Bordoodle size is the smallest you can find, though they are rarely, if ever bred.The Border Collie gene typically prevents a Toy Bordoodle size any smaller than miniature.A Mini Bordoodle could be bred with other Miniatures or Toy Poodles, though it’s very uncommon.


    There are many different border collie / poodle mixes but these are the most common ones.

    When Do Bordoodles Stop Growing?

    So, we’ve answered the question “how big do Bordoodles get?” but you may still be wondering “When do Bordoodles stop growing?” All dogs are different, but generally Bordoodles stop growing by the time they hit two years old.

    What colors are Bordoodles?

    Bordoodles come in a wide variety of colors.We focus on producing Borderdoodle puppies who look just like Border Collies.You’ll see most our puppies have white markings in the Irish Spotted pattern.We also have puppies with extra white on their bodies.The base colors are the same as Border Collies: Black, Grey, Blue, Dark Chocolate, Red, Gold.In addition we occasionally have Merle pattern puppies in all the above colors.

    What does a Bordoodle look like?

    After all those talks about genetics, you probably have an idea that every Border Collie & Poodle cross will be unique.

    History of Bordoodles

  • In 1893, the forefather of today's Border Collie was born, a dog named “Old Hemp”.
  • In 1906, the first standard was published and released for the Border Collie.
  • In 1995, the American Kennel Club added the Border Collie to its roster.
  • In the 1960s dogs ’ Nails Instead of Clipping them [ Video ] is too good to resist person…