Overview of Chuskies

  • The Chusky is hefty and possesses a bear-like appearance which gives people the impression that it isn’t really playful; far from that, the Chusky is actually very active and playful.The Chusky breed is also very intelligent, coupled with its active lifestyle, this dog needs some form of exercise every day to keep up with itself.
  • Chusky Health Problems The Chusky is not prone to any serious inherited disease from its parents, however, there are some dogs that suffer from a rare dental condition that causes side teeth to be missing or fall out.
  • The Chusky is characterized of having a fat and squat body, Aside from the fluffy fur that it got from its Chow Chow lineage, it also has a very attentive face that is reminiscent to its Husky parent.
  • Chuskies are typically on the upper end of medium-size dogs and considered to be a bit on the lower end of large dogs, weighing anywhere from 40 to 60 pounds, and standing 18 to 23 inches.
  • The Chusky is a broad, deep chested dog breed that can weigh about 40 to 65 pounds on average. Their muzzle tends to be medium in length and the ears are erect and straight upright.
  • The Chusky is stubborn and can try to assert dominance if you do not firmly establish yourself as “pack leader.” Without proper training, he may be aggressive, destructive, and rowdy.
  • chusky Guide dogs (colloquially known in the USA as seeing eye dogs 1 ) are assistance dogs trained to lead blind and visually impaired people around obstacles.
  • chusky dog 😨How to Train ANY DOG the Basics Sep 06, 2017 · Many dog food companies have breed-specific formulas for small, medium, large and giant breeds.
  • The Chusky is five months old, unfortunately my friend had to give him up because his apartment wouldn’t allow the dog to be there.
  • Chuskys respond better when there is more consistency therefore in the beginning only one person should train your dog.

Life expectancy


As this breed is an intelligent breed you can train them according to your requirements. Chow Husky mix always try to greet their owner and it makes it easier to train them. Socialization plays a very big role in training these Chusky puppies. This will surely help you to keep your house clean and hygienic. You can also teach them to sit and stay command by rewarding him for his good deeds. You can also train them to poop outside the house. You can create and poop train them at a small age. You can introduce them with the knocking door and they will understand the whoever comes in the house knocking is a member of the family. You can train them to greet people properly who comes in the house. You have to socialize them from the younger age otherwise you will face difficulties in training them for obedience. You should start to train them from the very small age.


As it is a mix breed so there is no real origin of the breed but this Chusky is a deliberate breed. Chusky is mix breed of Chow Chow and Siberian Husky. In case you are planning to adopt a dog then you can consider this adorable breed. Such deliberated breeds are also known as the designer breeds and therefore you should care more for your designer dog. The other name of this breed includes Chow Chow Husky, Chowski, Chusky dog and Husky Chow Mix. There are many shelters that have this breed pups which are desperately in need of a home. This hybrid dog has a very fluffy hairy skin which makes you to love the breed even more. We will provide each and every detail of this breed which can help you to know this designer breed and to make up your mind.


Although Chusky has a friendly nature but it is always recommended to provide proper supervision to avoid any unpleasant situation. Chusky is an alert dog and like all other breeds he is protective for his family. It is fun to be around this breed and it is a perfect toy for the children. Just like parents Chusky also get along with the children very well. Not only with humans Chusky also gets socialize with other dogs very easily. That is probably why he is a very good entertainer. The loving and affectionate personality of this dog always looks for the attention. They usually don’t bark but they can sense intruders approaching their home. This breed is not different by any means in this aspect. This husky chow mix breed is a smart and alert dog breed. This intelligent breed has a loving character and this friendly and gentle nature belongs to husky. We all know how loyal dogs are.


Although reputable breeders offer health clearances for the parents and hence your Chusky puppy will less likely to have health problems. Some of the health problems that they might face in their life is eye problem and hip dysplasia. The lifespan of this breed is around 10 to 13 years which means that there are very few health problems associated with this Chowski breed. There are no other health problems associated with the breed but the puppy can be effected from parent breed. They also born without their middle teeth so you have to feed them with special diet otherwise they will face dental issues as well.


But the fur might shed in the hot season because they cannot tolerate heat. Chusky has a dense double coat fur that has a soft smooth feel. Husky used to be a high climate dog and the same thing goes with chow husky breed. Otherwise, they will show laziness that is naturally in them. Take them to the walk and let them enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities such as running, fetching etc. The breed is a mix of husky and chow so the coat of the Chusky is thick and heavy. You have to ensure their mental and physical health. You have to keep them inside the house during the intense hot season otherwise it will damage their soft fur.