Overview of Pitskys

  • The Pitsky is a designer dog, the intentional cross between
    the sturdy and powerful American Pit Bull Terrier and the free-spirited and
    enduring Husky; the result is a very active and quick-thinking dog with a great
    deal of both strength and endurance.
  • Pitsky are known to piling on the pounds, so/however a diet that consists of biologically appropriate protein and healthy fats, ground bone and vegetables packed with the required vitamins and minerals is essential for optimum health and performance.
  • Pitskys have an instinctive hunting nature, and if they are not trained properly, they can have the seemency to chase smaller animals and kids; this can be easily avoided with obedience school puppies early on.
  • Pitsky puppies come from strong stock, and most have few health problems and require vet visitations only rarely, but there are a number of things that they are prone to that we would like to go over with you.
  • The Pitsky is an even-tempered, playful and affectionate mix of an American Pitbull Terrier and either a Siberian Husky or, less commonly, an Alaskan Husky (not the Alaskan Malamute).
  • Pitsky dog breed can live up to ten years, but if you provide a healthy diet, good exercise, and routine medical checkup, then your Pitsky can live for the 15 fifteen years easily.
  • The Pitsky is a large, athletic breed and their diet should accommodate that.On average, you’ll have to feed them 2.5 cups a day so that they are properly fed.
  • Pitsky told Inside Defense in an interview that Dedrone plans to increase its workforce size during 2020 and establish a facility in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The Pitsky is a devoted dog and makes a great pet but she really needs active owners, preferably with dog owning experience, and access to a yard.
  • The Pitsky is a moderate to large sized dog, weighing approximately 35 to 80 pounds and measuring approximately 19 to 24 inches tall.
  • Allergies

    Keep an eye on their joints and their stance, since hip dysplasia is common in both parent breeds.The Pitsky parents are in a risk of heart disease, hypothyroidism, allergies, eye issues and hip dysplasia etc.This usually means that the Pitsky will be more inclined to have those problems; therefore it is far better to see.


    While no one is very sure about the actual origin of Pitbull Husky Mix, it is not a new mixed breed that popped up all of a sudden and has taken place as a pet dog in various homes for quite some time now.However, it is believed that the designer breeders created Pitsky with an aim to develop a dog with minimal health issues.


    – Brampton, Ontario.”Pitsky” American Pit Bull Terrier/Siberian Husky mixed dog breed information, including pictures, characteristics, and facts.#255842 We got four Pomsky puppies.$0.$200.$600….… It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.10 weeks old.12th, 2020.15 talking about this.3 .A pitsky is a pit bull husky cross..April 18, 2020.Are there any Pomsky puppies … Born Dec.As both the parent breeds are known to suffer from some specific issues related to health, it is quite obvious to imagine that the Pitsky breed may also suffer from the same!Asking $600.BEAUTIFUL BRINDLE or CHAMPAGNE PITBULL PUPS!BORN: 6-3-14.Browse thru Puppies for Sale in Canada area listings on PuppyFinder.com to find your perfect puppy.Current Vaccinations and wormed.Cute Pitsky Puppies for sale in Dyersburg, Tennessee $150 Share it or review it.DacyB New member.Description; Location Map; Share ; Favourite; Report Close.Description; Location Map; Share; Favourite; Report Close.Eros is 8 wee..favorite this post Feb 1 Husky puppies $0 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting.favorite this post Jan 31 American Bulldog Puppies … BEAUTIFUL BRINDLE or CHAMPAGNE PITBULL PUPS!Find the perfect puppy for sale in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Next Day Pets.Georgia – Puppies for Sale Near Me.Her coat can be like a Husky or a Put Bull … As a hybrid breed, the Pitsky is less prone to hereditary health issues than his purebred counterparts.Here are three of our favorite products that we recommend getting before brining home a new puppy.Hoobly – Pitsky’s mother is pitbul father was a husky.I’ve seen really cheap Pomsky puppies for sale before.If you are unable to find your puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale … Dad is a full blooded Siberian husky.It is a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky.It’s a medium to large dog breed at about 16 to 25 inches tall, weighing between 30 to 80 pounds.Jan 31, 2019 – Siberian Husky and Pitbull.January 2021-Views 93; 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    Another thing that should be included in their diet is carbohydrates, though they are not as important as proteins but still can boost energy in your PitskyPit bulls.Being a dog owner, you should include more proteins and fewer carbs to promote muscle growth in your dogs.Talking about the calorie consumption essential for these breeds, it should be approximately 1400 calories in a day.



    If you live alone in a small apartment and spend most of your day at work, a Pitsky is not the best choice.It’s prevalent in dogs like the Pitsky, Pitbull, and Siberian Husky because their owners don’t have the huge chunks of time required to provide enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight.Obesity is a severe problem to the Pitsky, and it’s through no fault of their own.Obesity is one of the reasons we stress how much exercise this breed requires because there are plenty of breeds available for every lifestyle and activity level.Obesity is the result of a lack of exercise and overeating.



    It’s hard to determine what the temperament of your Pitsky puppy will be because of the unpredictable nature of mixing these two breeds.Your pet’s temperament can be more like a Husky, more like a Pitbull, or some combination of both.


    During obedience training, your Pitsky will learn to follow rules in your home as well as how to behave in various situations.

    ¿Cuánto tiempo puede vivir un Pitsky?

    Un Pitsky sano puede esperar vivir entre 12 y 15 años.

    What Is Pitbull Husky Mix?

    Pitskies are a cross between the American Pitbull and either a Siberian or an Alaskan Husky.

    Are there Any Health Concerns to Owning a Pitsky?

    The Pitsky is considered to be a healthy dog with no pinpointed health concerns, although this could be because they haven’t been around long enough to establish such things.With that being said, you still may see your Pitsky develop a few ailments consistent with its parental breeds.

    Are These Dogs Good for Families? ??

    The Pitsky makes a great family pet if you don’t have any other dogs.They are friendly, intelligent, and playful.A Pitsky likes to get all of the attention, and they have a natural predisposition towards arguing with other dogs unless you get them started socializing early in life.They need plenty of exercise and attention, of which children are great providers.Still, Pitskys will require at least one family member dedicated to taking them for long walks and supplying them with prolonged exercise.

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    Same as his parental breeds, a pitsky dog is a shiny dog; it is just because of pits can pick up thing easily.Seeing his loyalty, the band makes him greedy to make his owner happy.Pitskies are trained for basic and simple things, such as to put and take things for his master.

    How Long Can a Pitsky Live?

    A healthy Pitsky can expect to live between 12-15 years.

    Does she train quickly?

    She is intelligent and can be easy and quick to train.But she is a pack dog and you need to make sure you are clear about being pack leader.Be firm and confident when you train and issue commands.She is eager to please so using positive training methods like rewards, treats and praise is the best way to have success.Consistency is essential and early socialization and training are important to have her become a well rounded dog.

    Health and Conditions ??

    Pitsky puppies come from strong stock, and most have few health problems and require vet visitations only rarely, but there are a few things that they are prone to that we would like to go over with you.We’ve divided the health conditions into serious and minor, but all problems need immediate attention.

    Do Pitbull Husky mixes shed?

    Since neither the Pitbull nor the Husky is a low-shedding breed, you can count on the Pitsky to shed a moderate amount of fur.

    How Much Does a Pitsky Cost?

    Okay, this is where I’m going to try to save you some money.Keep in mind that a Pitsky is a hybrid, not a breed.You can buy a purebred Pit Bull or a purebred Husky for as little as $600.Now, keep in mind that these are “pet quality” animals – not AKC registered, and not suitable for showing.They are still very good dogs.

    Is a Pitsky Right for You?

    The Pitbull Husky mix comes in all colors and sizes.While some might find such wide variation to not be their thing, those who like a bit of a risk and gamble will probably like the variety.

    Exercise ??

    A Siberian Husky can travel hundreds of miles in a few days, and a pit bull has a history of wrestling bulls as well as bears for sport, so it makes sense that your Pitsky is going to need a lot of intense exercises to stay happy and healthy.Some experts claim an excess of 90 minutes of exercise a day is required to prevent your Pitsky from putting on weight.

    ¿Es un Pitsky un buen perro de familia?

    Su Pitsky debe ser amable y juguetón, lo que lo convierte en el combo perfecto para familias con niños.

    Is Pitbull Husky Mix Good with Children?

    Yes, Pitskies are a good choice to be adopted as a family dog.They find great interest in loitering around small children.Irrespective of the child’s age, these dogs love the company of children and can gel well with them.They are playful and affectionate and, most importantly, loyal.

    Are Pitskies Easy to Train?

    Just like their parental breeds, Pitskies are very bright dogs.Because of this, they can pick up on things rather quickly.Considering their loyalty streak makes them eager to please their owner, they can be trained to do the basics pretty easily, provided you go about things the right way.

    How to take care?

    Before bringing a dog into your family it is important to know how to take care of it.Here are the step by step guide to how to take care of Pitsky.

    How much exercise does a Pitbull-Husky hybrid need?

    Both the Pitbull and the Husky are high-energy breeds, so it’s understandable that the Pitsky has plenty of energy as well.

    Ready to discover your family story?

    Simply start with a family member and we'll do the searching for you.

    What is the average Pitsky lifespan?

    Average Pitsky life expectancy in 1994 was 65 years.This was lower than the general public life expectancy which was 73.

    How Much Does a Pitsky Eat?

    Due to the large variation in the physical size of pitskies (e.g.from 30 to 70 pounds), the suggested diet, and therefore calorific and protein requirements can vary dramatically on a case by case basis.

    What I A Pitsky Like?

    A Pitsky dog is an attractive, smart and a muscular dog.This dog breed is developed by crossing two different breeds an American pitbull terrier and a Siberian or Alaskan husky breed.Pitskies are most powerful dogs ever.A Pitskydog inherits by many features of his parent breeds, such as hiking, digging and barking.

    What is she like with children and other animals?

    She is good with children, she plays with them and loves to spend time with them.Early socialization and training help and being raised together would too.She also gets on quite well with other dogs if socialized.Smaller animals and other pets can be seen as prey to chase but that too can be controlled with socialization.Make sure you teach the children how to interact nicely with dogs and what they do not like.

    How active does the Pitsky need to be?

    She is a very active dog with high energy and really is only suitable for owners who are very active themselves and can commit to giving her at least 2 hours of physical activity a day.She likes to chase things and run very quickly for a long time.She needs access to a yard to play in and it needs to be well fenced in as she is good at escaping.She would be happy to go on hikes, join her owner for a jog and a walk each day, visit the dog park, have some play time.She should be mentally as well as physically challenged.Some owners will give them backpacks to carry certain items as the extra weight will tire her out more quickly, otherwise most people get tired well before she ever does.

    How Much Is A Pitbull Husky?

    A Pitbull Husky mix puppy can cost anywhere from $150 to $2000.

    How much grooming is needed?

    She is definitely not the dog for you if allergies are an issue or if you do not want hair to clean up.She ranges from an average to heavy shedder and needs vacuuming up after daily.She also needs brushing daily as that will help control some of the shedding.Use a solid bristle brush to keep her coat looking healthy.You can dry shampoo her or give her a bath just when she needs one.Her ears should be inspected once a week in case of infection and then wiped clean with a dog ear cleaning solution and a cotton ball.Her nails will also need regular trimming when they get too long, taking care not to cut into the quick.

    Where does the Pitsky come from?

    There are an increasing number of mixed breeds like the Pitksy being deliberately bred and sometimes referred to as designer dogs.Designer dogs have seen a huge trend in popularity amongst the famous and the public in the last two to three decades.The intent behind most of them is to create a dog with the best of both chosen parents.(Most designer dogs are the result of two purebreds being bred together).A lot are also given a name that blends the two parent names.There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you are interested in the Pitsky or any designer dog.Firstly a lot are being bred by irresponsible breeders and puppy mills just to make money.Know where you are buying from.Secondly there are no guarantees when it comes whether they get the best or worst from the parents, or even what they look like.Here is a look at the three potential parents for the Pitsky so you know what is going into her.

    Training ??

    Both parents of the Pitsky are intelligent breeds that do well with proper training and can perform a multitude of tricks.In many cases, trained dogs will obey a command the first and can complete a variety of objectives.

    So why use supplements?

    Dietary supplementation will take your dog’s nutrition to the next level.By making certain additions for specific Pitsky related conditions, or for your dog’s individual needs, supplements will act as a complement to food.Added support which will bolster, fuel and nourish your faithful friend and fine-tune their nutritional intake.

    Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

    If you begin socializing your Pitsky with other pets at a very young age, they will usually get along with other dogs in your household just fine.However, the Pitbull in them causes them to tend not to like other dogs, and can they can become aggressive in some instances.The Husky in them may have your dog chasing rabbits and squirrels around the yard as well.

    Who Are The Parents?

    As we know, the Pitsky is a mixed breed composed of half Pitbull half Husky.Let’s now take a closer look at exactly who the parents are.

    Grooming ??

    If your Pitsky has a Pitbull coat, the hair will be short and straight, requiring only occasional brushing.

    Is a Pitsky a Good Family Dog?

    Your Pitsky should be gentle and playful which makes them the perfect combo for families with children.

    Who are the Parents?

    The sad thing about crossbreeds is that there’s no 100% foolproof way to determine how the puppy will turn out.One can only make assumptions based on the characteristics of the Pitsky’s parents.Unfortunately, if one of the Pitsky’s parents is not also purebred, then the more that it will be difficult to predict how the Pitsky will grow up.While looking at the characteristics of the parents can help, know that this will only be applicable to purebred dogs.

    Food & Diet Requirements ??

    Most experts recommend between 2.5 and 3 cups of food per day for a dog this size.PetMD has an advanced formula for determining the precise amount of food you should feed based on several factors, including weight, age, activity level, and environment.

    How Old Is the Breed?

    Okay, it’s not a breed.It’s a cross.As to how old it is, from what I’ve been able to determine, people have been crossing American Pits with one type or another of Husky for about 30 years.

    What is a Pitsky Like?

    The overall personality of a Pitsky is something that could be considered a bit shocking considering their parental breeds.While the Pitbull’s reputation is being a bloodthirsty attack dog is a wildly ignorant one, that particular breed still has a tendency to confident and powerful.Huskies, on the other hand, have a lot more truth to their reputation.

    What is the Price of Pitsky Puppies?

    There is a large price range for a Pitsky puppy.We’ve seen Pitsky’s advertised for as low a $150, or as much as $2500.Part of the price difference has to do with the Pitbull being a non-standardized breed.A higher-priced Pitsky will no doubt be from a reputable breeder that cares for the health of the dog as well as its value.These breeders are more likely to use animals with higher quality genetic makeup and produce a healthier dog.

    How Much Exercise Should a Pitsky Have?

    Pitskies are extremely active dogs whose high-energy is nearly combustible.As loving as the breed is, if you’re a couch potato, the hybrid will inadvertently make your life utterly miserable.Getting off your duff and providing this pooch exercise is an absolute must.

    Is There a Whole Lot of Grooming to Worry About?

    You might think that since a Pitsky’s extremely short hair translates into a dog that has minimal grooming requirements, but you’d be sorely mistaken.This hybrid’s an average to heavy shedder that will require you to bust out the vacuum every day.Sadly, this massive shedding makes the Pitsky a poor choice for allergy sufferers.

    What type of dog is a Pitsky?

    A Pitbull Husky mix might sound unusual, but this hybrid is not a new designer dog.

    What Are The Health Problems of A Pitbull Husky Mix?

    When you are looking for a Pitsky, make sure you do your research in order to find the right breeder.

    What Does A Husky Pitbull Mix Look Like?

    Husky mixes, such as the Pitsky, can end up on either end of the spectrum when it comes to looking like either parent.

    Where can I get a Pitsky?

    Now comes the difficult part: looking for a Pitbull Husky mix to take home and love.

    History of Pitskys

  • In 1900 Goeller helped shape the Doberman into a more friendly breed.
  • In 1925,
    when a diphtheria epidemic hit the small
    town of Nome, both Alaskan and Siberian Huskies were plentiful among the dogs
    that transported the life-saving medicine through 658 miles of blizzard
    conditions from Nulato to Nome.