Estrela Mountain Dog

Overview of Estrela Mountain Dogs

  • The Estrela Mountain Dog is a large dog and thankfully, when it comes to feeding him, experts in dog feeding have come up with commercially manufactured dog feeds that particularly cater for a dog’s age, his size and any illnesses he may have.
  • Estrela Mountain Dogs don’t necessarily need a lot of planned exercise, with half an hour to an hour of lead walking often being enough – as long as they have access to a large, secure garden that they can patrol for several hours each day.
  • The Estrela Mountain Dog is often jokingly considered to have “temporary hearing loss” as they will simply ignore commands if they feel they are not necessary or if the dog feels they have already done what the owner requests.
  • The Estrela Mountain Dog is a generally healthy breed; however, not unlike other large breeds, there are certain conditions that you should know to look out for including hip and elbow dysplasia and dilated cardiomyopathy.
  • Estrela Mountain Dogs can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia later in life due to their large size, but this is almost always a fewthing that only crops up in Estrela Mountain Dogs who are rather advanced in their age.
  • Estrela Mountain Dogs are in the working group called Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) and referred to as Cão da Serra da Estrela in their native home of Portugal which translates to “Dogs of the Mountain of the Star”.
  • Estrela Mountain Dogs are intelligent, eager to please, and loyal and will protect his family and especially kids in the family, and with the proper socialization, you will teach your dog when it’s alright to react.
  • The Estrela Mountain Dog is a natural breed of dog with a thick, double-layered coat of fur that doesn’t require any professional grooming thanks to their upbringing as utility animals.
  • Estrela Mountain Dogs will play with anything – a favourite toy, a shoe, an old sock – and now you can get special rope toys, designed specifically for the game.
  • The Estrela Mountain Dog is a noble creature with a proud bearing yet gentle nature that makes them a great option for family protectors and playmates.
  • Breed

    The Estrela Mountain Dog has so much going for him – he is beautiful to look at, he is loyal and protective with his human family, he is intelligent, loving and a healthy type of breed, and he is just waiting to become a member of your family.


    Aside from brushing the coat and clipping its claws, Estrela Mountain Dogs should also have their teeth and ears checked regularly like all other dogs to keep an eye out for excessive buildup which can lead to infections occurring.Gentle cleaning of the ears with a q-tip will help prevent buildup and dogs should also be given treats that help them clean their teeth.Occasional teeth cleaning may be necessary if buildup does occur in the gums and teeth.


    Estrela Mountain Dogs love kids so get them involved with an extended game of fetch as a daily chore.Even though the Estrela Mountain Dog does not require a lot of energy compared to other large dog breeds, they still do need to be consistently exercised beyond being left to their own devices in the back yard.Expect to go on at least a half-hour to one hour walk minimum per day and include plenty of active play into their routine.


    Brushing once every other week should serve just fine otherwise.It’s best to brush your Estrela Mountain Dog once a week during its time of increased shedding.Regularly brushing your Estrela Mountain Dog will help reduce the number of stray tufts of hair floating around the house.They have a dense coat which will shed a fair amount seasonally.


    Life expectancy

    Surprisingly, despite their large size, the Estrela Mountain Dog has a fairly long life expectancy in comparison with other large breeds.Thanks to the fact that they were bred for their physical capabilities, these dogs are quite healthy and don’t have any particularly noteworthy health issues in general.They are expected to live healthy lives lasting anywhere from 12 to 16 years thanks to their hardy nature and healthy genes.


    The watchful and wary personality of Estrela Mountain dogs means that they are known to be dogs that bark a lot under inadequate exercise.They can mix well with other small dogs unlikely to challenge its dominance.


    Estrela Mountain Dogs are intelligent, eager to please, and loyal and will protect his family and especially kids in the family, and with the proper socialization, you will teach your dog when it is alright to react.From the puppy age, you must expose your dog to many different people, sights, sounds, and other animals so he could learn how to react in different situations.You can check these tips and tricks for puppy socialization.


    Estrela Mountain dogs are not the choice for the inexperienced dog owner since they need high amount of exercise and training.Since Estrela Mountain dogs were bred to be guardian dogs, the temperament of Estrela Mountain dogs makes excellent guard dogs if properly trained.They are independent, stubborn and strong.They might rule the pack if sensed any lack of leadership.


    Still, many Estrela Mountain Dogs get along just fine with other dogs and cats, so it really comes down to training, socialization, and the luck of the draw.


    "Estrela Mountain Dogs are made for children".It was that sentence that won us over.In 2016 we imported our first Estrela Mountain Dog, Revel and we fell instantly in love.She is smart, loyal, wonderfully stubborn, and not only a wonderful guard for our goats and chickens but also a wonderful guard for our home and family.These dogs are a versatile breed.Feto, the stud of our very first litter, lives in Canada with his human Chris and he is a fantastic guard and protector of Chris and their home.They are aloof to strangers yet cautious.Not once has Revel growled or became aggressive to our guests that frequent our property often.But she makes her presence heard and will guard her home until she knows you and accepts you as a friend.

    Are Estrela Mountain Dogs Child Friendly?

    No doubt! Estrela Mountain dogs are child-friendly because they like to be with children and play with them all the time.They like running around with children and play fetch games.The furious dogs can trouble the children if proper guidelines are not given.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    The Estrela Mountain Dog is a fantastic family pet for the right family.He needs to live with a family that has experience with large dominant dogs.Without this knowledge, he could challenge the hierarchy, and this is when behavioral problems occur.

    Best Ways To Exercise Your Estrela Mountain Dog?

    Estrela Mountain Dogs are playful dogs who love to be out and about, exercising as often as possible.Yet, statistics have shown that 1 in 5 Estrela Mountain Dog owners don’t regularly walk their dog, behaviour that, if sustained, can result in health problems in the long term.

    Conclusion: Why the Estrela Mountain Dog?

    The Estrela Mountain Dog temperament makes this breed a loyal protector and guardian.

    Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

    The Estrela Mountain Dog needs to be socialized well as a pup.This crucial training will influence whether he gets on well with other pets or not.If he is socialized well, he will be a friendly addition to multi-pet households.If he isn’t socialized, it’s unlikely that he will want any other furry friends about.So this is really down to you and his training.

    Exercise ??

    The Estrela Mountain Dog has medium energy levels and will need between 30 and 60 minutes of exercise every day.It doesn’t need to be vigorous, and a steady walk around the neighborhood will please this boy.Mix that up with playtime in the yard and brain games, and he will be a very happy bunny indeed.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    The Estrela Mountain Dog eats a lot, and he’ll consume about 5 cups of kibble a day.If he is a particularly energetic or playful Estrela, he will eat a bit more than this.He should eat a high-quality kibble that provides him with a well-balanced diet.

    Grooming ??

    Grooming the Estrela Mountain Dog is an everyday event, especially if he has a long coat compared to the rarer short coat.But either way, you’ll need to set aside at least 20 minutes every day to brush his coat through to make sure that it doesn’t become matted.His long hair will also collect a lot of dirt, and brushing it out will prevent him from becoming to odorous.

    Have any questions about health in your breed?

    If you have any concerns about a particular health condition in your breed then you may wish to speak to your vet or you could contact your breed health co-ordinator.Breed health co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed.They acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.

    Health Conditions ??

    The Estrela Mountain Dog is a relatively healthy pooch who enjoys a lengthy lifespan for such a big breed.As a purebred dog, certain conditions are known to be more prevalent in his breed compared to other health concerns.For this reason, spend some time researching each one and make sure that you know what the associated symptoms are.

    How active is the Estrela Mountain Dog?

    The Estrela will need a fair amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation, though it is not a highly active dog.It will need fairly active owners and is best in a home with space and a yard that is well fenced in.It should be taken out for a couple of walks plus have some physical play with you.The walks can be one long one and one more moderate one but make sure it is leashed and trained so it does not drag you around.At puppy ages there should be just gentle play and no high jumps as they can easily injure their bones and joints at that age.It will finish growing by about the age of 2 years.It enjoys being outside, it can happily join you for hikes, jogs or a good romp through the woods and such.

    How is the Estrela Mountain Dog with children and other animals?

    With good socialization the Estrela is very good with children, especially if raised with them, it will see them as part of its family to protect.It can be affectionate towards them, gentle, kind and playful sometimes too.Make sure the children are taught how to touch and play with it in a kind way.In general this breed gets along okay with other dogs and other pets too as long as it has been socialized, though some may need time to adjust to another dog in the home, with patience it should be fine.

    How much does an Estrela Mountain Dog cost?

    An Estrela Mountain Dog can set you back at least $1200, although it will depend on the breeder.The price is high because they are such a rare breed and it can be difficult to find a breeder.Because they are so rare, the puppies are also in high demand from those who want these dogs.

    Is your dog a Estrela Mountain Dog?

    You can use our Dog Scanner app to find out whether your dog is a Estrela Mountain Dog.

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    Training ??

    Training is one of the most critical aspects of Estrela Mountain Dog’s needs.He is a challenging and dominant dog at the best of times.And without thorough and disciplined training, he can become unruly and obnoxious.Enrolling him into a puppy training class is ideal because it will ensure that he understands who is boss, and at the same time, it will socialize him with other dogs and humans.

    What will training look like?

    The Estrela Mountain Dog is an intelligent dog and can be trained but it does take experience not new owners, as it can be independent and stubborn.You will need to stay consistent and firm at all times and make it clear you are the boss, but also remain patient, calm and use positive training methods.Offer it rewards, encourage it, use treats and motivate rather than scold or punish.Along with basic obedience training it will need early socialization too, introduce it to different places, people, sounds, situations, dogs, other animals and so on so it gets used to them and reacts appropriately.This is especially important with this breed because then it is not governed by its territorial and protective instincts.Keep training sessions short and interesting, if it gets bored it can refuse to do anything.Training and socialization like this is a great way to build on the bond between you.

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    What’s the Price of Estrela Mountain Dog Puppies?

    The price of an Estrela Mountain Dog puppy from a reputable breeder starts at around $1,000.Buying from a reputable breeder who can prove the health of their dogs means that you are more than likely to inherit a healthy dog too.

    Where can I get an Estrela Mountain Dog from?

    The Estrela Mountain Dog is not commonly found outside of Portugal and so it can be difficult to know where to find one of these dogs.Of course, you can always check your local shelter, but the chances of finding one there are not very high.

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    History of Estrela Mountain Dogs

  • In 1933 the first official standard was written for the breed.
  • In 1933, a breed standard was finally agreed upon but there were no official records of this dog even existing outside of Portugal until 1972!
  • In 1972 and 1973, pairs were imported to the US.
  • In 1972 and 1973, the first of these dogs were imported into the United States.
  • In 1972, the United Kingdom became the first country to establish the Estrela Mountain Dog outside of Portugal.
  • in 1972.
  • In 2008 the AKC began allowing the Estrela Mountain Dog to compete in companion events that are sanctioned by the AKC.
  • In the 1900s, the Estrela Mountain Dog as we know it today was bred.