Kerry Blue Terrier


Overview of Kerry Blue Terriers

  • Kerry Blue Terrier cost is not cheap, a quality puppy from a good breeder will set you back anything from $800-$2000 depending on the sex of the dog and how many champions are present in their pedigree, you may also have to be on a waiting list for quite a while, the Kerry Blue is ranked 127th in popularity by the AKC and litters are few and far between
  • Kerry Blue Terrier are known to piling on the pounds, so/however a diet that consists of biologically appropriate protein and healthy fats, ground bone and vegetables packed with the required vitamins and minerals is essential for optimum health and performance.
  • The Kerry Blue Terrier is a hardy dog with an average lifespan of around 12-15 years, and doesn’t suffer from as many pre-disposed conditions as a few breeds, but, like all purebred dogs there are certain health issues associated with the breed which include:
  • Kerry Blue Terriers are an all-purpose dog and have been used for retrieving, herding, vermin control sheep and cattle, and in the United Kingdom, they have been used as military guard dogs during World War ll and even as police dogs.
  • Kerry Blue Terrier, un cane irlandese blu-nerastro da molti, e non solo dagli irlandesi, ritenuto un cane quasi perfetto.E allora andiamo a conoscerlo meglio, per vedere se è solo fama tramandata e leggendaria o c’è qualcosa di vero.
  • The Kerry Blue Terrier is an all-round working terrier breed and a member of the terrier group.[1] X Trustworthy Source American Kennel Club The American Kennel Club (AKC) is a purebred dog pedigree registry in the United States.
  • Kerry blue terriers are born black, but develop their beautiful, soft and wavy blue/gray coat during the first two years of life in a process of color fading, commonly referred to as “clearing”.
  • Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue is a non-profit organisation which consists of a group of dedicated enthusiasts based in the UK who volunteer their time and skill to care for Kerrys in need.
  • Kerry Blue Terrier temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books
  • Kerry Blue Terrier — Profile — Health Issues — Info — Irish The Kerry Blue Terrier – A versitile farm dog, hunter, family dog, guardian and pet from Ireland.
  • Allergies



    Lymphoma or lymphosarcoma is a type of cancer that afflicts Kerry Blue Terriers more than other breeds.Because white blood cells can be found throughout the body, this cancer can show up almost anywhere.Luckily, lymphoma is one of the few types of cancer that can often be found with a blood test, so we may recommend a complete blood count twice yearly.Lymphoma is a very treatable form of cancer, with an excellent success rate in dogs receiving chemotherapy.This disease makes the body form abnormal lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell.Treatment can be costly, however, and is a lifelong commitment.Watch for swollen glands (ask us, we’ll show you where to look), weight loss, or labored breathing at home and be sure to call us if you notice any unusual symptoms.


    Puppies are born black; the blue appears gradually as the puppy grows older, usually up to 2 years of age.Some characteristics of the Kerry Blue Terrier include a long head, flat skull, deep chest, and a soft wavy-to-curly coat that comes in several shades of “blue”, the general term outside this breed being progressive grey.The male Kerry Blue is usually 46–48 cm (18–19 in) tall at the withers and weighs 12–15 kg (26–33 lb), while the female is usually 44–46 cm (17–18 in) and 10–13 kg (22–29 lb).[1]
    The male Kerry Blue is usually 46–48 cm (18–19 in) tall at the withers and weighs 12–15 kg (26–33 lb), while the female is usually 44–46 cm (17–18 in) and 10–13 kg (22–29 lb).[1]


    A dutiful owner of a Kerry Blue Terrier should take time to find the right dog food for a senior Kerry Blue Terrier to help keep energy levels up and their weight controlled.But as the dog ages and reaches its senior years, their temperament can become less predictable.The Kerry Blue Terrier is often a smart, alert and people-oriented breed.Their demeanor is often times described as alert and responsive.While a Kerry Blue Terrier typically needs regular exercise, as they get older their energy levels tend to gradually fade which can lead to obesity.

    Genetic Predispositions

    At the end of the booklet, we have also included a description of what you can do at home to keep your Kerry looking and feeling her best.This guide contains general health information important to all canines as well as the most important genetic predispositions for Kerry Blue Terriers.This information helps you and us together plan for your pet’s unique medical needs.You will know what to watch for, and we will all feel better knowing that we’re taking the best possible care of your pal.


    The Kerry Blue Terrier is a very loyal dog breed, they are highly responsive to grooming and activity habits, as long as its handler shows love to it, it will remain happy and loyal.


    And while all in all, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a reasonably health breed, it is susceptible to certain health conditions, such as…Like all purebreds, one always needs to be concerned about the potential health risks a certain breed may have.Like all purebreds, one always needs to be concerned about the potential health risks a certain breed may have.  And while all in all, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a reasonably health breed, it is susceptible to certain health conditions, such as…


    Kerry Blue Terriers are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections — the same ones that all dogs can get — such as parvo, rabies, and distemper.Many of these infections are preventable through vaccination, which we will recommend based on the diseases we see in our area, her age, and other factors.


    A good diet throughout the different stages of their life will ensure your canine companion lives a long, and healthy life.Kerry Blue Terriers can be prone to obesity so make sure you take into account the amount of exercise they are getting when feeding and limit snacks.


    • Top Kerry Blue Terrier.1) im Jahr 1922 anerkannte irische Hunderasse.1527 Písek 397 01 Le Kerry Blue Terrierest un chien compact, gracieux et décidé, avec un style et un caractère classiques des Terriers.2012 • RBIS – Windsor 2012 .3, Gr.3, Sek.7 Stunning KC Reg Kerry Blue Terrier puppies looking for their forever 5⭐️ homes.A Kerry Blue Terrier is not always the best choice for multi-pet households.A Kerry Blue Terrier may be right for you.A true companion dog that will be with you like your shadow.About the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers.All adorned with the lovely Kerry Blue.All rights reserved.An average sized yard is best for them.An expert researcher and author of 15 books about dogs, she loves helping people choose, train, and care for their dogs.And yet, if you don’t demonstrate firm, consistent leadership, a Kerry Blue Terrier will walk over you.Apart from meat and bones, the dog may also like cottage cheese, boiled eggs and fruits.Average height of the male is 18-19.5 inches and female stand at 17.5 – 19 inches from the withers.Bard Motyw przez WP Royal.Because of this, it is an intelligent dog.Bienvenidos a ARTerriers.Breeding, grooming and handling of WIRE FOX TERRIER and KERRY BLUE TERRIER in Barcelona (Spain).Check the dog’s ear daily and clean it with vet approved solution.Criadero, peluqueria y handling de WIRE FOX TERRIER y KERRY BLUE TERRIER en Barcelona (España).Der Kerry Blue Terrier ist eine von der FCI (Nr.Det var den irske kerry klubben som … Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training.Die Augen sind mittelgroß, sie zeigen einen durchdringenden Ausdruck und sind von dunkelhaselnussbrauner Farbe.Die kleinen bis mittelgroßen Ohren werden dicht am Kopf getragen.Dog training videos.Dog’s food should be rich in proteins and calcium.Dogs are generally born black and eventually get lighter in shade.Ears of the dog are v-shaped and tend to fall towards its eyes.Email us at necesario que su peso se mantenga entre los 15 y 18 kg para los machos, y para las hembras entre 14 y 16 kg, pues de presentar sobrepeso puede llegar a tener problemas de cadera por sobrepeso.Eventually this breed was also used to carry out variety of jobs like herding cattle and sheep and guarding the property and farm.Expert believes that the dog has Irish wolfhound and Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier in its bloodline.Find Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Kerry Blue Terrier information.Finding the right Kerry Blue Terrier puppy can be dog gone hard work.Frozen Semen now available from UK Clone (near Gatwick Airport).Generally, they are healthy dogs but they might get affected by few heredity diseases like dry eyes, cyst in skin, cryptorchidism, hypothyroidism etc.He hails from County Kerry, Ireland, where he was bred to hunt small game and birds, kill rodents, and herd sheep and cattle.He has a high energy level, is always ready to play, and wants to be wherever you are.He may not go looking for a fight, but he certainly won’t walk away from one, and he can have a high prey drive with cats, birds, and other small animals.Home > Dog Breed Reviews > Kerry Blue Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books.However, it is not an animal friendly breed which isn’t surprising because it is a common trait of all Terriers.I do not recommend Kerry Blue Terriers around small children.If I was considering a Kerry Blue Terrier, I would be most concerned about…Il est bien planté sur ses pattes, bien proportionné, a le corps musclé et bien développé.Indy has also completed her Herding Instinct Certification here in Arizona.Intelligent and brave, he became a cherished pet as well, displaying fierce devotion to his family or pack.It can be guard dog, watchdog, working dog etc.It has black color nose with wide nostrils.It has blue-grey color coat and bangs of hair falls over its face which further gives it a unique look.It is a loyal, lovable, bold and strong minded dog.It is a medium-sized unusual looking dog.It is a single coated animal.It is a versatile dog.It is a working class dog.It is always alert and makes excellent watch dog.It is distinguished from the Norwich Terrier by ears.It is used as hunt dog in small games.It is very loyal and prote It is said to be the oldest breed of the dog which still exists in the…, Your email address will not be published.It needs great deal of exercise and mental stimulation.It should be brushed daily and bath at least twice a month.Its eyes are small, black in color and expressive.Its hair is dense and soft to touch.Its tail is small and carried upwards.Kateřina Hemalová Smetanovo nám.Keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable than the inheritance of physical traits such as size or shedding.Kerry Blue Store.Kerry blue terrier (6 months): training and running/Керри блю терьер(6 мес.KERRY BLUE TERRIER.Kerry Blue Terriers are very distinctive looking with their gorgeous astrakhan-type coats and heavily coated muzzles.Kerry Blue Terriers must be taught at an early age that they are not the rulers of the world.La tête est longue, proportionnellement sèche, avec le stop léger et le crâne plat.Le museau et les mâchoires sont très fortes, profondes et solides.Les yeux doivent être le plus foncé possible et vont de petits à moyens.Life expectancy of this breed is 12-15 years.Many terriers are possessive of their food and toys and will defend these from all comers.Many terriers are quick to react to teasing, and even to the normal clumsiness that comes with small children (accidental squeezing of their ears or pulling of whiskers or stepping on their paw).Origin.Originally it was bred to kill vermin, birds and rodents.Other important-to-know characteristics of the Kerry Blue Terrier are his pride, his sensitivity, a tendency toward moodiness, and his strong sense of justice.Other Terrier behavior like chewing, chasing, digging and barking is intact in this breed also.Our Puppies will be •Microchipped •Vaccinated •Vet checked •Worm You can take professional help for its grooming.Our thanks to the dedicated breeders before us, who have spent years working to provide us with the best possible canine companions we have today to compete in the breed ring, obedience, rally and agility.På begynnelsen av 1900-tallet ble den valgt til irsk nasjonalrase og Irish Kerry Blue Terrier Club ble stiftet i 1920.Pelaje del Kerry Blue Terrier.Peso del Kerry Blue Terrier.Puppies are born with black coats, but as they mature this changes to a lovely blue.PuppyFind® provides a convenient and efficient means of selecting and purchasing the perfect Kerry Blue Terrier puppy (or Kerry Blue Terrier puppies) from the comfort of your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Read more about Kerry Blue Terrier Training.Rehoming a Kerry?Sementales con las mejores lineas de sangre.Sie fallen nach vorn oder werden nach vorn gerich… Today most people own this dog for companionship.Socialization is imperative to develop a stable attitude.Some lines and individuals are more wary, and some are overprotective.Sometimes it’s easier to train your puppy (or adult dog) when you can see the correct training techniques in action.Studs with the best bloodlines.Support our breed by … Our beautiful playful puppies will be ready to go to there new homes from the 20th of December, they are currently 5weeks old.Taken together, this means the Kerry Blue doesn’t meekly accept teasing, unfairness, or rough handling.Terriers can be stubborn and dominant and will make you prove that you can make them do things.That kind of sensitivity means that when you’re training him, you can’t push him too far.The blue refers to the dogs dominate coloring of their coat.The breed is proficient in killing badger, rats, rabbits, squirrel etc.The dog can be used to herd and guard farm animals and crops.The dog can tolerate hot temperature but not extreme.The dog changes its color many times in lifetime.The dog has a long face and has eyebrows, beard and whisker which give it unique look and character.The dog has closely packed curls which should be brushed daily, though it doesn’t shed much.The dog is aggressive and quarrelsome towards other animal.The dog is highly trainable but it requires confident and strong leader.The dog is naturally protective towards its family.The dog is suitable for apartment with an average sized yard.The dog is tiny in size but has a heart of a lion.The dog is versatile.The dog sheds negligible but you need to daily brush its coat.The Kerry Blue is heralded as the National Terrier of Ireland, where it is known as the Irish Blue Terrier.The Kerry Blue Terrier belongs to County Kerry which is a mountainous region of Ireland.The Kerry Blue terrier has dietary requirements similar to any other dog—feed a high-quality, well-balanced diet to maintain your dog’s health and weight.The Kerry Blue Terrier is a playful, vivacious, alert, and boisterous breed.The Kerry Blue Terrier is extraordinarily bright and full of life.The Kerry Blue Terrier is native breed to Ireland and is also called Irish Blue Terrier.It is a versatile dog.Originally it was bred to kill vermin, birds and rodents.The Kerry Blue Terrier is the quintessential working dog.The Kerry Blue Terrier originated from Ireland in the mountainous region of County Kerry dating back to the early 1800s.The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the 1700s and got its name from the County Kerry in Ireland where it originated.The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the 1700s and is native of County Kerry, Ireland, from which the name “Kerry” derived, along with “Blue,” for the color of the coat.The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the 1700s in the County of Kerry in Ireland, from which the name “Kerry” derived, along with “Blue,” for the color of their coat.The Kerry is the national terrier of Ireland, where it is known as the Irish Blue Terrier.The Norfolk terrier has dropped ears whereas…, Taco terrier is not a purebred and is mixed between Chihuahua and Toy Fox Terrier.The Plummer Terrier is a small sized dog and is considered as the working terrier.The Portuguese Water Dog is … Its original purpose was as a general farm dog and, to hunt badgers to ground in the Irish countryside.The problem is that most dog training videos on the internet are worthless, because they use the wrong training method.The texture of the hair is similar to mixture of human hair and wool.The toughness that makes them suited to killing vermin can frustrate you when you try to teach them anything.The typical Kerry Blue Terrier should be upstanding well knit and in good balance, showing a well-developed and muscular body with definite terrier style and character throughout.The UK’s Top Kerry Blue Terrier 2011, 2012.The United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club is the only official AKC national representative and guardian of the breed.These intelligent dogs insist on being a full-fledged member of your family and cannot just be shunted aside.They are compact, lively yet determined dogs with all the usual terrier traits.They are such versatile dogs and amazing family companions.They are suitable breed for apartment.They thrive better in cool temperature.This sounds great, and it can be — but it does have its downsides.This…, The Norfolk Terrier dog is small-sized working terrier dog originated in the Great Britain.Toward strangers, the Kerry Blue Terrier may be friendly or reserved, and even the friendly ones are sensibly protective.Toys invented by neuroscientists that will test your terrier’s intelligence are the answer.Trimming its nails and brushing its teeth should also be a part of grooming regime.Un vecchio augurio irlandese suona così: ” Possa il vento essere sempre alle vostre spalle e un Kerry Blue alla fine del vostro viaggio”.Want to join?We are dedicated to helping Kerrys find their loving forever homes.We encourage and promote responsible and ethical ownership and breeding of purebred Kerry Blue Terriers.We show our dogs in conformation to prove there excellence in quality and conformation.We Show our Dogs.Welcome to ARTerriers.Welcome to the world of Krisma Kerry Blue Terriers.When bored or ignored, Kerries (like many other breeds, by the way) are likely to get into a world of mischief.Will bring a lot of joy to the lives of many.With this complex temperament, this is not a good breed for a first-time or casual owner.With very limited showing in 2006 she still remained in the top 20.You are supposed to trim its hair and bath the dog after every 4 to 6 weeks.You cannot leave a Kerry Blue Terrier alone all day, or stick him in the back yard and expect him to be passive and content.You must show them, through absolute consistency, that you mean what you say.Your email address will not be published.Za druhé světové války byli využíváni i jako psi služební.Zapraszamy do aktualności.


    His loving, devoted nature is a huge plus, but owners absolutely must socialized this breed to the Nth degree to prevent aggression towards smaller animals and other dogs.They’ll also need to be prepared to help their pooch get rid of his large amount of energy.While the Kerry Blue Terrier may not be an incredibly popular hypoallergenic dog breed, he is an incredibly good family dog when properly trained and socialized.


    As with all terriers they can forget who is in charge and are not recommended for first-time or indulgent owners because they can and will take advantage of a lack of leadership.The Kerry Blue Terrier’s temperament is complex, they have a profound sense of justice and can sulk if they think you are being unfair or harsh.The Kerry Blue Terrier’s temperament is complex, they have a profound sense of justice and can sulk if they think you are being unfair or harsh.


    If you want to be a Kerry Blue person, you’ve got to have a great sense of humor.Kerry Blues are amazing dogs.Not gonna happen.That’s the first thing you should know.The downside to the Kerry Blue Terrier is that they do have that stubborn, independent streak, which can make training a challenge.They are happy, clownish velcro dogs that must be with you, always.Want some privacy in the bathroom?

    Are Kerry Blue Terriers good family dogs?

    Kerry Blues were originally bred to be hunters, but their loving and loyal demeanors make them wonderful family pets.

    So why use supplements?

    Dietary supplementation will take your dog’s nutrition to the next level.By making certain additions for specific Kerry Blue Terrier related conditions, or for your dog’s individual needs, supplements will act as a complement to food.Added support which will bolster, fuel and nourish your faithful friend and fine-tune their nutritional intake.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    Great with children, the Kerry Blue Terrier makes a good family watchdog.He is constantly alert.While he is not overly prone to barking, he can be quite intimidating when he does.He can be a strong-willed dog, which means that he needs an equally strong-willed owner.If you give him an inch, he will take advantage.As suitable as this dog is for families, he is not considered a good dog for first-time owners because he will walk all over a timid owner that does not set strong boundaries.

    Exercise ??

    Your Kerry Blue will require a lot of exercise.He is a muscly and energetic dog.While some will entertain themselves in a securely fenced yard, most will still require additional exercise every day.This also allows you to socialize your Kerry Blue to ensure that he is well adjusted and knows how to behave around other dogs and people.Taking him on walks also provides your Terrier with the mental stimulation that he requires.If your dog does not get any exercise in the yard, expect to walk him three times a day and don’t expect a sedentary or slow walk.

    How active is the Kerry Blue Terrier?

    Blues can adapt to apartment living as long as they get plenty of opportunities for exercise outside.It does do better with a yard though, and it does like to dig.It is a good idea to give it a sand box or somewhere where it is allowed to dig, and protect places you do not want to be dug up.Also a yard needs to be well fenced in.Being a fairly active dog it needs to be in a home with active and committed owners.Being so energetic along with at least an hour of vigorous walks a day, so two 30 minute outings for example or three 20 minute walks, it also needs some other opportunities of play, romping in the yard, visiting a dog park where it go safely off leash if you can trust it around other dogs.They can join you for hikes or jogs but prefer playing doggy games.Along with physical activity make sure you give it plenty of mental stimulation too.

    Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

    The Kerry Blue Terrier also tends to do better as a lone dog.The breed is well known for being dog aggressive.Although breeders have taken some steps to minimize this, while still retaining the breed’s lively and alert nature, it does still exist.Early socialization will help to reduce this aggressiveness, but you should always take care when your Kerry Blue is around other dogs.He will want to dominate any other dogs in the house, too, although if you introduce him to another puppy when he is young, they may learn appropriate roles.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    The recommended amount of food for this breed is between 1.5 and 2 cups of good quality food every day.This should be divided into two equal meals, typically one at breakfast and one at dinner time.If your Kerry Blue is a working dog, then he may need to eat a little more, or you can feed him a food that is geared towards working dogs.

    Have any questions about health in your breed?

    If you have any concerns about a particular health condition in your breed then you may wish to speak to your vet or you could contact your breed health co-ordinator.Breed health co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed.They acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.

    Do Kerry Blue Terriers shed?

    People consider Kerry Blues to be potential non-shedding dogs.If their coats receive constant care and maintenance, they tend to stay non-shedding.Since they don’t shed much, they are hypoallergenic.

    Grooming ??

    The Kerry Blue starts with a black coat that becomes blue over time.His coat is usually his most prominent and memorable feature.The coat is soft but dense, and it is wavy.It will require daily brushing, otherwise, it will become matted and knotted over time.His hair will also need trimming roughly every month with particular attention around the eyes and face.His beard can easily become filled with food debris and if you don’t control the fur around his eyes, he will find it difficult to see out.

    How Do You Train a Kerry Blue Terrier?

    With their stubborn and independent temperament, Kerry Blues are admittedly difficult to train.Yet with correct techniques and discipline, your dog can become a well-behaved pet.

    Are Kerry Blue Terriers aggressive?

    Yes.Kerry Blue Terriers can be aggressive to other dogs and to cats and small animals.It’s critical to train them for obedience and socialize them often from the day you bring them home.

    How much do Kerry Blue Terrier puppies cost?

    $1,000 – $3000.It depends on if you’re buying a pet quality, or show quality dog.Pet quality puppies are less expensive because they don’t have the “perfect appearance” necessary for showing.

    Are Kerry Blue Terriers easy to train?

    Nope.Although the truth is, if you’re a good, experienced dog trainer, with a good sense of humor, and you know how to make training a game for the Kerry – they will be excellent students.For most dog owners out there, Kerry Blues are obstinate, stubborn, pushy line-steppers.

    Health ??

    The Kerry Blue is generally considered to be a healthy and hardy dog and enjoys an average lifespan of around 12 to 14 years.If he is healthy, he may live longer than this.However, like all dogs, he is prone to some genetic conditions.Keep watch for symptoms of any of the following and seek medical attention if any are evident.

    Are Kerry Blue Terriers Good with Kids?

    The Kerry Blue Terrier is a big fan of children.When given the change, the child and Terrier will keep each other entertained for hours on end.As with any breed, it is always advised to have a parent supervise any interactions between a child and pet.Once they both know how to properly interact with one another, they will be able to develop a loving and safe relationship.

    How is the Kerry Blue Terrier with children and other animals?

    With socialization and when raised with children this dog is playful, affectionate, lively and also good natured.It can be quite boisterous though so around small children supervision is a good idea as they can get knocked over accidentally, and it stop the toddlers pulling their ears and tail.Teach the children how to play and stroke the Kerry in a kind and acceptable way.That socialization is actually essential for its interactions with other pets and other dogs, and it may not be the best choice for homes with other animals if supervision cannot always be given.It has a high prey drive so keep away birds, cats and other small pets.It can also be aggressive with other dogs, while it may not instigate something if it perceives a challenge or feels slighted for some reason it will fight and will not back down.

    What do Kerry Blue Terriers look like?

    Tall, muscular, and square.Kerry Blues are actually born black, but their coat will come into its full greyish-blue hue at about 18 months.They have a weird, slightly curly coat, sort of like a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.They have long, flat faces, just like Airedale Terriers, Welsh Terriers, and Irish Terriers.In fact, they’re pretty similar to all three of these dogs.

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    Scratch Dog or Not – Are Kerry Blue Terriers Hypoallergenic?

    The good news is; for those wanting to purchase or adopt a Kerry Blue Terrier, the chances of a runny nose, hives, streaming eyes, congestion, and sneezing is greatly reduced with these spirited yet gentle all-purpose dogs.

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    Is It True, Are Kerry Blue Terrier Dogs Hypoallergenic?

    The Kerry Blue Terrier can be found in any list of low dander dogs and can generally live happily in homes with sufferers of low to moderate allergies or asthma without triggering a reaction, so, the good news is YES, the Kerry Blue Terrier is classed as one of the hypoallergenic breeds of dog.

    Training ??

    Training and socialization are important for most breeds, but especially for breeds like this one.Start with puppy classes because these will teach your puppy some of the basic commands, while also teaching you how to train your dog in the future.Classes also enable you to socialize your dog, teaching him that new situations, people, and other dogs are not to be feared.It also teaches him manners so that he knows how to behave around others.

    Spayed or Neutered?

    Everyone assumes you’ll know which is which but, to be honest, we still get confused which is which, so don’t panic.

    Who should get a Kerry Blue Terrier?

    The Kerry Blue Terrier is a loyal, loving, and energetic dog.They might tend to get up to mischief, but to their core, they are caring dogs who will feel like part of the family in no time to their core.

    When Should I Spay or Neuter My Kerry Blue Terrier?

    So, you’ve just arrived home with your adorable new Kerry Blue Terrier and you’re totally enamoured.

    How big do Kerry Blue Terriers get?

    A terrier is generally a small dog breed.However, the Kerry Blue is the exception, with a full-grown height of 18.1-18.9 inches (45.9-48 cm).

    What does an Irish Blue Terrier look like?

    The general appearance of this breed is proportioned, postured, and firm.They have a muscular body that is also strong and well developed.

    Are Kerry Blue Terriers hypoallergenic dogs?

    Yes! Kerry Blue Terriers pretty much never shed, which means that they’re hypoallergenic.

    Kerry Blue Terriers and allergies – What should I do?

    Although Kerry Blue Terriers are winners for those suffering from allergies, unfortunately, reactions can and do occur.The last thing you want is your canine companion setting off a sneezing fit as this may result in the dog having to be rehomed.To ensure a Kerry Blue Terrier will fit in with your lifestyle and not cause any allergic misery you should.

    Health: How long do Kerry Blue Terriers live?

    Even though the Kerry Blue Terriers are normally healthy dogs, they are still prone to certain health problems.It’s important to be aware of common health problems that this breed may experience.

    What does hypoallergenic actually mean?

    This question crops up in nearly all discussions about allergies and is a bone of contention for many, how often have you heard people say there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog? In fact, there is.There is no such thing as an allergy-free dog, but that is not what the word means.

    How much does a Kerry Blue Terrier puppy cost?

    A litter of Kerry Blue Terrier puppies usually consists of 3-5 pups.This means there aren’t a lot of them to be sold at any given time.

    When Should I Have My Kerry Blue Terrier Spayed or Neutered?

    Whilst recommendations vary, vets typically suggest that you should have your Kerry Blue Terrier spayed or neutered between the ages of four and nine months.There are various reasons for such a broad timeframe, although some vets suggest that timing can have positive effects on your Kerry Blue Terrier’s behaviour, dependent on their sex.

    How energetic is a Kerry Blue Terrier?

    Quite energetic.Kerry Blue Terriers are tireless, with boundless energy and are best suited to active families.

    Where are Kerry Blue Terriers from?

    Originating from Ireland, the Kerry Blue is said to have connections with leprechauns and other tales of older times.They were given their name after their home county Kerry and their enchanting and famous blue coat.

    What kind of dogs are part of your family?

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    Why Should I Have My Kerry Blue Terrier Spayed or Neutered?

    There are many reasons why you should have your Kerry Blue Terrier spayed or neutered, not least of all because it will likely improve their quality of life (and stop you from worrying about a litter of puppies).

    Is the Kerry Blue Terrier A Good Family Dog?

    Under the right conditions, Kerry Blue Terriers make excellent pets.They are loyal, affectionate, energetic, trustworthy, and they get along great with children.They are hypoallergenic and do not shed.

    Is the Kerry Blue Terrier right for me?

    If you’re looking for a large-sized terrier, this dog may just be for you.You will need to have experience in raising and training dogs though because they need a lot of socialization so that they don’t develop aggressive habits.

    Puppy vs Adult Dog: which one should I choose?

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    What will training look like?

    Kerry Blue Terriers are moderate to train for experienced owners who know how to handle them, but might be a little harder if you are inexperienced but have still opted for this breed.Results will come but will likely be gradual as these dogs are good at reading you and the situation and then manipulating you! It is essential to be consistent, firm and confident with how you handle them otherwise they will try to get their own way.They will not respond as well to meek or owners who are not confident.Use positive methods such as offering praise and rewards, treats and encouragement.Avoid making the training overly repetitive, long and boring.It needs to stay interested in what it is doing so sessions should be short and engaging.Being a smart breed mental stimulation is an important part of keeping the Kerry happy and training will fulfill that need.Therefore it is well worth extending basic training to something more advanced.These dogs have a good memory and like a challenge.Early socialization is also important to see it grows into a dog that can deal with different places, situations, people and animals appropriately and be a confident and trusted dog.

    What’s the Price of Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies?

    Kerry Blue Terriers are purebred dogs.As such, they tend to cost a lot more than hybrid breeds and mixed breeds.The price you pay will ultimately be determined by their physical attributes and where these meet kennel club show requirements, as well as the dog’s lineage.If the pup’s parents are class winners or show dogs, you should expect to pay more for your new puppy.Expect to pay from $1,000 to $2,000 for a Kerry Blue.

    History of Kerry Blue Terriers

  • In 1870 in Bedlington there was the first dog show that had a Bedlington Terrier class.
  • In 1922 the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club was founded.
  • In 1922, the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club was founded.
  • In 1926 the KBTCA (Kerry Blue Terrier Club of America) was formed after an appearance of the breed on a dog show.
  • In 1936, it merged with the newly formed United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club and became the USKBTC which is still the foremost resource for the breed today.​
  • In 1937 they were granted official breed status in Ireland.
  • In 1963, the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) granted the breed official recognition.
  • In 1970, the first Wheaten were imported to Australia by Anubis Kennels.
  • In 1973 the AKC granted recognition.
  • In 2001 the AKC admitted the German Pinscher into its Miscellaneous class, and in 2003 it became a bonafide member of the Working Group.
  • In 2011, after several years of research, we decided to add a new breed to our home.
  • In the 1920s the Kerry Blue Terrier was introduced to American and English dog shows.
  • In the 1930s, technological advancements in fishing nearly caused the extinction of Portuguese Water Dogs.