Bouvier des Flandres

Overview of Bouvier des Flandress

  • Bouvier des Flandres means "cowherd from Flanders." The dogs were labeled several nicknames as well, which include "koehond" (meaning cow dog), "Vuilbaard" (meaning dirty beard) and "toucheur de boeuf" or "pic" (meaning cattle driver).
  • Bouvier des Flandres are generally quite healthy dogs, and provided that you feed them well, give them plenty of exercise, and keep their vaccinations up to date, there is every chance that your pet will live a happy and healthy life well into old age.
  • The Bouvier des Flandres is prone to canine hip dysplasia (CHD), elbow dysplasia, cancer, heart disease, hypothyroidism, cataracts, and eye disease including progressive retinal atrophy (PRA: degeneration of the retina which can lead to blindness).
  • The Bouvier des Flandres is intelligent and quick to pick up on training recall and obedience, however, it can be independent so it’s important to keep training varied and ensure the breed has plenty of mental stimulation.
  • Bouvier Des Flandres
    Body  #3, #30 with ¾” or 1″ comb
    Legs – scissors, #30 with 1″ or 1¼” comb
    Matted coat  #7F
    Head  #4F
    Face – scissors
    Ears  #10 or #15
  • Bouvier des Flandres temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books
  • Bouvier des Flandres
    Like with many double coated breeds, the hair will become trapped by the outer layer, so grooming is vital to remove the dead hair and keep the coat knot free.
  • The Bouvier des Flandres is a farm dog through and through—powerful enough to pull loads, agile enough to herd cattle, and alert enough to keep watch.
  • The Bouvier des Flandres is usually good with children but, as with any large bouncy breed of dog, should be supervised around young children.
  • Bouvier des Flandres shed less than most breeds (Labrador Retriever, for instance) and more than a few other breeds (the Lhasa Apso instance).
  • Breed

    Because white blood cells can be found throughout the body, this cancer can show up almost anywhere.Luckily, lymphoma is one of the few types of cancer that can often be found with a blood test, so we may recommend a complete blood count twice yearly.Lymphoma is a very treatable form of cancer, with an excellent success rate in dogs receiving chemotherapy.Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma is a type of cancer that afflicts Bouvier Des Flandres more than other breeds.This disease makes the body form abnormal lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell.Treatment can be costly, however, and is a lifelong commitment.Watch for swollen glands (ask us, we’ll show you where to look), weight loss, or labored breathing at home and be sure to call us if you notice any unusual symptoms.



    Flanders is an area that covers parts of Belgium, France and the Netherlands, and both France and Belgium have claimed the Bouvier des Flandres as theirs – so much so that the Fraction Cynologique Internationale (FCI) dubbed him the “Franco-Belgian” dog.The Bouvier des Flandres is a herding dog who was developed from a rough-coated cattle dog native to northern France and Belgium.

    Genetic Predispositions

    At the end of the booklet, we have also included a description of what you can do at home to keep your Dirty Beard looking and feeling her best.This guide contains general health information important to all canines as well as the most important genetic predispositions for Bouvier Des Flandres.This information helps you and us together plan for your pet’s unique medical needs.You will know what to watch for, and we will all feel better knowing that we’re taking the best possible care of your pal.


    By knowing about health concerns specific to Bouvier Des Flandres, we can tailor a preventive health plan to watch for and hopefully prevent some predictable risks.That is why we have summarized the health concerns we will be discussing with you over the life of your Bouvier.We know that because you care so much about your dog, you want to take good care of her.


    Bouvier Des Flandres are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections — the same ones that all dogs can get — such as parvo, rabies, and distemper.Many of these infections are preventable through vaccination, which we will recommend based on the diseases we see in our area, her age, and other factors.


    Instead, give her a hug, brush her fur or teeth, play a game with her, or perhaps take her for a walk.It is a serious disease that may cause or worsen joint problems, metabolic and digestive disorders, back pain and heart disease.Obesity can be a significant health problem in Bouvier Des Flandres.She’ll feel better, and so will you!Though it’s tempting to give your pal food when she looks at you with those soulful eyes, you can “love her to death” with leftover people food and doggie treats.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    The Bouvier des Flandres makes for a great family pet.They’re loyal, affectionate, and stable dogs that get on well with children.The Bouvier is also naturally protective and will instinctively rise to the occasion and respond aggressively to any danger or threat that they perceive toward their family.

    Exercise ??

    Having been bred as a working dog, the Bouvier des Flandres does best when they’re provided with plenty of physical and mental stimulation.The first component is that the Bouvier needs a home with a secure yard in which they can run about and play, as well as a selection of balls and other interesting dog toys.

    What’s the Price of Bouvier des Flandres Puppies?

    The price you can expect to pay for a purebred Bouvier des Flandres puppy will vary greatly depending upon their pedigree and availability.The breed is not one of the more well-known breeds, and while exceedingly popular in Belgium and parts of France, they can be hard to find in some parts of the United States.

    Training ??

    Many small or toy dogs get away with showing aggressive behavior because they can easily be picked up or restrained by their owners.However, this is not the case with a large and exceptionally strong dog such as the Bouvier.As such, both obedience and socialization training are absolute musts with these dogs.Put bluntly, an untrained Bouvier is unpredictable and dangerous.

    Are Bouvier des Flandres Good With Kids?

    Bouviers are good with children as long as the children are taught to respect the size and power of this breed.Play with young children should be supervised.

    Grooming ??

    The Bouvier des Flandres is a long-haired dog that needs to be kept clean and well-groomed for both the comfort of the dog and their owner.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    As with any large dog breed, you need to expect that your dog will go through quite a large amount of food, and over time, the cost of this is going to add up.This should not, however, be seen as a reason to skimp on the quality of your pet’s food — it is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that you provide your dog with an adequate, well-balanced, and healthy diet.

    Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

    This is not an easy question to answer, as it will partially depend upon the dominance level of each individual dog.Bouviers are usually quite okay with other dogs if they are raised with them from puppyhood.

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    Health and Conditions ??

    Bouvier des Flandres are generally quite healthy dogs, and provided that you feed them well, give them plenty of exercise, and keep their vaccinations up to date, there is every chance that your pet will live a happy and healthy life well into old age.

    Which Type of Toy is Right for Your Dog?

    Chew toys are a great way for dogs to play on their own and release pent-up energy that could otherwise cause bad behaviors.

    How to Reduce the Shedding?

    Although the Bouvier is not the worst shedding dog, I do all I can to further reduce my dog sheds.Gathering the experience I’ve had over the years with my dogs and pointers from other Bouvier owners, I have compiled a list of the best methods to reduce the shedding in Bouvier des Flandres.

    Living With a Bouvier des Flandres: How Much Do They Shed?

    From my teenage years, I’ve always been fascinated by the Bouvier des Flandres dog breed.I would carry out research and ask as many questions as possible to find out more about the breed.

    How Bad the Shedding Really Is and What It’s Like?

    Bouvier des Flandres shed less than most breeds (Labrador Retriever, for instance) and more than some other breeds (the Lhasa Apso instance).This dog breed has a water-resistant double coat.There are the outer coat and the undercoat.The outer coat is long and very coarse, while the undercoat is dense and fine.

    What’s the Real Reason Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Behinds?

    A strong, swift and wise dog.They congregated at the big dog convention.

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    History of Bouvier des Flandress

  • In 1885 a shepherd named Adrien Janssens purchased a dog called Vos I.
  • In 1891, an official Belgian Shepherd Dog Club began in Brussels.
  • In 1923 a group of individuals worked at recreating the Bouvier breed and a breed club was formed in Belgium.
  • In the 1960s dogs ’ Nails Instead of Clipping them [ Video ] is too good to resist person…