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  • Drever breed dogs are known to be independent and self-sufficient in comparison to many other breeds, but in a few cases, this independence can morph into stubbornness, and you may end up with a difficult dog on your hands.
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  • The Drever is descended primarily from the Westphalian Dachsbracke dating back to the 1850’s.  The first Drevers were registered with the Swedish Kennel Club in 1913 and were larger than their German ancestors.

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  • Drever Puppy Price: Average $600 – $800 USD Drever Puppy Litter Size: 4-9 puppies Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds Make sure the breeder you choose screens for these disorders.
  • The Drever is a modern breed having been bred in the early 1900s in Sweden using Westphalian Dachsbracke (which came to Sweden in 1910) and other small German hound breeds.
  • Drever puppies will need a safe environment free from hazards, so before bringing your new puppy home, be sure to remove anything that could harm him or her.
  • The Drever is a steady worker that hunts hare, fox, and occasionally deer; but this dog has the courage to pit himself against even a wild boar.
  • Bloat

    It also needs access to water and this should be changed for fresh when possible.The amount can vary depending on its metabolism, level of activity, age, health and size.The Drever will eat about 2 to 3 cups of a good quality dry dog food a day, split into at least two meals to avoid issues with bloat.


    The breed is suited to most climates and can do well in apartments with sufficient exercise, so a Drever is a good choice for an active family regardless of location.


    Drever has a short thick coat which is harsh and straight.The hair on the back, neck and tail area are longer then other parts of the body.This breed coat is slightly longer than most scenthounds.


    Drevers have a moderate to high energy level.Drevers require minimal grooming.The average lifespan for a drever is 12 to 14 years.The drever is also called a Swedish dachsbracke and a Swedish drever.The drever is easy-going and courageous, and it is a skilled hunter.The drever originated in Sweden.The drever stands 11 to 16 inches tall and weighs 32 to 34 pounds.


    A drever’s smooth coat requires little grooming.Look in the dog’s ears every week, and keep them clean and dry to minimize the chances of developing ear infections.Prevent periodontal disease and maintain good overall health by brushing the teeth every other day.Wiping the coat down with a grooming mitt every week will remove dead hairs and keep the coat looking glossy.


    Drevers should be fed a high-quality dog food made for medium-sized breeds.These dogs are prone to gaining weight, so it will be important to feed your dog two meals instead of leaving food out for all-day grazing.Work with your dog’s veterinarian to determine the ideal food and quantity to meet the specific needs of your Drever based on his age, weight, activity level, and health concerns.You’ll also want to look for a food formulated for dogs with high energy levels.


    Be sure to clean the teeth and trim the nails, too, but you can do these things easily at home.Because Drevers’ ears are prone to infections, inspect and clean the ears at least once per week.

    Life expectancy

    Drever life expectancy is between 13-15 years and between these years, they are usually healthy.However, Drever may suffer from genetically related health problems and few of the canine diseases that are listed below:


    Drevers are more prone to obesity than some other breeds.Regular exercise and activity is also important for these dogs to keep them from becoming obese.You will want to consult with your veterinarian to determine the best food for your pet and the recommended amount he should eat each day.


    Another common trait of this dog is that they are a very alert breed.Drevers are very loyal and have an even-tempered personality.Drevers were bred to be hunting dogs and can exhibit hardworking behaviors.They can make a good family dog and are very affectionate, but tend to do better with older children who are not as rambunctious.


    Drevers can be stubborn, so you will want to start training and socializing your puppy as soon as you bring them home.Look into signing up your puppy up for obedience classes once he or she has been fully vaccinated.


    It is a calm dog when not on the hunt and it enjoys being a part of family activities and having its family and people around it.It is not the best dog if you want a watchdog and is said to always be happily wagging its tail.It is very affectionate and sweet with its family and very loyal to them too.The Drever is similar in temperament to most other scenthounds.With good socialization it is friendly and social and should never be aggressive towards people.


    Because they are a hunter they are not an “off leash”  dog.Diligent obedience training is a must  since they love to hunt.Drevers are very loving, gentle and generally  easy going, But they are still a hound which can be stubborn and  tenacious requiring dedicated training.They will follow their nose!Things to know: Some like to dig.

    Is the Drever the Right Breed for You?

    Now that you have a good understanding of the Drever temperament, you’ll be better able to decide if the Drever is the right dog for you.

    How active is the Drever?

    Drevers are very active dogs, they can chase a quarry for hours without tiring over hard terrain and in difficult climates.Most small to medium sized dogs do not have the kind of energy and exercise needs this breed has.Expect to give it at least 60 minutes a day of vigorous activity and that it also gets plenty of mental stimulation too.It is important when walking with them that it is kept on a leash as it does like the chase and once it is gone is hard to pull off it.Its size means it can live in an apartment with enough exercise but really it needs a yard, and one that is well fenced.Be warned though it loves to dig.If it is not given enough exercise it is destructive, nervous, loud, hyper active and such.When well exercised it is more calm and relaxed.It should have some physical play daily and can join you when you exercise, biking, hiking, running and such.

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    What is Frenkel Drevers’s email address?

    Frenkel Drevers’s email address is ****@****.

    Who are Frenkel Drevers’s colleagues?

    Frenkel Drevers’s colleagues are Ernst-Jan Mante, Frenkel Drevers, Robbert Engel, Yu Sum Man.

    How is the Drever with other animals and children?

    The Drever is good with children when socialized well and especially if raised with them.It is affectionate towards them, will play for ages and can get along well with all ages.It is important though that the children are taught how to safely and nicely play and touch them and to especially not push or sit on its back.Having been bred to work with other dogs in a pack it gets on well with other dogs too and while it can work alone fine it does like to have the company of other dogs.It is not as good with other non-canine animals though.Some can learn to get along with other pets with excellent socialization and when raised with them but they see small animals as prey to chase and that is hard for them to ignore.

    Do Drevers Like Cats?

    Considering to adopt a Drever and want to know if Drever Dogs get along cats or how do you introduce a Drever to a cat in the house?

    Well, Drever Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of dog breeds that likes cats.

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    Which industry does Frenkel Drevers work in?

    Frenkel Drevers works in the industry of Architecture, Engineering & Design, Construction…

    What is Frenkel Drevers’s business email address?

    Frenkel Drevers’s business email address is ****@****.

    Is Drever Child-Friendly?

    Drever is a very friendly dog and they can get along with children very well.They are suitable for children as they are affectionate, playful and sweet around them.Although Drever is not an aggressive dog, children should be taught to behave around them and parents should supervise their playtime.

    What will training look like?

    Training in the field takes very little work, its bred to hunt and does it very well with little learning needed! However obedience training and early socialization are also needed and these are a lot harder, especially the obedience part.It will take a strong leader being consistent, confident and patient as it is stubborn, may refuse to obey often and will need extra time and commitment spent on it.It needs to be with an experienced trainer and owner and methods should be positive rather than harsh.Set rules and stick to them but be fair with it.If the owner is too passive and meek the Drever will take advantage of that and be difficult to deal with.Make sure the socialization allows it to learn how to appropriately react to different people, places, animals, situations and sounds.

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    History of Drevers

  • In 1910, Westphalian Dachsbracke dogs were brought to Sweden and crossed with local hounds.
  • In 1935 are bred by breeders who have Drever puppies for sale listings to find a list of located!
  • In 1947 a contest was held by a newspaper to name it to put further distance between this dog and anything German, since the Second World War meant anything German was not viewed with much favor.
  • In 1947, a newspaper launched a contest to choose the name for the larger of the two varieties.
  • In 1947, the Drever was officially named.
  • In 1947, the larger Swedish variety of the Bracke was given the name ‘Drever’; 6 years later, it earned official recognition as a Swedish breed.
  • In 1947, the larger variety of these dogs was given the name Drever, and it was soon recognized as a Swedish breed.
  • In 1947, to  differentiate what had become by this time a well established Swedish  line, its name was officially changed to Drever.
  • In 1947, to differentiate this well established Swedish line, its name was officially changed to Drever.
  • In 1956, the Drever was recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.
  • In 1996 The United Kennel Club also added them.
  • In 2007, Dave had the #1 viral video of the year and was recruited by a Washington D.C.